4 Future Technology in Front of Our Eyes

We are living in a fast world, centuries ago people never imagined can see each other and interact without meeting. But now everyone can do it. They never imagine even in a million years people would bring some small brick and they can do almost everything with it.

This is the future itself, we are at the gate of the future, and this is some technology that awaits us.

1. Flexible screen smartphone


image: zdnet.com

This is initiated by Samsung. Samsung developing a Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode screen, AMOLED screen, or Super AMOLED screen which can bend and fold. In the future, this screen would be a huge trend, not a thin body phone, but a foldable and bendable phone. As you can see on the market you might find Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy Fold, and Razr Phone.

2. Smart Sneakers

Smart sneakers detect users’ movements like walking, running, and hiking. These smart sneakers will send information like speed, calories and etc. directly to your phone. And these sneakers are supported by a battery which able to survive until 60 days.

3. Autonomous Car


 image: researchleap.com

An autonomous car or also well known as a self-driving car is a car that is able to carry passengers without using a driver. The system uses a special censor to detect motion around the car. And after that, the images are taken from the camera proceeded by AI to decide the direction it needs to turn.

4. Hyperloop

image: bbc.com

Maybe it was inspired by Japan’s Shinkansen, the fastest train ever. Hyperloop was announced by Elon Musk the owner of The Boring Company and also The CEO of Tesla and Space X. Elon has the ambition to push a big metropolis city to use a fast, safe and secure, also can contain a lot of passengers, with single a transportation modes. With hyperloop, 20-40 passengers can be brought at 1.700km/h max speed.