4 Technology on Financing and Banking

Today technology is very sophisticated and takes a big role in a lot of sectors, especially in business which is banking and financing. Since the computer was invented in 1955 everything started to depend on it, including the business sector. In the beginning, banking was just a money changer service, and evolving become finance security. Then evolving again become loaning company and know the even provide insurance to us.

All those services are possible because of the existence of technology, let’s break down banking and financing technology.

1.    ATM (Automated Teller Machine)

image: lifepal.co.id

ATM or Automated Teller Machine is a big invention in Banking history, the company provides this as part of their service to the customer. This machine allows the customer to make every transaction like withdrawing or depositing money without going to the bank office. You can even top up your balance account or phone with this machine. ATMs is almost everywhere and integrated with some merchant like the mini market or department store.

2.    Phone banking

This service basically is a product that allows the customer to do a transaction by phone. They just need to call customer service and then tell them what they need.

3.    Internet Banking

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Now customers can do a transaction via the internet with a PC or PDA. Customers can transfer or receive money through this service, they can also buy other products like tickets or vouchers and transfer them to another bank.

4.    Mobile banking

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This service might be the best service that banks can offer right now, mobile banking is an app-based service. Customers need to download the app from the store and then do a registration. After that, they should make verification to the bank.

If all those steps are done, then they can do any kind of transaction by this app. They can even open a new bank account through mobile banking.