4 Tips for Taking the Difficult Transition of Living One Day at a Time

Individuals undergo changes, some more difficult than others. Some changes are nothing more than obstacles. However, there are some that can cut deep, making you wonder if you can handle it. Like the seasons, you have to learn to adapt to each new change. Christen Cox, LCMHM, behavioral health therapist at Avance Care offers her advice for difficult life transitions.

Here are 4 tips for taking a difficult life transition one day at a time:

  1. Take it step by step.

When faced with a traumatic event or transition in life, it is best to take it step by step. The feeling of being overwhelmed will become less intense, and you can really retreat to take a breath if necessary. With every step, accept and acknowledge what’s going on around you.

  1. Turn negative into positive.

Many seemingly negative life transitions can also offer positive aspects. Even the death of a loved one can have a positive outlook. As long as they are no longer with you, their memories will always remain. The time you spend with them is part of who you are. Through photos and family members, they will live indefinitely.

  1. Allow yourself to cry.

People need to recognize the transition. Whether it’s the breakup of a relationship, marriage, or friendship. Sadness allows a person to process transitions and experience feelings associated with loss or change. Once the feeling is faced, you can let it go more easily, allowing you to move on with your life.

  1. Accept things you can’t change.

Many transitions are permanent. No attempt whatsoever can result in a deceased loved one or a lost home. Accepting loss, grieving, experiencing the emotions associated with loss, and taking the first step forward help ease grief and ease transition.