5 Innovation In Technology You Never Expected Before

Smartphones, smartwatches, iPad, etc. are a technology that has never existed before. Even the inventor has already imagined it and done some research to make it real. Those technologies really support productivity and help us every day. But the time goes by, another technology showed up with various innovations which we never expected before.

1.    SpotMini- Dog Robot

image: wevolver.com

Well, SpotMini honestly does not really look like a dog, unless it’s leg. However it can act like a dog, it can walk, climb up the stairs, and grab some stuff. This robot called SpotMini might be a solution for some of you who need a pet but you don’t want to bother with fur and poop.

2.    ORII- Smart ring with solar power

image: beritateknologi.com

A small device with a ring that looks alike, has conduction bone technology, and a dual microphone. When you need to make a call and send a message, with this device you just need to put it on your ear and it will work like your phone.

3.    SGNL

image: tizenindonesia.org

It has a function like ORII, but SGNL has a design like a wrist or a smartwatch which allows the user to make a call with a finger only. It also has bone conduction technology, all you need to do is connect this device to your smartphone.

4.    Muzo

Sometimes it is so hard to concentrate when someone else talking too loud. It might happen when you go on a date and the crowd is too loud then you both feel uncomfortable. To make your space feel quiet and calm you can use Muzo.

Muzo can produce a dynamic and realistic voice to prevent noise. With this device you can make your space feel calm and private without worried anyone will hear you.

5.    Ili

When you go on vacation or traveling and brought this device, you don’t need to worry about anything. This practical device is able to translate any language in 0.02 seconds.