Acer Predator Triton 500 SE (2022): Best Video PC Gaming Laptop Computer for Acer Followers

The 2022 Triton 500 SE is an equipment bump of the 2021 generation, with a handful of various other small updates. Coupled with the sturdy development and the excellent inputs and screen options, this could be a skilled multi-purpose laptop computer, but my suggestion would certainly primarily go towards the more affordable i7/3060 setups, as the Triton 500 SE is just a mid-powered mobile design with some thermal restrictions in requiring tons. We’re obtaining in-depth the review down listed below.

This article gathers my perceptions of the 2022 Predator Triton 500 SE collection, Acer’s mobile premium laptop computer meant for experts, creatives, and players.

Unlike most various other Predator computer systems, the Triton 500 SE is a sleeper design, a tidy and refined device that does not shout out its abilities by any means.

Despite that, it does load effective specifications inside its framework (with an Intel 12th gen i9 and an RTX 3080Ti in this evaluated variant), a 16-inch wide-gamut display, great inputs, and excellent connection, as well as a 99 Wh battery. Coupled with the sturdy building and clean aesthetics, all these are reasons I consider the Triton to be a well-balanced premium item that should provide to a wide variety of potential buyers.

The evil one is constantly in the information, however, so there are some peculiarities that you will need to understand when choosing among these, such as that it does run warm inside and loud on the higher-performance accounts, or that Acer has not upgraded the sound quality by any means from the previous generation.

Design and Outside

The building and design of the 2022 Triton 500 SE are almost similar to the 2021 generation, with just a very little change on the cover, where the Predator logo design is transferred to the top-middle component and is no longer on a small plaque in the corner. I type of such as the previous cover better, but this is fine as well.

Compared with various other ultraportable designs such as the Razer Blade or Asus Zephyrus or the MSI Stealth, this Triton 500 is a bit bigger and heavier, at 5.1 pounds. It does make up for it with the 99Wh battery inside, the sturdy feel of the framework, and the uncompromised IO. The just various other A-brand option that type of goes the same course nowadays is the Gigabyte Aero 16 collection.

As much as the appearances go, I currently mentioned this is a tidy design with refined branding, so once you remove the sticker labels plastered on the arm-rest and bottom bezel, this should have not a problem obtaining approval in also the stricter of work/institution atmospheres.

Steel alloys are used for the whole framework, in this dark-gray matte finishing that really feels great to the touch and does an outstanding job at concealing spots. You will seldom need to clean this clean, unlike most of the options out there, and the just components that are showing some spots are the black keycaps.

As much as functionality goes, I value the blunted edges and sides, but there is still a sharp side on the bottom, where the all-time low panel connects to the main framework. That component is sharp and you will feel it when getting this laptop computer.

I’m also a follower of Acer consisting of 16:10 displays on this collection, without compromising the video cam on top. No IR, however, simply a finger-sensor incorporated right into the click pad. Both joints permit one to easily change and raise the screen with a solitary hand, as well as permit it to return level to 180 degrees, something I also a lot of value on a mobile computer system.

On the various other hand, Acer could have put grippier rubber feet on this laptop computer and should have not put the condition LEDs under the screen. They used to have those on the side of the previous-gen Tritons, but now they’re back in the line of view, where you will see them while using the laptop computer in the evening.

The thermal design is another thing that we need to discuss here. Air enters into the followers through the grills on top of the keyboard and through the consumptions on the bottom and is after that pressed out on the back and on the sides, off the beaten track and not right into the screen, as on various other note pads in this course. This design does outcome in the keyboard being removed a bit down on the framework, prominent to a more constrained arm-rest, in purchase to permit for those grills on top. I’m OK with this small disadvantage, however.

When it comes to the IO, that is lined in the center of both sides. There is everything you’ll need on this laptop computer, consisting of 2x USB-C Thunderbolt 4 ports, one on each side, a fast SD card reader, and an HDMI 2.1 port. The HDMI port is connected to the Nvidia GPU, while the Thunderbolt ports are connected to the Intel GPU, based on my experience with this unit. Take this with a grain of salt, however, and I’ll discuss why further down in the Equipment area.

Overall, this Predator Triton 500 SE is among the better-balanced designs in the premium niche. It is a little bit bigger and heavier compared to the competitors and does not have certain features such as up-firing audio speakers or an IR video cam, but everything else is simply about right. Besides those annoyingly put condition LEDs!

Keyboard and Trackpad

The keyboard on this laptop computer is an instead standard Acer layout, with smooth rubbery black keycaps and their custom font style on each key. Such as the full-sized arrowheads, also if they are rather pressed amongst the various other keys and not spaced out by any means.

I’m not a big follower of having actual media keys in the very right column rather than having actually dedicated keys for Home/Finish, however, but you can remap them in software if you want to. Provided how Acer positioned this item towards professional users and much less so towards players, I was hoping they had also guided the keyboard’s functionality parallel.

The overall comments on this keyboard are rather on the shallower side, which I find OK, but might not be valued by everybody. This is nevertheless a fast and peaceful kind, one I obtained along well once I obtained fit to the comments.

For the lighting, this is a 3-zone-lit keyboard with two-light strength degrees to choose from. The LEDs are bright enough and relatively uniform, but a great deal of light creeps out of under the keycaps and there is no option to reactivate the illumination with a swipe over the clickpad once it times off, you need to push a key for it. There is also the option to disable the 30s time-out from the Predator Sense application if you want to.

On the plus side, this layout consists of a dedicated light indicator for Caps Secure, which Acer keyboards did not have in the previous.

The clickpad is glass and is wider compared to the 2021 generation, also if still not very high consequently of the key-board being put in the center, leaving room for the air consumptions on top. It also really felt smoother to the touch compared to the 2021 Triton.

I have absolutely nothing to grumble about my experience with this click pad. It handled everything perfectly, didn’t rattle with faucets, and also the physical clicks were smooth and peaceful.

For biometrics, there is a finger-sensor incorporated right into the clickpad, in its top-left corner. It works OK with Hi, and I such that there is no dead zone when moving your finger or monitoring this finger-sensor.


There is a 16.1-inch 16:10 matte display on the 2022 Triton 500, and what we carry in our example is the better panel option available for this collection. That is a QHD+ 3ms 240Hz IPS option with 10-bit color and 100% DCI-P3 range coverage, as well as about 500 nits of top illumination.

To put it simply, this is an awesome panel for everyday use, professional use, and video pc gaming. It also supports GSync, which a couple of various other devices in this section any longer do. You might need to calibrate it, however.

Here is what we entered our tests, with an X-Rite i1 Display Professional sensing unit:

Panel HardwareID: BOE BOE0AB5 (NE160QDM-NZ2);

Coverage: 99.8% sRGB, 82.9% AdobeRGB, 99.0% DCI P3;

Measured gamma: 2.10;

Max illumination in the center of the screen: 483.33 cd/m2 on power;

Minute’s illumination in the center of the screen: 21.79 cd/m2 on power;

Comparison at max illumination: 1234:1;

White point: 7000 K;

Black on max illumination: 0.39 cd/m2;

PWM: No.

Further calibration is required to correct the skewed White Point and Gamma. Despite the calibration, however, our device tape-taped some DeltaE imbalances among the edges, but the luminosity uniformity appeared excellent and we hardly noticed any light bleeding about the sides on a black screen.

There may be a couple of various other display options available for this collection, but I do not have all the information at this moment.

Equipment and Efficiency

Our test model is the top-specced setup of the 2022 Acer Predator Triton 500, code name PT516-52s, improved an Intel Core i9-12900H cpu, 32 GB of DDR5-4800 memory in the double network, 2 TB of fast SSD storage space, and double video: the Nvidia RTX 3080Ti dGPU with 16 GB of VRAM and the Iris Xe GPU incorporated within the Intel cpu.

Disclaimer: Before we continue, bear in mind that our review unit was sent out over by Acer and it runs on the very early software available since early-April 2022 (BIOS v1.04, Predator Sense 3.00.3186, GeForce Video game Ready 512.15 drivers). Some aspects can change with later software.

Spec-wise, the 2022 Acer Predator Triton 500 is improved by the newest Intel and Nvidia equipment available to this day. The Core i7-12900H is a higher-tier Intel Alder Lake 12th-gen cpu, with 14 Cores and 20 Strings. It’s a crossbreed CPU with 6 High-Performance HyperThreaded Cores, and 8 extra Effectiveness cores, collaborating or separate centered as needed. The design of this Triton 500 allows the cpu to run at up to 70 of sustained power in requiring CPU tons, on the Turbo account.

For the GPU, the 2022 Triton 500 collection is available with RTX 3000 and RTX 3000 Ti video chips. What we carry in this example is an RTX 3080Ti performing at up to 105W with Vibrant Boost in sustained video games and applications.

There is also a MUX on the Triton 500 SE collection, with Advanced Optimus – Vibrant Display Switching and GSync support on most setups.

For the RAM and storage space options, the laptop computer offers 2 accessible memory DIMMs and 2 M.2 SSD ports. Our unit was delivered with 32 GB of DDR5-4800 RAM in dual-channel and 2 fast PCIe gen4 Samsung SSDs in Raid0.

Acer is still using an upside-down interior design with this 2022 upgraded, which means the SSD and RAM ports are put underneath the motherboard, so you need to dismantle the entire point to obtain them. This makes potential upgrades challenging on this laptop computer.

Obtaining inside to the motherboard is an easy job, as you need to get an all-time low panel held in position by a pair of Torx screws, but that will not help you a lot when all the ports are underneath. The WiFi chip (no much longer an M.2 style as on the 2021 model), audio speakers, and battery are the just components easily accessible.

Specifications apart, the Predator Helios 300 is manageable through the consisted of Predator Sense application, which allows access to power accounts, battery, keyboard, and sound setups. There is also an Acer Treatment application that handles updates, as well as a handful of various other software – bloatware that comes preinstalled.

The power accounts are Peaceful, Default, Severe, and Turbo, and they impact the fans’ habits and the CPU/GPU power limits, as well as include a GPU overclock on Severe/Turbo.

For everyday use, I’d maintain the laptop computer on Peaceful or Default, which maintain the laptop computer stylish and the followers mainly still, or very peaceful.

Efficiency and Benchmarks

On more requiring tons, we begin by testing the CPU’s efficiency by operating the Cinebench R15 test for 15+ times in a loophole, with a 1-2 secs delay in between each run.

I’m not getting right into as much information as in our various other reviews, however, because this example does not work at the best of its cup capacities with the present pre-release software and BIOS available at this moment. I’ll discuss why down listed below.

So, on the Severe setting, the PL1/PL2 setups for the Core i9-12900H cpu are 110W/115W on this laptop computer. However, the CPU cannot run at those power degrees in sustained tons. In truth, it stabilizes at about 65W on the Severe power account and 70W on Turbo, both being thermally limited to this quantity of sustained power.

Additionally, the 70W i9 in this unit does not score similarly to various other i9 applications performing at 70W in various other devices I’ve evaluated up until now. Hence, at this moment, I’m not most likely to go further in-depth with this criteria, because the outcomes are probably mosting likely to be various on the retail items. I will upgrade if I obtain a possibility to retest on a completed BIOS variation. I will also share the HWinfo logs down listed below.

After that went in advance and further confirmed our searchings with the more exhausting Cinebench R23 loophole test and Mixer – Class, which led to comparable searchings for what we discussed.

Finally, we ran our combined CPU+GPU stress tests on this notepad. 3DMark stress runs the same test 20 times in a loophole and appearances for efficiency variant and deterioration in time. Our example failed the test both on the Severe account with the laptop computer resting on the work desk or on Turbo with the back increased up to improve the airflow right into the followers.

Next, I ran a pair of tests and benchmarks, on the Turbo account in Predator Sense and the dGPU set on Optimus. Take them with a lump of salt, however, as again the last retail units might score in a different way, particularly in the CPU tests.

With the present software, the system enables up to 130W of combined CPU+ GPU power on the Turbo account and uses a +100 MHz Clock/+100 MHz Memory overclock to the GPU. The factor I chose the Turbo account and not Severe is the limited sound distinction between both (50 dB on Severe, 53 dB on Turbo), the lower interior temperature levels on the Turbo account, and that the Severe account does not use any GPU overclock with the present setups. Again, this might change with later BIOS updates.

Video PC Gaming Efficiency

This laptop computer is still a Predator so we’re visiting how it handles modern titles. We evaluated several video games at QHD+ and FHD+ resolution, on Extremely setups and several power accounts.

Again, take these with a lump of salt. At this moment, the MUX does not properly deal with the BIOS variation that we carry on this laptop computer. There’s the option to select the dGPU Video setting in the Nvidia Control Panel and in the BIOS (hit Ctrl+S in the Advanced Section), once I select the dGPU setting, absolutely nothing is displayed on the main screen longer. Hence, I could not properly test the dGPU setting. Consequently, the video pc gaming outcomes down listed below get on the Crossbreed/Optimus setting, with the indicate routed through the GPU, which takes a toll on the efficiency. I might have the ability to upgrade at a later day, with the retail BIOS setups.

Still, in purchase to better help you understand what this laptop computer can do in the dGPU setting, I did test the Turbo account connected to an outside display through the HDMI 2.1 port, which offers a straight link to the Nvidia dGPU. You should obtain comparable outcomes on this laptop’s main display with a correctly functioning MUX configuration. Simply understand the resolution distinctions in the table. The interior screen is 16:10, while the external display used for the test is 16:9, hence it has about 12% fewer pixels to display.

Sound, Heat, Connection, Audio Speakers, and Others

Acer is using a tri-fan design on the 2022 Triton 500, with a wide range of heat pipes and fluid steel used on the CPU (as a uniqueness over the previous generation). The upside-down interior design prevents us from taking a better appearance at the cooling component, as that would certainly have required removing the motherboard.

Fresh air goes inside this laptop computer through the vents on the top (over the keyboard) and the bottom. I value how Acer put a taller back-foot under this laptop computer and made certain not to choke the airflow right into the followers. Plus, the warm air is pressed out sideways and the back, and not right into the display, as with various other mobile units.

However, our searchings for this very early review unit aren’t great. The CPU is thermally limited in sustained CPU tons, and after that, the GPU is also limited in the GPU and combined tons, and not able to run at its top designed setups in most situations.

You will practically need to depend on the Turbo setting in purchase to squeeze the best efficiency feasible on this laptop computer, but that comes with very loud followers, at 53+ dB at head-level. Also, the Turbo setting runs loud, at 50 dB, and while the Default account maintains the followers at a lot more pleasurable degrees of 43-44 dB, that is with a considerable toll on efficiency.

Of course, these searchings for might change on the retail units with later on software, but I would not obtain my wishes too expensive, provided what I’m seeing here and my experience with the 2021 Triton 500 SE model.

The external temperature levels with video games and requiring tons are mainly fine, however.

For connection, there is Cordless 6E and Bluetooth 5.2 on this unit, through an Awesome Intel-based chip, as well as 2.5 Gigabit Lan, through an Awesome Realtek chip. Both are much faster applications compared to what I’ve seen on most various other 2022 laptop computers, and I hope Acer will offer the same contribution to the retail models as well – there is no guarantee with the present chip lack, however.

Acer has not upgraded the audio speakers on the 2022 Predator Triton 500 from the previous generation, and I wish they would certainly have.

They still put small audio speakers inside this laptop computer, and consequently, the sound does not have in both quantities and quality. I measured about 75-77 dB max degrees, with the sound quality on the tinnier side, not on the lows. For what deserves, there is no Improved Sound setting in Home windows 11 on this unit, which has assisted the sound delivery on various other evaluated laptop computers. Perhaps it will be available and will help with the retail units.

Battery Life

There is a 99Wh battery inside the 2022 Predator Triton 500 Helios 300, the biggest feasible in a laptop computer because of trip limitations.

Here is what we jumped on our review unit in regards to battery life, with the screen’s illumination evaluated at about 120 nits (~50 brightness):

20 W (~5 h of use) – text modifying in Msn and yahoo Own, Default Setting, screen at 50%, Wi-Fi ON;

18 W (~5-6 h of use) – 1080p fullscreen video clip on Youtube in Side, Default Setting, screen at 50%, Wi-Fi ON;

16 W (~6-7 h of use) – Netflix fullscreen in Side, Default Setting, screen at 50%, Wi-Fi ON;

25 W (~4 h of use) – browsing in Side, Default Setting, screen at 50%, Wi-Fi ON.

The system does not immediately switch the screens revitalize to 60 Hz when using the laptop computer on battery, so we ran our tests on the default 240Hz revitalize. By hand choosing 60Hz would certainly have a favorable effect on the runtimes, corroborated with more fully grown software that should be available in the future. I’d particularly anticipate an effect on video clip streaming and light use.

Acer ships the laptop computer with a mid-sized 230W battery charger. The collection supports USB-C billing as well, up to 100W, if you do not want to carry the main block with you. Of course, you are not obtaining complete efficiency on USB-C power.

Last thoughts- 2022 Acer Predator Triton 500 review

I can’t properly attract the last final thoughts on the efficiency abilities of this Triton 500 provided the problems I ran right into on our example, with the present pre-release BIOS and software.

I can, however, extrapolate based upon the power setups and our experience with the system evaluated in several various other items. By doing this, anticipate the Triton 500 to be a stylish multitasker and a good entertainer in combined jobs. I would not go for an i9 or an RTX 3080-class dGPU in this framework – the limited power setups, corroborated with the rather limited thermal design, will not make them justice and you will wind up paying a lot extra for little efficiency acquired.

Rather, the i7 + RTX 3060 is probably the worth spot here, if Acer will again properly price those variants, as they finished with the 2021 generation. Despite these specifications, you will still need to approve the power limits and the high GPU interior temperature levels, which would certainly yearn for an air conditioning pad throughout lengthy video game/work sessions, but the worth proposal is better balanced compared to on the top-tier specifications evaluated on our unit. Simply make certain you are obtaining the preferred quantity of RAM and storage space, as updating the elements on this laptop computer is a discomfort with the upside-down design.

These apart, the mediocre sound quality is my various other significant nits with this collection. Up to you how a lot of these issues are or otherwise.

On the various other hand, I value the overall design and ergonomics Acer is offering with this Triton 500 SE item, the quality of the beautiful QHD+ 10-bit display, the comfy inputs, the great IO, and that they didn’t cut any edges with the battery inside. Regrettable Intel Alder Lake is a hog, however, so do not anticipate long runtimes on battery, also keeping that big battery.