Apparently This 5 Technologies Is From Japan

 Japan is well known as a sophisticated country in technology. They are very productive and make a lot of breakthroughs in technology. But do you know that there is some technology that they made and become popular not only in Japan but around the world? Want to know about it? Keep scrolling!!

1.    Walkman


If your millennial or 90’s person, you must be very familiar with this device. Walkman was introduced in 1979 as a music player with headphones. The effect of this device is happening until right now, any multimedia product has to provide a good quality sound system. In 2009 walkman sold out up to 220 million pieces.

2.    Shinkansen


Shinkansen’s first trip was in 1964 from Tokyo to Osaka, already becoming an inspiration to other countries to create a fast train. It is also called a bullet train because it is literally so fast. This train is almost never late, it is 99% punctual. This train is also sensitive with quiver, so this train would be stopped if an earthquake.

3.    Toilet


Yes, toilet. They invented smart toilets. This toilet had a lot of buttons with various functions, at least there are 8 buttons. With those buttons, you can control water pressure, music, temperature, and many more.

4.    TV antenna

You might didn’t know that the TV antenna is Japan innovation, by the time researcher are busy developing high-frequency radio waves, there are some developing low-frequency receivers to catch a low wave.

That are four Japanese innovations that were popular and become important inventions in history. Just imagine if those technology doesn’t exist, maybe we can’t enjoy our life this way, well maybe there is another way but. Japan deserves to get credit and applause for its achievement. What else can Japan invent? let’s look forward to it.