Asus ROG Strix G15 Benefit Version : The Best All-AMD Video PC Gaming Laptop Computer

I was hesitant about the ROG Strix G15 Advantage Version when I first obtained my test unit from AMD. While the frame prices the Radeon RX 6800M delivered were reputable, it had not been emphatically outperforming comparable systems with Intel and Nvidia components. I presumed that this video pc gaming laptop computer would certainly be relatively center of the roadway, without many standout features to set it aside from the load.

Well, the price range. Asus says the Strix G15 Advantage Edition will cost $1,549.99 to $1,699.99. Considered that a routine Strix G15 with specifications shut to those of my test unit (an eight-core Ryzen 9 5900HX, 16GB of RAM, and a 300Hz 1080p screen, although with 1TB of storage space) and an Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU is listed at $1,799.99, I’m presuming that my setup will be shut to the top of that range.

No matter, a Strix for $1,699.99 is a great worth. This model is providing better efficiency and better battery life compared to what I’d anticipate seeing from all kinds of video pc gaming laptop computers that are numerous bucks more. Provided the Strix’s fancy and decidedly lover visual, I think it makes a little bit much less sense as a worthwhile purchase compared to something such as the Zephyrus G15. But, if you are looking for a strong and garish video pc gaming laptop computer that is punching well over its price course, you are probably in the target market.

ThisThis Strix is among the first laptop computers announced that consists of AMD’s new RX 6000M collection mobile GPUs, and the first one I’ve obtained to test. Provided the price of the RTX 3070 model, it is clear that is the card Asus anticipates the 6800M to be trading strikes with.

For some raw outcomes: the Strix G15 balanced 252fps on CS: GO, operating the criteria filled with dirt tornados and terminating blasts with no stutter visible. The system balanced 87fps on Horizon No Dawn and 77fps on Red Dead Redemption 2. It put up 69fps on Darkness of the Burial place Raider with ray mapping on extremely, and 94fps with ray mapping off. (All video games were run at native resolution at their highest feasible setups). Basically, you should have the ability to run practically any video game you want at playable frame prices.


From the outcomes here, it appears that the RX 6800M is carrying out slightly even worse compared to (but equally to) a high-clocked RTX 3070 but is outperforming assumptions for a low-clocked RTX 3070 on most titles. It is an update from last year’s Nvidia chips, beating Asus’ 2020 ROG Strix Mark 15 with an RTX 2070 Very on every video game. We have not yet obtained to review the 3080 model of the Mark, but the frame prices various other reviews have reported are better compared to, but not globes far from what I’m seeing here — and the Mark is almost $1,000 more. It is also not too away the what we’d anticipate from the Zephyrus G15 with a 100W RTX 3080 on some titles (and also better on some), so considering that Asus has the 3080 Zephyrus listed at $1,999 and the RTX 3070 model listed at $1,849.99 (however both models have a QHD screen rather than a 300Hz 1080p one and more storage space) the Strix is a better deal passing efficiency alone.

Video games also looked great on the 300Hz FHD display. Asus says there will be a choice for a 165Hz QHD display as well; both have a 3ms reaction time. While I have not obtained to test that model yet, the panel on my setup is much less color accurate and dimmer compared to the QHD screen on the Zephyrus G15, maxing out at 291 nits in my testing and covering 100 percent of the sRGB color range, 76 percent of the Adobe RGB range, and 78 percent of the DCI-P3 range. So if you prefer that shades stand out or you intend on video pc gaming outside, you will probably want the QHD display. My setup is better for folks that want every last frame they can obtain — on a title such as CS: GO, you will see more frameworks on the 300Hz screen compared to you would certainly on the 165Hz one.

Some of this efficiency can be associated with Asus’ cooling, which did a good job here. The Strix G15 has a vapor-chamber cooling system with new 84-blade “Arc Flow” followers that are supposed to increase airflow from previous Strix generations by 5 percent. The system works: it typically maintained the CPU listed below 80 levels Celsius with spikes up to the high 80s occasionally. Temperature levels on the keyboard and hand relaxes stayed comfy as well.


There are a couple of various cooling accounts, and followers were quite distinct on the Turbo account throughout both video pc gaming and efficiency work. If you are truly feeling daring, you can set a manual account with all power limits and follower rates maxed out, and after that, you will listen to follower sounds such as you’ve never ever listened to before. (Undoubtedly, this didn’t do a lot to improve frame prices, but it was enjoyable to try.) I never ever listened to any followers on the Quiet account, also when I put my ear to the deck. The all-time low of the framework did obtain a little bit cozy on my lap on Quiet, however, it was tolerable.

The G15’s audio speakers are also lots loud enough that you should not have a problem listening to your game’s sound over the followers. Bass and percussion were quite distinct, which I seldom reach say about video pc gaming laptop computer audio speakers. The Strix also comes preloaded with Dolby Access software, where you can switch between accounts for video games, movies, songs, and articulate. The Songs account brings vocals to the forefront, but I actually preferred the Video game and Movie accounts for my Spotify collection because they made the bass more powerful.

The audio speakers and microphone support two-way AI sound termination. You can transform this feature on and off, and fiddle about with its strength in Asus’ Arsenal Cage software. The microphones had no difficulty getting my articulate with and without the feature on, of course. That said, the Strix G15 would not be a great choice if you will be doing a great deal of video clip calls because — as is often the situation with many ROG items nowadays — it does not have a webcam.

But where the Strix G15 truly makes its situation is the battery video pc gaming experience. I just obtained an hr of video pc gaming from one charge, which is a relatively brief life expectancy. However, the Strix ran Red Dead Redemption 2 at playable prices for the whole time, preserving in between 30fps and 40fps for almost the whole hr, going down to the high 20s about 12 percent, and remaining there until it passed away. I’d suggest this laptop computer to individuals that want to video games on the battery over others with more juice because of the large quantity of actually playable time you obtain.


Battery life overall was very strong. I was balancing about 2 and a fifty percent hrs on last year’s Strix Mark 15, and while I expected this AMD machine to last much longer, I was shocked by how a lot more juice it had. Using the Strix G15 as my everyday work chauffeur on the Quiet account for about 200 nits of illumination, I balanced 9 hrs and 16 mins of continuous work and entertainment. That makes it among the longest-lasting video pc gaming laptop computers I’ve ever evaluated. It defeats what I balanced on the Zephyrus G15 with the same work — and I’ve been singing that device’s praises all year for its effectiveness. It is particularly outstanding because the Strix G15 is powering a lot of RGB LEDs (however it also has a lower-resolution screen).

The 280W adapter also juices the Strix G15 decently fast; the device reached 60 percent in 38 mins together with light Chrome use. The block is pretty significant, but the Strix also supports 100W Type-C billing.

Somewhere else, the framework has the strong and fancy appearance that defines the Strix line. An RGB light bar runs under the front side of the deck, and the keyboard has per-key RGB illumination. My unit came with a brilliant red plate left-wing side of the or else black joint, which you can switch out for faceplates of various other shades if red isn’t your speed. It will not be visual for everybody, but it is certainly an appearance.

RGB apart, the framework really feels well made and quite sturdy. The cover is lightweight aluminum, and the hand relaxes have a smooth, comfy structure with an inconspicuous pattern consisting of the letters R, O, and G.


Port choice is alright but could be better. There is one USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port (not Thunderbolt, since this is an AMD machine), an HDMI port (2.0b, instead compared to 2.1), 3 USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, an RJ45 LAN port, and a 3.5mm mix sound jack. The right side is portless, but a variety of ports get on the back (consisting of the power jack).

ROG keyboards are some of my favorite ones you can obtain, and this is no exemption — it is comfy with a fair bit of travel. There are useful dedicated keys for quantity, reducing the mic, switching between follower accounts, and drawing up Arsenal Cage. The W, A, S, and Decoration keys are a translucent white (as opposed to the remainder of the caps, which are black) enabling you to see the switches beneath. I imagine this will be a questionable choice, however I directly such as the appearance. The spacebar on my unit very sometimes squeaked, but that is my just complaint.

The glass touchpad is smooth and spacious — it is 85 percent bigger compared to previous Strix touchpads, each Asus. I had no problems with my hand being rejected (which was an alleviation, considering that my right hand was often relaxing on the brink). I sometimes thought I was zooming when I meant to scroll, but I’ll take that over a jumpy cursor.

All with each other, the Strix G15 Advantage Edition is an appealing package. There are nitpicks, certain. But at the price range, Asus is providing, it is hard to see any one of them as a dealbreaker.

The question is whether you are in the target market. For instance, if you such as the Strix’s fancy lights but want the outright best efficiency you can obtain, you may be a better fit paying more for the Strix Mark 15. If you are looking for an RGB appearance that is more refined and refined, with a more practical port choice, you might find Alienware’s M15 R4 more attractive. And if you want an outstanding AMD system with all-day battery life, but do not quite need a lot of power, you will have the ability to obtain all kinds of options, such as Lenovo’s Legion 5 or Asus’ Zephyrus G14, at lower prices.

But if you are particularly looking for this type of strong design, in an all-AMD system, at a sub-$2,000 price point, and are ready to quit a webcam and some modern ports, the Strix G15 Advantage Edition is probably the best you can do. Go more affordable and you are entering into an area where you will see considerable concessions on efficiency. The Strix is more of a specific niche purchase compared to the lighter and subtler Zephyrus, but lots of great laptop computers are. If it is your point, go all out.