Audioengine A2+: The Best Computer System Audio Speakers Hands Down

Choosing an audio speaker item is constantly an entangled point. It’s not just to think about the speakers’ quality but also to think about your budget. More significantly, all this is based upon space, that’s to say, how big your paying attention space is. Because of this, many enthusiasts retreated and selected an earphone system with meager space requirements. But no one is ready to be satisfied with an earphone system. So the choice of audio speakers is a continuous problem.

For regular users, desktop computer audio speakers have become the right choice for the basic budget and everyday paying attention environment/workplace. So the question is again, how do we choose desktop computer audio speakers? With a stunning array of brand names, choosing a dependable brand name is the key. For my suggestion, Audioengine’s A2+ cordless desktop computer audio speaker is a great choice.

The Audioengine brand name come from Unified Specifies and was established in 2006. After several years of development, it has a high reputation in Europe and America. Many of its items have been suggested by the reliable publication “What HI-FI” in the audiophile industry.

Audioengine at first produced personalized monitor audio speaker equipment for professional tape-taping workshops and later on changed to concentrate on using technologies and devices in the professional sound area to produce interior audio speaker items for home use. Recently, Audioengine is dedicated to producing top-quality and user-friendly PC-HIFI items, as well as concentrating on the manufacturing of monitor audio speakers.

Most of its items are based upon unique personalized designs and seldom use off-the-shelf elements. After years of experience and technology build-up in R&D and manufacturing of professional sound equipment, its home sound equipment also has professional items. It has accomplished significant accomplishments in the area of top-quality desktop computer audio speakers. Certainly, technology and focus are the core of Audioengine’s brand name!

Audioengine A2+ Specifications

Kind: Powered Bluetooth aptX audio speaker system

Amplifier Kind: Course AB

Power Output: 60 W top power total (15 W RMS / 30 W top each channel), AES

Drivers: 2.75″ aramid fiber woofers, 0.75″ Silk dome tweeters

Inputs: 3.5 mm stereo mini-jack, RCA L/R, USB, Bluetooth

Outcomes: RCA variable line-out

Input Voltages: 100-240 V 50/60 Hz auto-switching

SNR: >95 dB (typical A-weighted)

THD+N: <0.05% at all power setups

Crosstalk: <50 dB

Regularity Reaction: 65 Hz-22 kHz ±2.0 dB

Input Impedance: 10K ohms unbalanced

Protection: Output present restricting, thermal over-temperature, power on/off transient protection

Power Consumption: Still: 10W

Audioengine A2+ Design

Audioengine A2+ cordless uses a mix of 2.75-inch Kevlar fiber woofer and 20mm silk tweeter to earn its appearance quite petite. In this era when both stamina and look are essential, Audioengine A2+ is certainly an extremely pleasing desktop computer audio speaker. The small cupboard under the succinct and smooth lines embraces a complex piano paint process, and the entire cupboard is according to minimal design, without repetitive Design. The very high worth makes it can be well incorporated right into various home design atmospheres.

The 2.75-inch Kevlar fiber woofer rubber ring has outstanding flexibility. Because of this, when the Audioengine A2+ cordless is transformed, you’ll feel the low-frequency Power totally past the cupboard. Besides, the bass port used by Audioengine A2+ is designed on the front of the audio speaker, so there’s no need to think about the range in between the cupboard and the back wall surface. This makes the positioning of Audioengine A2+ freer.

Before discussing Audioengine A2+, we need to determine one point: the placing of the Audioengine A2+ audio speaker. Desktop computer audio speakers are also split right into several categories, and Audioengine A2+ cordless is positioned as a PC Hi-Fi audio speaker, which means that it’s mainly suitable with laptop computer/desktop computer PCs.

Both words of quality and improvement may be the common impression of individuals that use Audioengine A2+ audio speakers for the very first time. Audioengine A2+ is fully shown in creativity and products. The binding post uses top-quality screwed steel terminals. Great creativity and products can significantly increase the user’s impression, and on the various other hand, the indicated transmission is more dependable. There’s also a USB port behind the main audio speaker, which is related to a computer system and plays songs straight. There’s also a power user interface, 2 sets of RAC user interfaces, and a sound line user interface for connecting auxiliary audio speakers.

Audioengine A2+ doesn’t have a different power switch but integrates the power switch function on the quantity handle. The quantity handle really feels fine. The touch of the steel handle is also very fragile. Besides, the A2+ desktop computer audio speaker doesn’t have a power indicator for turning it on. The appropriate framework layout is certainly for a functional objective: sound quality.

Audioengine A2+ audio speaker is split right into main and auxiliary audio speaker design. The rear of the auxiliary box is a lot more succinct, besides a set of audio speaker cable binding messages. There’s no repetitive user interface, and this distinction is also reflected in the weight. The main box evaluates 1.6Kg, and the auxiliary box evaluates 1.4Kg.

The all-time low of the Audioengine A2+ desktop computer audio speaker is designed with a rubber cushion. Moreover, there’s a screw in the facility of all-time low of the package for stand installation. If you want to improve sound linearity, you can also purchase a dedicated foam base with a turn angle.


Audioengine A2+ computer system audio speaker has 2 input techniques: a USB input with an integrated DAC and the various other is a conventional 3.5mm connection without an integrated DAC. The USB link allows users to straight connect to the computer system to play songs without purchasing an outside DAC, conserving budget.

At the same time, A2+ keeps the RCA and 3.5mm analog sound input and includes a Bluetooth 5.0 cordless receiver, which corresponds to apt-X HD/apt-X/AAC/SBC Bluetooth decoding. The benefit of paying attention to songs wirelessly is obvious. Nowadays, using mobile phones and tablet computers to enjoy electronic songs in your home has become traditional, and A2+ was birthed. For Android users, enjoying top-quality songs online has become very simple. As lengthy as the telephone supports apt-X HD or apt-X, it can work perfectly with A2+ and enjoy high-fidelity sound online. For iOS users, the AAC-style codec can also bring excellent sound quality and sounds great.

In regards to a wired link, although Audioengine A2+ computer system audio speaker is equipped with RCA and 3.5mm inputs, it’s also extensive to use as a cordless audio speaker connected to Microsoft tablet computers, Android, or IOS system tablet computers. When using a USB to connect external sound resource equipment, Audioengine A2+ audio speaker can straight transmit the initial electronic indication from the tablet computer/laptop and various other equipment and transform the electronic indication right into an analog indicate integrated DAC. By doing this, the user’s sound quality is the highest quality that’s fairly untouched by computer system output.

Along with an integrated top-quality sound decoder, A2+ cordless uses Course AB power amplifier architecture. Course AB power amplifier is a design suitable for Course A and Course B power amplifiers’ benefits. The drawback of Course AB power amplifiers is that they’ll produce a bit of crossover distortion. But about its effectiveness proportion and integrity, it’s better compared to Course A and Course B power amplifiers.

Sound Efficiency

Audioengine A2+ cordless desktop computer audio speaker has power past the physical category, and you’ll constantly be impressed at how a lot of power is included in such a small box.

Compared to earphones, the benefits of Audioengine A2+ cordless are totally more considerable compared to the drawbacks. Although the resolution information is not as large as earphones, the resolution of Audioengine A2+ is totally over the standard. Real low-frequency power that the earphone system doesn’t have can be obtained in Audioengine A2+ computer system audio speaker. That type of low-frequency air tremor can’t be obtained in earphones at any moment. Besides, the perfect resolution is also not in earphones. The more all-natural and accurate sound simulation and remediation effect is certainly the main reason every audiophile refuses to quit audio speakers.

It can be said that the Audioengine A2+ audio speaker is a small desktop computer box filled with passion. The sturdy low-frequency quantity is moderate, and the loosened vocals and the clear treble make the A2+ audio speakers have an extremely balanced high, mid, and low-frequency efficiency. The warm mid-frequency is very appropriate for revealing the feeling of the vocalist.

Pay attention to Taylor Swift’s newest cd, “Enthusiast,” the entire tune is brisk and vibrant. Audioengine A2+ cordless desktop computer audio speaker happens to improve this type of songs qualities a great deal, production the benefits of songs more prominent. A2+ computer system audio speaker is very appropriate for collocation with light and colorful songs. It handles the beat without being muddled, and the rhythm control of the songs is perfect. It not just considers the characteristics of the songs but also considers the sound. The overall tone circulation is also, and the vocals are preceded. Very also, vibrant songs undoubtedly have many retakes, and the ears will undoubtedly burn out after paying attention to them for a very long time. However, under Audioengine A2+ playback, it’s wonderful to pay attention to it for a very long time because the sound gets to a specific balance. The songs brought out can feel a bit ventilated.

Audioengine A2+ audio speakers are certainly engaging for their efficiency when having fun back “Occupation Of Heaven” tracks. The “1492 Occupation Of Heaven,” launched in 1992, is one of the most commonly distributed works of art by the Greek leader digital composer Vangelis’s movie soundtrack. It explains the music idea of the movie and has become a teaching material for many song institutions.

The theme tune “Occupation Of Heaven” in the cd, the legendary design, is totally stunning and amazing. This movie about Columbus’s occupation of Southern America has also become a legendary work of art. The condition of this work is second just to Vangelis’ classic “Chariots of Terminate.” Mainly because of his unique understanding right into the works’ connotation and his easy grasp of the macro. Blending a lot of human voices with modern aspects effectively produced a fifteenth-century feeling.

Audioengine A2+ uses a wide variety of vibrant sound impacts to portray better impacts compared to the intent of the Columbus personality itself. In this outstanding cd, Vangelis did his best to record excellence. With a contemporary digital symphony, he perfectly recreated the terrible tale that travelers such as Columbus skilled rainy waves, fatal infections, and all kinds of problems and challenges 500 years back and finally arrived in the New Globe. Audioengine A2+ has plenty of legendary splendor and grandeur. It can be called one of the most effective movie soundtracks of the 1990s.

With the tumbling and rising breath of the works displayed by Audioengine A2+ audio speakers, the three-dimensional sense of deepness and elevation of the sound area space is very in position. Particularly, the preference of the singing incantation conveys very clear, fantastic, and magnificent legendary tastes barking.

Final thought

Audioengine A2+ Cordless audio speakers, the significant power in the small cupboard suffices to fill a small paying attention space, beautiful creativity, minimal look, and great devices make Audioengine A2+ audio speakers able to satisfy the needs of users. I think that the wonderful and mild paying attention design will not disappoint any users. If you ask me if I have any regrets about using Audioengine A2+ desktop computer audio speakers, perhaps I need to begin it previously!