Bose QuietComfort Earbuds: Rich-Sounding Earbuds with Excellent Sound Termination

Bose’s QuietComfort sub-brand has become associated with sensational noise-canceling earphones throughout the years.

Traditionally, the vast bulk of its noise-canceling earphones have been on- and over-ear designs, but the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds hold true cordless earbuds. There is no lack of competitors in this field, however, and they go toe to toe with some huge competitors, such as the Apple AirPods Professional, Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 3, and Sony WF-1000XM4. Provided our experience of its various other QuietComfort models, we have big wishes for these cordless earbuds, but can Bose deliver?


Bose has introduced noise-canceling in-ear earphones and real cordless earphones before, but this is the very first time it has combined both technologies. This means there is lots of technology to load right into the QuietComfort Earbuds, which has led to a set of buds that are pretty stocky in look.

The earpieces do not protrude massively from your ears, but the basic appearance is larger compared to the Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 3 and Sony WF-1000XM4. The main body of the earphone goes to the very least curved, so it assimilates a little bit easier sideways of your head

Our review set remains in the velvety Soapstone finish, but there’s also a Three-way Black option. Also, some premium cordless earbuds can feel a little bit inexpensive in the hand, but not these Bosses. The smooth external surface areas of the earpieces feel responsive, while the shiny plastic used for the chauffeur room is durable. The winged ear tips boast a smooth, matte finish, too, assisting increase the impression of quality.

There is an option of small, medium, and large tips – this appears a bit stingy, but the sides of the tips are so charitable in dimension, that it makes it easy to obtain great security. You do not need to own them in such a tent secures to feel the seclusion, which is great for convenient degrees. We’re also followers of how simple it’s to switch tips. Simply slide them on and off the earbuds and you can have a brand-new set suited secs.

The Bose feels lightweight enough and we have no problems paying attention for a couple of hrs each time. For the average commute or exercise session (the QuietComfort are both sweat and weather-resistant) they are great to deal with.


Battery life is a declared 6 hrs from a solitary charge, with the billing situation providing an extra 2 charges, production 18 hrs in total. That is a good reserve, but never class-leading. The Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 3, by comparison, boast 7 hrs each charge plus 28 extra hrs from their situation.

A 15-minute quick charge should give you a pair of hrs if you are captured the brief, and there is the option of using the provided USB-C cable television or any Qi-certified cordless billing floor covering to obtain the job done.

A billing situation is a beefy event too, but at the very least it really feels strong and built to last. You need to push a switch on the front to gain entrance, which is uncommon for a set of cordless earbuds, as most simply have the tendency to go for a magnetic cover. A paddle of LEDs on the front of the situation shows you how a lot of battery life is left inside.

When first using the QuietComfort Earbuds, open up the situation and have the Bose Songs application (for Android and iOS) to hand. You will be triggered to set and directed through all the key features.

By default, you touch and hold your finger on the touchpad of the right earbud to access articulate aides or decrease a phone call. Double-tap to play/pause and answer. Touch and hold your finger left-wing earbud to skip a track or inspect the battery degree.

You can personalize some features and manages based upon what you use one of the most often, and many thanks to a current upgrade, they can also control quantity through swiping up or down along the surface of the right earbud.

The earphones use 4 microphones to assist with call quality and they collaborate well to maintain your articulation seeming strong and clear. But do the QuietComfort Earbuds deliver Bose’s hallmark, excellent noise-canceling? In a word, yes.

Bose has designed these in-ears to be as versatile as feasible, so you can set them up to terminate sound based on your individual choices. In the Bose songs application, you are provided with a noise-canceling sliding range which ranges from no (no noise-canceling) to 10 (maximum noise-canceling). Here you can produce custom settings that you could switch between depending upon the task you are doing.

You can also switch between Peaceful Setting, which activates ANC, and Aware Setting, which acts as an openness setting and allows your environment to seep in while you are paying attention to songs.

The QuietComfort Earbuds are greater than measure up to their invoicing. Try out the various degrees and you will listen to the QuietComfort do their point, reducing huge swathes of history sound when on the maximum setting.

On the other hand, if you want more of the outdoors to seep in, the earphones adjust perfectly. Take an earbud bent on having a discussion and the Bose buds do not simply pause playback, they immediately cut the noise-canceling in the earbud left in your ear so you can listen to it more plainly.


That excellent noise-canceling also allows the Bose’s excellent sound quality to shine through unmolested. We kick points off with an area of boosting drum and bass in Delta Heavy’s White Flag VIP and from the first beat we are mesmerized.

The sense of interest and excitement communicated by the Bose buds is highly contagious. There is power, grace, and a great sense of dynamism. Bass keeps in mind sound full-bodied, go deep and the QuietComfort Earbuds eject great deals of information.

The peaceful history allows the singing to stand happy before the chorus introduces this track right into the stratosphere. The deep, throbbing bassline exudes structure. We’d explain the Bose sound as one filled with all-natural heat and splendor, but the songs never ever sound smothered – despite the noise-canceling in its highest setting.

The QuietComfort Earbuds aren’t simply a one-trick horse either. Yes, they can be the life of the party when the track requires it, but they’re also flexible enough to permit the feeling and more refined aspects of a track to leave their note.

Play Dave’s BRIT Honors 2020 efficiency of Black and the Boses convey the dramatization and feeling of the event perfectly. Dave’s singing sounds pained and poignant while the going along with strings and piano are all-natural and believable. There is a splendor to the sound which you are instantly attracted to, and lyrics flow easily as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds keenly extract every last ounce of information.

The present class-leading Sony WF-1000XM4 has the side in regards to straight-out characteristics and timing but the Bose put on a great show.


With Apple, Sennheiser, and Sony currently offering premium cordless, noise-canceling earbuds, the stress got on Bose to produce something affordable – and it is reasonable to say it hasn’t already disappointed.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds are great all-rounders, qualified for outstanding musicality, and covered off with excellent sound canceling. They’re greater than a suit for any rival at this degree.