Cooler Master MM720: One of the Most Ergonomic Gaming Computer Mouse

After almost a year, the Colder Grasp MM720 video pc gaming computer mouse finally shows up as the follower to the initial Generate computer mouse. Introduced back in CES 2020, the MM720 has a honeycomb design framework, with an updated sensing unit, and a fabric cable television. No cordless connection, however, but let’s appearance at what else the computer mouse needs to offer.

Colder Grasp MM720 – Specifications

Sensing unit ModelPixArt PMW-3389

SensitivityUp to 16,000 CPI native or 32,000 via software

Ballot Rates:125, 250, 500, or 1,000 Hz

Programmable Buttons: 6

LED Areas and Colors: 2x RGB

Cable: 6 foot (1.8m) USB Type-A

Connection: USB Type-A

Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.15 x 3.01 x 1.47 inches (105.42 x 76.5 x 37.4mm)

Weight (without cable television): 1.72 ounces (49g)

Extra: Replacement PTFE feet


The Colder Grasp MM720 is a brief video pc gaming computer mouse, but has a broad design and is mainly specified by its curved design approach. If you appear better at the computer mouse, there’s not one level surface and every component of the computer mouse is curved somehow, and to some extent. At first, I thought it was strange and I thought I’d dislike it. But, to my surprise, I actually expanded to such as it a great deal, and fast.

We obtained the shiny white variation of the Colder Grasp MM720, which would certainly go truly well with our white configuration when we decide to switch to it. Left-wing, there are 2 side switches, but weirdly enough, they aren’t in white to suit the entire computer mouse. Rather, it is black which stands out such as an aching thumb. Nevertheless, the computer mouse might appear eccentric initially, but it is a truly nice computer mouse to hold.

Develop Quality

In regards to development quality, the Colder Grasp MM720 is well built and has a strong building despite being all ABS plastic. Pushing and pressing the computer mouse hard, there are no creaking sounds to be listened to, when you flick it about, you can’t listen to any loosened components as well. The internals is also well protected behind the honeycomb design, and the all-time low has 2 large pure PTFE feet for maximum movement throughout your mousepad.

Cable television smart, the Colder Grasp MM720 currently sporting activities an intertwined cable television that suits the color of the computer mouse, rather than the rubber cable television that was found on the initial Colder Grasp Generate. This offers a more all-natural move on your table surface, and you do not also need a computer mouse bungee to hold the cable television up. However, I do have the fear that it will someday begin fraying and I hope that does not occur to cable television as it isn’t detachable.


As mentioned over, the strange-looking computer mouse that’s the Colder Grasp MM720 expanded on me truly quickly, and I’ve loved using it since. I simply can’t appear to return to lengthy, bulky video pc gaming mice any longer. That is also because the MM720 evaluates just a simple 49g, and I was shocked when I picked it for the very first time.

The Colder Grasp MM720 is so light-weight, coupled with the large PTFE feet under, they move so well on the mousepad I’m using. My hands simply hinge on the computer mouse well, and it seems like they hug the computer mouse perfectly in all its shapes. There is also a pinky hinge on the right side of the computer mouse which gives it that extra convenience. However, that also means this computer mouse is more catered to right-handed players.


In the efficiency division, the Colder Grasp MM720 packs a PMW-3389 optical sensing unit, which can offer a 16,000 DPI level of sensitivity, as well as an optimum of 400 IPS. Velocity smart, this small boy can increase to 50g. With the sensing unit currently remaining in the center of the computer mouse,, it makes more sense and you can adjust to it much faster.

The clicks are very receptive many thanks to the LK optical mini switches. Actuation is close to instant, and the debounce time is shut to no, enabling me to react much faster when dodging those Mitachurls in Genshin. When it comes to the side switches, I do not truly such as where they’re put. I would’ve preferred if the side switches were positioned a bit upwards so my thumb will not be on the brink of it.

In regards to hold, the MM720 we had is the shiny variation, so it does obtain quite unsafe sometimes. Inning accordance with Colder Grasp, the computer mouse is produced hand and claw hold players, but I think it is veering towards claw hold more.


The computer mouse works with the Colder Grasp MasterPlus+ software (a lengthy name I know), and that is where you can perform firmware updates and more. The 6 programmable switches on the computer mouse can be set up within the software. Pushing down on the scroll wheel actually enables the 2nd set of regulations for each of the mouse’s switches. However, I didn’t find myself using that feature at all as most of my faster ways are currently on my keyboard.

You can also modify angle breaking, toggle lift-off range, and set the ballot rate from 125 completely to 1000Hz. DPI smart, you can increase to an optimum of 32,000 DPI, but it can be a little bit wonky because of the sensor’s restriction at 16,000 DPI. In addition to all that, you can also song angle tunability, switch reaction time, and also the system’s double-click speed, as well as pointer level of sensitivity. The creme de la plant here’s actually the Surface Adjusting, which allows the computer mouse to optimize its sensing unit for the mousepad you are using.

RGB Illumination

Yes, there’s RGB illumination on the Colder Grasp MM720 and it can all be modified in the Colder Grasp MasterPlus+ software as well. The RGB illumination can be found radiating through the honeycomb design and illuminating the scroll wheel too. It isn’t too bright or glaring, which is great for my eyes. But if you have a look near the bottom PTFE feet, some RGB illumination can be seen seeping through a bit.

Final thought

The Colder Grasp MM720 offers great worth for a video gaming computer mouse this light and comfy. Its design is unique and totally various from what various other manufacturers are offering out in the marketplace. It features a honeycomb design for maximum lightness, an updated sensing unit, intertwined cable television, 100% PTFE feet for excellent moving, and 2 RGB illumination areas. That is a lot of features to obtain for RM149, do not you think?