Dali Oberon 5 5.1 Audio Speaker Package: You Can Develop a Great Border System with this Extremely Pleasurable Package.


When I first obtained my practical Dali Oberon 5 flooring audio speakers, I wanted them to sound great. They are some of the more refined-looking flooring audio speakers in my opinion, and they do not inhabit a frustrating quantity of space, production them a great option for houses too. Fortunate for me, and perhaps fortunate for you as well, the Oberon 5’s do not simply sound alright, they sound great. Despite their small impact, these audio speakers produce a commanding sound phase with beautiful information throughout their whole range.

They are also not exceedingly challenging to drive—their 88dB level of sensitivity and a 6-ohm small resistance imply that most amplifiers will not have difficulty bringing these audio speakers to life. Set them with a more prestigious amplifier and you’ll obtain a proportionally better experience, but it is nice to have the entrance point be so accessible.

The globe of Hi-Fi isn’t known for being one of the most friendly. It is also known for having the ability to easily demolish whatever budget you like deposited for it. The Dali Oberon 5 certainly isn’t the very least amount of money you can invest in a set of audio speakers, but it is also far from the spendier choices. Let’s appearance at the choices Dali has made with the Oberon 5 and see if they effectively streamline these choices for the potential buyer.


Elegant floor-standing design

The Dali Oberon 5 obtains high notes for its elegant floor-standing design. The model we evaluated was available in the Light Oak cut, but relying on the room you place them in you might rather choose Black Ash, Dark Walnut, or White. I can’t talk straight to these trims, but if they’re anything such as the one I evaluated, you are in for a reward.

The audio speakers themselves measure simply 32.6×6.3×11.1 inches (HWD) and rest atop a set of very sturdy steel feet. Contrast these measurements keeping that of another popular floor-standing audio speaker such as the Klipsch RP-5000F, which measures 36.1×8.2×14.4 inches, to obtain a feeling of how small they are. The RP-5000F is currently not the biggest flooring audio speaker to start with, and the Oberon 5’s are significantly smaller sized in every measurement. In practical terms, this means that a lot of individuals that didn’t think they had space in their room for a nice set of flooring audio speakers might still remain in good luck.

They sound amazing when paying attention to songs, but they also deliver some earth-shattering bass throughout minutes of tremendous stress in tv shows and movies.

The cupboards feel very thick and stiff, which will most likely be your first experience when first removing them from the package. They were constructed from high-density machined MDF board, and curtained in plastic outside for the finish. If you were to break them open up, you had noticed a collection of bracings throughout the interior of the cupboard, which is probably adding to their strong, thick feeling.

The audio speakers themselves consist of 2 5.25-inch timber fiber SMC centered woofers and a 29mm lightweight soft dome tweeter. This is of course protected by the grey front grille, covering approximately the top two-thirds of the audio speaker. About the rear of the Oberon 5, you will find a bass-reflex port positioned under 3rd of the loom, and at the very bottom, the solitary cable, banana-plug pleasant link inputs.


Amazing sound and crisp recreation

The Dali Oberon 5 performs an exceptional accomplishment: it provides crisp, clear sound recreation while still preserving a large, complete sound. If you were worried that down-sizing your flooring audio speaker would certainly imply a weak bass reaction and a “smaller sized” sound, boy, have I obtained information for you. My main concern throughout testing these audio speakers in my home was whether my next-door neighbors were most likely to call the police officers. They sound amazing when paying attention to songs, but they also deliver some earth-shattering bass throughout minutes of tremendous stress in tv shows and movies.

For song testing, I began out with Nils Frahm’s cd Screws. It is a solo piano cd tape-taped using a solitary condenser microphone, and it fell leaves in every little imperfection you do not normally listen to in the last tape-taping. You can make out the sound of the hammers striking the strings, and errant creeks as the musician’s foot presses and launches the sustain pedal—at the very least with a good set of audio speakers or earphones you can. The Oberon 5 had no problem bringing all this information right to the front, providing a cozy, intimate paying attention experience that seemed like an online efficiency.

The Oberon 5 isn’t simply for paying attention to fragile piano songs on pensive peaceful early mornings, of course, so next, I went in the opposite instructions and listened to Oliver’s slow, punchy digital songs track Mechanical, and Joe Hertz’ I Owe You. Both of these have very limited, precise bass, and the Oberon 5 handled them easily.

If you intend to use the Oberon 5 in your house theater configuration, I can definitely talk about how happy I was with its efficiency in this role as well. The greatest issue you might come across is that a lot of movies and shows have a remarkable quantity of vibrant range compared with most songs today, so the distinction between whispers and explosions is most likely to be incredibly pronounced. This is wonderful for a precise, immersive paying attention experience and awful for, say, attempting to maintain it down because someone in your house is resting.

Quite high—perhaps detrimentally so

The Dali Oberon 5 can typically be found as a set anywhere from $1099-$1199. There is no chance about it, this isn’t inexpensive for its category, and Dali faces very difficult competitors here. I suppose this should not be extremely unexpected, as these audio speakers also outperform most of their competitors.

Nevertheless, many individuals will be equally as satisfied with the sound and design of among the Oberon 5’s direct competitors, such as the Klipsch RP-5000F or Q Acoustic 3050i. These audio speakers also sound great and are available for numerous bucks much less, but they also take up much more space compared to the Oberon 5.

Last Decision

A small victory of a floor-standing audio speaker.

The Dali Oberon 5 is, inch-for-inch, the best flooring audio speaker I’ve enjoyed paying attention to. The Danish manufacturer has done an amazing job of pairing a beautiful design and outstanding sound with a space-friendly package. That having actually been said, the price is high and some might not be ready to take their budget plans up to satisfy Dali, particularly with an extremely affordable area.