Discover Real Excitement of Video PC Gaming on the Newest Features of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

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Microsoft is currently turning out an amazing new update for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S containing several new features including an actually useful way to invite friends into a game and a way to make online chat a little bit less disturbing. The catch is that some of the features need you to have Xbox Game Pass Utmost, however, you do, don’t you?

The reason Game Pass Utmost is necessary is that the new Jump In With Friends(opens in new tab) feature uses Microsoft’s cloud gaming service. When you’re in a game and you’re doing something specifically amazing you can send a clip to your friends; if they open the clip they can begin playing the same game quickly, or rather quickly at least. They won’t be taken to the exact same spot as they would if you were doing this on yahoo and MSN Stadia, but it’s still pretty nifty.


Another useful, and long-awaited, a feature that’s coming to this update is for both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S: noise suppression for party chats. If like me you find background sounds such as controller clicks, ambient noise, and heavy breathing both distracting and bothersome, your Xbox will be able to silence it. Regretfully there’s no such silencing for friends who are telling actually boring stories, but I live in hope.

This particular feature was announced and went into testing in May, but it’s now turning out to every person. It’s only for the consoles for now, but Microsoft says it’ll be rolling the noise suppression out to other devices in the near future too. With the presence of this new feature, game enthusiasts will be more comfortable playing with friends and of course will get a premium gaming experience.