Edifier M3200: Audiophile Quality for a Less Expensive Computer System Audio Speaker System


Following on from the popular Edifier M3200 multimedia audio speakers, the M3200 currently offers Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connection.

Featuring stylish hourglass satellite audio speakers, a backlit aluminum quantity controller, and an effective below with bass modification.


2.1 stereo with 34W

5½” Subwoofer with bass modification

Hourglass satellite audio speakers

Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connection

Quantity controller with halo light

PC, CD, and AUX inputs

Earphone port on quantity controller


1. Edifier M3200 – Design

The Edifier M3200BT audio speaker system is comprised of 4 separate elements, consisting of 2 satellite audio speakers, a below, and an independent quantity modification unit.

The three-sided satellite audio speakers are 11 inches in elevation and feature a trendy hourglass form. The front face is protected in a soft slim black cloth, while the curved sides have a high-gloss finish. The bases are significant enough to provide security, despite their fairly small impact and soft pads offer a great point of contact.

The wood-enclosed subwoofer stands 9 inches high, has a size of 6 inches, and has a deepness from the front to the rear of 12 inches.

Despite its relatively standard box form, it is finished well with a great blend of shiny surface areas and a cool silver cut to suit the satellite audio speakers.

Whether it is deserving of an area on your work desk depends on individual choice. In my view, a sub-woofer can quite gladly be put off the beaten track under the table. Bass waves are omnidirectional, so unlike mids and highs, a below will spread out sound also if it is down at your feet.

When it comes to the last element of the Edifier M3200, there can be definitely no debate as to where to place it. The halo-lit quantity adjuster with it is machined aluminum rotating call, is for me, the emphasis of this system. Apart from it providing quantity control, an earphone link, and an auxiliary port, it also suggests power and connection conditions.

Anybody old enough to keep in mind the 80s will probably have memories of Hi-Fi systems and record gamers with comparable large aluminum dials on. Cranking up the quantity advises me of being a young boy again, playing with my dad’s stereo. Much like after that, I was obliged to yank the handle off, just this time around I didn’t obtain a clip that rounded the ear for my difficulty.

The overall design and development quality of the Edifier M3200 is outstanding and while the sub-woofer may not win any beauty competitions, the satellites and the quantity unit certainly offset that.


2. Edifier M3200 – Features and Sound

The Bluetooth-allowed subwoofer features a bass modification call on the back of the package. On it is most affordable setting the bass is significantly weak and I doubt anybody would certainly decide to have it that reduced. On the other hand, when the bass is readied to maximum, it’s abundant and deep and appears to hold out well at complete quantity. I will not go as much to say that it is solid enough to shake screws loosened, but it is greater than sufficient, particularly considering the 5½” chauffeur dimension. After a week of testing this audio speaker on a variety of devices, I have the bass call evaluated at about 60%.

Establishing Edifier M3200 is an outright wind. There’s a solitary switch at the back for mains power and a 3.5mm man-to-man phono lead to connect to your PC or sound device.

The satellite audio speakers connect at the back with routine RCA leads and the quantity control connects with what appearances such as a VGA outlet.

Pairing with Bluetooth is simply an issue of choosing the Edifier device from the list of available devices on your mobile phone or tablet computer. The M3200 shows up to constantly remain in the pairing setting, and there’s no switch to push to develop a link.

The overall sound efficiency, considering the dimension of the audio speakers and the price brace, has much surpassed my assumptions. The satellites produce a tidy and precise sound that equilibriums well with the bass from the below woofer.


I have been greatly impressed with the design, development quality, and sound efficiency of the M3200 and suggest them to anybody looking for affordable 2.1 multimedia audio speakers. The enhancement of the BlueTooth connection sets them aside from many various other PC audio speaker systems. Sometimes it is great to step far from the screen and unwind with some songs, the Edifier M3200 makes that feasible.