Fujifilm Instax Small 11: The Best Instant Video Cam for Vintage Snappers


Fujifilm has effectively led the charge the previous years for a go back to the delights and satisfaction of instant cameras. Many thanks to video cams such as the Instax Small 11, it is probably equally as acquainted to today’s millennial generation as other ‘heritage’ brand names such as Photograph.

Introduced in 2020, the Instax Small 11 does not exactly re-invent the wheel – point and fire simpleness is very a lot instant cameras’ raison d’etre besides – so, yes, we can pick this up, and, once we’ve navigated how to load the movie cartridge properly, start using it straightaway. A 10-year-old could do the same – which is why is is among the best video cams for kids.

But whatever your age there’s pure satisfaction and ‘theater’ of its cogs turning noisily and a publish ejecting, the blank sheet gradually and magically exposing a caught pictures. Never ever quite knowing what you will obtain – and needing to delay a min or more to see what you’ve obtained – the expectancy and the awareness is all component of the excitement. And anything that gives us a excitement is something well worth spending for.

Fortunately after that, compared with their electronic equivalents and the newest essential smartphone, instant movie video cams such as the Instax are fairly affordable, production them appropriate for gifting as well as encouraging that impulse purchase.

We were sent out the black variation of the Instax Small 11 – which Fuji itself phone telephone calls ‘charcoal grey’. There are 4 various other light shades available that are definitely more womanly and enjoyable looking. The expectedly plastic-y video cam itself is simply slightly bigger compared to a handbag or purse and, although chunky looking, is softened slightly by its curved sides, while still being mobile enough to squeeze right into a large coat pocket, or shoulder bag, where it can be quickly recovered for that spur-of-the-moment snap.

Key Features

Outcomes from instant video cams have typically been trial and error throughout the years – and yes, unknowning if our picture will be a struck or a dud, particularly with no sneak peek screen provided, belongs to the appeal. Fuji claims to have reduced chances of wasted movie thanks to the Instax Small 11’s on-board auto direct exposure setting, which reads the degree of ambient light when the shutter launch is pushed, enhancing shutter speed and/or blink output accordingly.

Normally there is a small mirror provided beside the lens on this Fuji, thus enabling users to perfect their ‘selfie’ video game. But past that, the video cam provides a selfie setting of kinds by recommending users to take out the front side of the lens after powering the video cam on.

Portraits do appear to be the main ‘focus’, quite literally of this video cam, as a 60mm lens is provided, while an f/12.7 aperture recommends this is one to be used when there is lots of light – however in practice the blink immediately terminates whatever the problems.


Develop and Handling

As mentioned in our intro, the video cam feels and look plastic-y, which is not a surprise considered that this item is inexpensively valued and designed primarily for its user to have enjoyable. It’s, however, commendably durable feeling despite this, particularly with batteries and movie load secured and packed.

The Fuji Instant Small 11 evaluates a workable 293g without batteries, while its measurements are 107.6×121.2×67.3mm. Regarding the previously mentioned selfie setting: You need to draw the edge of the lens ahead quite securely to obtain it to react with a definite ‘clunk’. In time, provided the plastic develop, however, we’re uncertain how well the video cam will withstand duplicated selfies and the eagerness of smaller sized, possibly much less careful, hands.

The Instax Small 11 is powered by 2 routine bog standard AA alkaline batteries that port right into an area on one side; but as ever do make certain there are no spying little fingers that are or else lured to open up the back while the movie cartridge is still packed to change dead cells.

Packing the movie packs is a cinch; all the user needs to do is wed up the yellow line marked on the load with a extension of said line in the ‘belly’ of the video cam itself. A preliminary push of the shutter launch switch ejects the plastic safety cover of any new load, meaning the second fired from chilly is the first that will actually have a picture on it. Up until now, so standard issue.



No one is mosting likely to claim their innovative objective is all-natural looking outcomes when using an instant video cam. The min and a fifty percent wait on ‘instant’ delivery is the selling point here – with photo quality coming second. Certainly, the typically either under-or-over-exposed appearance of an instant publish, the partially out-of-focus outcomes (0.3 metres is the closest you can reach a topic) and that a great deal of the moment the professional digital photographer will not have obtained points 100% perfectly framed is a large component of instant cameras’ naïve appeal.

And here the Fuji Instax 11 Small is no exemption, with its pictures showing all the over peculiarities, while remaining perfectly functional despite this. As with any video cam of its ilk, it is a situation of taking a picture, seeing what has functioned or what hasn’t already, and taking a 2nd fired to try and improve on the first, perhaps by re-framing or by moving right into an area where there’s better light. Most users however will simply more than happy with the immediate ‘aide memoire’ the instant publish provides – we’re not sizing up a DSLR for its purchase potential here besides!

The publish concerned is expelled from the top of the video cam almost as quickly as the blink has terminated – and here it constantly terminates, also in solid sunshine, as there seems no chance to disable it, as we sometimes can on greater finish instant models. Scientific research has found that the instant publish does not develop any much faster if you ‘shake it such as a Photograph picture’, so we need to delay the typical 90 secs for the finished outcome. By the way, the Instax Small 11’s effective blink range depends on an extremely reasonable 2.7 metres, with a 6.5 second delay in between flashes. To be honest, an instant video cam isn’t one for rapid-fire use, so that kind of delay is scarcely mosting likely to be a problem.

To assist users monitor the variety of shots remaining, a respond to is revealed via a porthole kind home window on the video cam back, while we can advise ourselves and inspect there is a movie load packed if we have not used the video cam for some time because a yellow red stripe is also displayed in an identically sized home window further up the video cam back. It is all very ‘old school’, but that lack of elegance is what we’re buying right into.


You will currently know what you are obtaining here without us having to mean it out greater than we have done: sometimes fuzzy, sometimes over-exposed credit card sized prints from a purse-sized video cam for a close to pocket money price. This isn’t by any means an objection, certainly, as the appeal here relaxes in those ‘low fi’ pictures and the camera’s low-tech procedure, production it great for kids particularly that will love having actually instant photos of enjoyable times with their friends to stick in an cd or diary. Sometimes we do not need to re-invent the wheel, and here Fuji has simply stuck to what works. And work perfectly within its self-restricted specifications is exactly what the Instax Small 11 does.