Fujifilm X100V: The Best Video Cam for Road Digital Photography

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Our Fujifilm X100V review takes a look at the newest model of a small video cam that revitalised a whole brand name. The initial Fujifilm FinePix X100 wased initially displayed in 2010; combining a top quality APS-C sensing unit with a fixed 35mm equivalent lens, all housed in a trendy body with vintage manages. The Fujifilm brand name had been going to pieces in the new unpredictability of the electronic digital photography age, but the X100 revealed it the way ahead.

Ever since, the X-series has flourished, including a collection of small and mirrorless video cams and sculpting out a dedicated fanbase of picture and video clip enthusiasts. Through twelve years of development and a great deal of Fuji X video cam launches, there have been 4 successors to the X100, and however points have been improved, included, removed and modified, the basic formula has stayed the same. The Fujifilm X100V (“V” as in 5th) is built about an APS-C sensing unit coupled with a 23mm lens, housed in a retro-style body with dial-based manages.

In this review, we’re mosting likely to take a better appearance at the Fujifilm X100V to find out simply why this formula has functioned so well, and why these video cams have such dedicated followers. It is not just one of the best point-and-shoot video cams, but among the best video cams overall. Let’s dig in and attempt to determine why that’s.


Develop and Handling

The Fujifilm X100V stands apart for how slim it’s. The small account of this video cam makes it ideal for travel, with the 23mm f/2 lens just protruding a percentage from the body. You can slide it right into a large pocket or small bag with no problems, and carry it everywhere with you.

The feel of bring and using among these video cams is simply magic. This right here – this is design. The magnesium alloy body of the X100V, with its aluminium layering, is satisfyingly hefty in the hand without being a task to carry. The 35mm equivalent focal size of the lens is pitch-perfect for road and daily digital photography, catching a charitable view of every scene and allowing you fill the frame for remarkable shots. The fixed point of view forces you to think on the camera’s terms – if you are not shut enough for your topic, you need to move your feet. If you are too shut for your topic – well, you obtain it.

The crossbreed viewfinder can be used as an optical viewfinder with 0.52x zoom, or changed to digital with 3.69 million-dot resolution and 0.66x zoom. After that you’ve also obtained the monitor, which is a touchscreen – a very first for the X100 collection – and rests so purge to the video cam body that you could be forgiven for not realising it can be slanted backwards and forwards. This is perfect for low-angle shots.

Control-wise, there is no four-way D-pad of the type you may be used to seeing on the rear of video cams. Rather, you browse by swiping the touchscreen. But truly, this isn’t a video camera for food selection searching – it is obtained physical manages, and it desires you to use them. There are the top-plate setups dials – with also an ISO call in the design of an old movie SLR, if you such as – and there is a wealth of customisable switches and bars you can set up to control the setups you want. The lens’ focus ring too is customisable – most users will probably have it managing aperture, but it is your party, do as you feel.

Design-wise, we have few real objections of the Fujifilm X100V. If you want a zoom lens, you do not buy this video cam, so there is no sense docking it factors for not having actually one.

Alright, fine, one bugbear – the promoted “weather securing” on the X100V is a little bit of smoke and mirrors, since the video cam isn’t actually fully weather sealed unless you have a individually bought adapter ring and safety filter. On a video camera that is currently on the pricey side, this is a bit annoying.



The picture quality of the X100V is simply great. Especial factors go particularly to the out-of-camera JPEGs, which have constantly been a stamina of Fujifilm. It makes good sense – this is an extremely “in the minute” video cam, so greater than a couple of users prefer the immediacy of JPEGs to the post-shot playing of RAW. Of course, for those that take part, the RAW efficiency of the X100V is also excellent, and allows you to obtain back a great deal of information in highlights and darkness.

The colour performance right from video cam is typically excellent, with true-to-life tones of human topics particularly. Experimenting with Fujifilm’s excellent movie simulation settings is a continuous resource of enjoyable too, and a great way to give your pictures an unique vintage appearance.

Fujifilm has intended to fix a couple of objections of previous X100 video cams such as the X100T and X100F – specifically the slow autofocus, and that the 23mm lens is susceptible to a bit gentleness when used close-up and/or wide open up. The X100V’s lens, totally revamped, is noticeably sharper compared to predecessors’ when used at close-range. The autofocus does a better job too; it is not as super-smooth as you had find with some of Fuji’s mirrorless X lenses, but there is a limitation to what’s literally feasible with a pocketable f/2 lens such as this. It’ll be definitely fine for most purposes.

Battery life is beefed up too. The Fujifilm X100V is CIPA ranked to 420 shots if you are using the optical finder, and 350 if you are using the digital variation. Keep in mind that CIPA scores are pretty conservative, so actually you will probably have more compared to that. In real-world problems, I found that it would certainly obtain most of the way through a day’s shooting. It is well worth bringing an extra battery, however you might not wind up requiring it.

Video Clip

Video-wise, the Fujifilm X100V is remarkably piled for a fixed-focal-length video cam. It can record 4K Log video video in 8-bit 4:2:0, and if you hook it up to an outside recorder this can be updated to 10-bit 4:2:2. A current firmware upgrade enabled the integrated ND filter to be used for video clip, and there is a 2.5mm jack for connecting in a mic.

However, it is not likely to be anyone’s choice for a primary camera. There is no in-body picture stabilisation, so you will need a gimbal of some type if you want to fire on the move. Additionally, the X100V has some pretty ruthless tape-taping limits – 10 mins for 4K, 15 mins for Complete HD. For fast grabs, or perhaps as an additional video cam, it’ll get the job done, but there are significantly more versatile and flexible options at this price point for vloggers and videographers. Inspect our our overviews of the best video cams for vlogging and the best camcorders to see our top picks.


In its way, the Fujifilm X100V is perfect. It is designed to be a fantastic, take-everywhere road video cam, and it fulfils that function in excellent style. It improves a winning formula that is been functioning since 2010, and corrects some of the defects of previous variations without radically reinventing the wheel.

The just points I’d truly explain as defects or disadvantages of the X100V are points that are baked right into the facility, such as its lack of a zoom lens. It’s slightly strange when it comes to video clip – the high-spec video clip on the X100V really feels both incredibly premium and a little bit of an afterthought – but I’m mosting likely to wager that most of individuals salivating over this video cam today are stills professional digital photographers foremost, and probably do not care.

Its nearest rival is perhaps the Ricoh GR III, which shares that winning mix of a fixed 35mm equivalent lens and an APS-C sensing unit, but does not have a viewfinder. At the various other finish of the range, there is the definitely superb Leica Q2, which provides among the best shooting experiences of any small video cam ever made, but costs more money compared to god.

Everybody likes the Fujifilm X100V, and this does imply that it has stubbornly held into its worth in the years since its initial launch. This is a four-figure video cam when bought new, and also pre-owned variations go for not away that. If you can validate this cash investment, and you want this video cam, take my advice and simply go all out. You’ll definitely love it.