Harman Kardon Soundsticks 4: Great Sound for the Artistic Group


The Harman Kardon SoundStick stereo is famous. I will not enter into information, but back in 2000 at the Worldwide Developers Conference, Jony Ive, after that Apple’s vice head of state of commercial design, functioned with Harman Kardon to develop the SoundSticks stereo. It consisted of 2 audio speakers and a subwoofer. The highlight of the system is a totally clear situation.

As the name suggests, SoundSticks 4 is the 4th variation of this model. The second variation was evaluated by Sergey Kuzmin currently in 2010, but the 3rd one in some way passed us by.

Each model received small design changes but stayed advanced and uncommon. In my opinion, the new, 4th, variation has become a bit simpler compared with the previous SoundSticks, but more practical, easier, and of better quality. Additionally, there’s support for a cordless link via Bluetooth.

I such as this stereo because it’s made in white (my workplace is decorated in light shades, I shop devices in white), comes from a widely known company and costs fairly adequate money. The outcome is a beautiful set with a widely known name.

Incidentally, finding white audio speakers isn’t easy carrying out, particularly if you need an A-brand and small measurements that will not be opposed to sound quality. You can write in the remarks a design of sound systems with comparable specifications.

It should be comprehended that SoundSticks 4 isn’t a mobile system, it is related to a 220 V network, related to a PC using a 3.5 mm sound cable television or via Bluetooth. In theory, can be used as a soundbar 21


Power: 140W (total RMS)

Woofer size: 5.25 inches

Audio speaker size: 1.4 inches

Regularity reaction: 40 Hz – 20 kHz

Weight: 4.4KG

Audio speaker measurements: 27×4.5×5 centimeters stand 8.3 centimeters

Dimension “saba”: 27cm elevation and 21cm size

Components of delivery


Power line

User’s manual


Warranty card



The stereo is composed of 2 audio speakers and a subwoofer reminiscent of Mood Workshop 3. The last audio speaker is an artwork, an extremely stylish point, and the sound quality is past praise.

Both SoundSticks 4 audio speakers are almost totally clear, unlike the SoundSticks 3, where you can still see the audio speaker links, their form, and kind, see the “below” stuffing, and a lot more.

It’s most likely that Karman Kardon’s designers removed some of the components in the situations, and because of that, the aesthetics of the SoundSticks deteriorate in time. I’ve seen these systems with oxidized cables and corroded steel on the audio speakers. Or, perhaps, the idea was totally various.

One way or another, the legs of both audio speakers, audio speaker situations, cable television networks, and also the internal component of the “below” are nontransparent.

Both audio speakers are mounted on level rounded columns with a somewhat concave form. The mount appears cool and is designed as a slim tube connecting the main body to the stand. The framework is fixed, you cannot change the angle of disposition or turn. On the upright, you can see the inscription SOUNDSTICKS 4.

The audio speaker pill is made of clear plastic. On the front side, it’s sloping and smooth, and on the back side on the inside it’s embossed.

Each of the 4 audio speakers has a white plastic edge and is protected by an extremely slim plastic fit together on top. As much as I understand, the SoundSticks 3’s audio speakers were protected by large rounded openings in the “tube” body. It appears to me that such a service is more practical compared to a slim plastic fit together in SoundSticks 4. I have not evaluated it for stamina, but it is very frightening to unintentionally damage through the fit together because the “marketable” look will be shed immediately.

The loudspeakers are “packed” in translucent “cocoons”, and you cannot see the interior wiring. The audio speakers are held to each other by white plastic layers connected to an upright stand.

Near the bottom of the leg, there’s a rubberized material for greater security.

Incidentally, initially glimpse it appears that the framework with the audio speakers is light and ventilated, but in truth, each of them evaluates 600 grams!

White cable televisions with a density of about 4 mm prolong from the shelves. They have an RCA connect (tulip) at completion.

The subwoofer almost totally duplicates Mood Workshop 3: a large closed-top light bulb with a nontransparent white plastic edge.

The interior framework of the elements isn’t noticeable, as a matte “tent” with an opening inside is “extended” from over. A truncated cone extends from this opening, at completion and there’s a steel system with polished edging.

There have to do with 30 LEDs under the system, which light up in a circle depending upon the set quantity degree. In the standby setting, the “garland” doesn’t light up, consisting throughout the song’s playback. In brief, it doesn’t sidetrack from work.

Under the subwoofer, you can see a white radiator diffuser.



They lie on the rear of the subwoofer.

The convex device on/off switch

AUX 3.5 mm for connecting to a PC using cable television. There’s no cable television consisted of, which is rather unfortunate.

2 RCA (female) audio speaker outcomes

Solution connector micro USB

Power connector

About Sound

Each shelf includes 4 1.4-inch drivers. The subwoofer is equipped with a 5.25 “chauffeur.

Power inning accordance with the ticket: 5 W for each audio speaker and 100 W for each subwoofer. Normally, this is the ranked load. The resistance of the “below” is 2 Ohms. The total regularity range is 40 Hz – 20 kHz.

Obviously, before you Mood Workshop 3, “split” right into 3 components. Just there were 6 audio speakers of 40 mm, and here 8 of 35 mm. The woofer is either the same or a bit more literally a couple of millimeters.

The sound experience of the Harman Kardon SoundSticks 4 is exactly the like the sound of the Mood Workshop 3, to the tiniest information.

The first point you notice is deep radio frequencies. If you use the equalizer on sound equipment, after that you can eject a couple of more hertz (from 40 Hz by ear). In Mood Workshop 3, it appears to me, that the bass is also lower – from 20 Hz.

The “lows” of SoundSticks 4 are pleasant, not squashing, not ringing. They are covering, soft, voluminous, and without rattling. Yes, there are many of them, some may not such as it, but I love this sound with a predominance of radio frequencies.

The mids are accurate, particularly the top mids. Simply because of both audio speaker stands. However, the top bass and lower mids fail slightly. The man components sound a bit muffled, but with the female components, everything is simply fine. For instance, on the Marilyn Manson track “Individual Jesus” the singer is listened to well, but not very expressively. But in “Do It So” by Linda – everything is very.

Top highs are transmitted reasonably and restrainedly. Usually, I increased them a bit, that’s, the very “hi-hat”. Generally, SoundSticks 4 does an outstanding job of communicating the sound of the guitar, violin, saxophone, flute, drums, and cymbals; even worse – with a piano.

Consequently, unlike Mood Workshop 3, the new item transfers radio frequencies a bit even worse: 20 Hz versus 40 Hz. However, the stereo scenic view is a lot wider because of the spaced audio speakers. This is where the distinctions finish.

I such as this layout: those that wanted the sound of Mood Workshop 3 for PC can currently purchase SoundSticks 4. Additionally, there’s still the opportunity of connecting a mobile phone via Bluetooth to a stereo.


Every time I take a seat on my computer system, my eye thrills in the interior many thanks to the Harman Kardon SoundSticks 4 installed on the desktop computer. I think the SoundSticks collection was produced for exactly this: visual enjoyment. This is a truly beautiful device that’s not ashamed to be revealed both in pictures and video clips.

In regards to sound, everything is excellent here. But you should understand that this isn’t a pure home audio speaker system. In truth, they are advanced computer system audio speakers for watching movies and songs.

For those looking for beautiful acoustics for their study, room or hall, have a look at the Harman Kardon Mood Workshop 3 – this is some type of space.

In white, there are a few wired and Bluetooth 2.1 computer system audio speakers. I have not found any direct rivals.

And if we consider the acoustics of 2.0 white, after that you can find a lot of options. But this is often without Bluetooth and a subwoofer. Additionally, they’ll be made in the classic kind of body.

Therefore, the Harman Kardon SoundSticks 4 stereo appearances are ideal for PC, iMac, MacBook, Home windows laptop computers,s or also as external audio speakers for TV.