Honor Earbuds 3 Pro: Really the AirPods Options for Android Proprietors


The HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro are HONOR’s new front runner really cordless earbuds. HONOR did a great job with previous iterations of its earbuds, however most of those targeted at a totally various market section. With a price of €200, they’re basically going for the premium market. So, our assumptions are greater because of that. Do the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro deliver enough strike to validate such a price? Well, they are great, but not perfect.

In the vast bulk of ways, HONOR did an incredible job with the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro. These earbuds, looter alert, offer great design, and sound, but not everything is perfect, however. I’ve had problems with one specific component that I didn’t anticipate having problems with… the touch sensing units. We will talk more about that in the future, however. Simply to be perfectly clear, I’ve used these earbuds in tandem with the Msn and yahoo Pixel 4a, Vivo X60 Pro+, and HONOR Magic4 Pro. Another point, the temperature level monitoring feature isn’t a component of the global variation of these earbuds. Let’s begin the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro review by discussing the design.


Nice-looking, Small & Quality-feeling

The HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro are among my favorite earbuds when it comes to design. The situation is truly small, but it has a large enough battery in it. It does not feel inexpensive at all, as also the clasp on top is well-made. There’s a condition LED on the front, which will inform you of the condition of the situation itself. Red, yellow, and green shades are available for battery condition, depending upon how a lot charge you have left. It will also indicate when you are billing the situation, and blink in a white color if you press them right into the pairing setting. That is something you can do by holding the switch on the side of the situation, a solitary switch. Currently, within the situation is another LED condition light, which will show you the charge condition of the earbuds themselves.

They Have a Brief Stem, and They’re Quite Light

Having actually said that the earbuds themselves are quite small. The stem is brief, and they do advise us of the Apple AirPods Pro. That opts for the design generally, and that is an advantage. I evaluated the gray-colored earbuds, however, you can obtain the white ones as well. I thought that the glossy color on the earbuds will irritate me, but it didn’t, it actually appeared great in this grey package. The situation itself is matte, however, which is something I valued tremendously. Originating from the Huawei FreeBuds 4, I really valued the non-shiny billing situation, as it didn’t gather fingerprints.


You will Obtain Several Ear Tips in a Package, of Various Dimensions

In the package, you will also obtain 3 various dimensions of ear tips. Well, one is installed on the earbuds, the medium dimension. You do have the small and large ones as well, however. In various other words, you will have the ability to find your in shape, well, most of you’ll be. The earbuds themselves are also quite light (5.1 grams without a suggestion). The situation evaluates 42.6 grams without earbuds, incidentally. Once you find the right shape, you should not have a problem maintaining them in your ears, also while you are operating or doing something comparable.

Touch Sensing Units are not Great

This is my greatest, and practically just complaint when it comes to the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro. Sadly, it is an instead significant one, for me directly. There’s a touch sensing unit on each of both earbuds. They don’t work as I expected, however. I found that they’re either too small or otherwise receptive enough. I find myself needing to double-tap several times to get the sound to play/pause. That’s tremendously annoying, needless to say. I depend on that particular activity a great deal, when I quit speaking with someone on the road, when I’m at a shop, and so forth.

They’re Small so they Could belong to the Problem

The sensing units are literally quite small, so that may have something to do with it. It is quite strange, however, because swipe backward and forward motions work as you had anticipated. I can easily use those sensing units to lower or increase quantity, but when it comes to double-tap activity, they simply do not work properly. I often need to do it a variety of times and tap on them with a little bit of force. Needless to say, that can destabilize earphones when they’re in your ear. The place of that sensing unit is okay, however, as you are not touching under the component of the stem. I wish they functioned better, however.

Touch Sensing Unit Problems could be Fixed via Software

This may be simply a software problem, because swipe backward and forward motions work great. So, there is a possibility that HONOR will fix this via a software upgrade, but throughout my testing, that didn’t occur.

HONOR’s Buddy Application is Great

In purchase to personalize the way the touch sensing unit on these earbuds works, you will need to download and install HONOR’s application for Android. The name is AI Space, and it is just like Huawei’s application, actually. You will have the ability to modify the activities on the touch sensing units, but just to a specific level. You will also have the ability to see which devices are registered for the link, as these earbuds can be connected to greater than one device at the same time. You will also have the ability to switch between routine setting, ANC, and understanding setting via this application. Overall, it is a great and useful application.

The Sound You will Obtain here’s Really Excellent

So, do these earbuds sound great? They are earbuds beside. Well, yes, they do, they actually offer excellent sound quality. These earbuds come with the world’s first coaxial dual-driver design. They have an 11mm vibrant chauffeur and piezoelectric ceramic tweeter. To cut the lengthy tale brief, this is built so that they radiate sound from the same point. In addition to that, the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro consist of Bluetooth 5.2.

Sharp Vocals, Wide Soundstage

The sound originating from these earbuds is excellent, to say the very least. I was a little bit surprised, I will not exist. The soundstage is wide and extensive, and the sound intensity is excellent. The singing quality in tunes is excellent, at the very least compared with a great deal of various other TWS earphones I’ve used. The sound is also well-balanced in between lows, mids, and highs, and you will also notice some bass in addition to everything, which isn’t something we see often in really cordless earbuds.

The HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro Can take on the Best out there

I was using the Huawei FreeBuds 4 before this review, and those earbuds were excellent when it comes to sound. The HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro are comparable, at the minimum, otherwise better in some ways. In truth, I find the intensity to get on a greater degree, and the soundstage is also an enhancement. That’s a testimony to these earbuds, to be quite honest, as the Huawei FreeBuds 4 were some of the best really cordless earbuds I’ve ever used… sound-wise.

Various ANC Settings go to Your Disposal

You can choose in between routine, ANC, and understanding settings either by using the touch sensing units on the earbuds themselves, or HONOR’s Android application. In truth, you can also personalize sound terminating, if you want. There are smart, cozy, moderate, and extremely noise-canceling accounts at your disposal. If you choose the ‘ultra’ one, you will obtain great ANC, however, there is just a lot of sound you can maintain without having actually proper over-ear earphones, so maintain that in mind. Shuffle through the accounts and see which one you such as best. The understanding setting readies, but it is not the best I’ve listened to. It will get the job done, however.

Great Battery Life & Fast Billing

The battery life is also something HONOR did right here. I can’t truly say how a lot of battery you will obtain, as there are a lot of specifications, but I had lots. I was using these earbuds for days until they required a fee. HONOR claims you can obtain 6 hrs of playback with ANC off, and 4 with ANC on, for each earbud. Those numbers reach 24 and 16 hrs, specifically, if you matter in the billing situation. This does appear possible based on my testing, and that is greater than most individuals will need.

Cordless Billing is also Sustained

You can also charge these earbuds instead fast. For a complete charge (of each earbud), the billing situation will take about thirty minutes. That is okay at all. It’ll take you 1 hr to charge the billing situation itself if you are using cable television. It goes a little bit slower if you do not, as 2.5W cordless billing is sustained. The point is, that you have options, and the billing is decently fast, for certain. Overall, I do not have any grievances about battery life or billing.

The HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro are Easy to Suggest

So, are the HONOR Earbuds 3 Pro well worth the cash? Well, €200 is a great deal of money for a set of earbuds. Considering that I typically have just one complaint here, which the sound is excellent, I’d say they are. If HONOR handles improve the double-tap motion, these earbuds will be excellent overall. I loved using them, and there is a high chance I’ll proceed doing so until I reach review another thing in this domain name. HONOR did a really great job with these earbuds.