HP Omen 15 (2021) : Affordable Video PC Gaming with Piece de Resistance


While HP’s video pc gaming laptop computers have not constantly hit the note, the HP Omen 15 (1007na) is a strong entrance right into the present slimline pattern. While still packing a couple of extra pounds, this machine is a lot more structured and developed compared to previous iterations, and while some smaller-sized niggling design choices are frustrating on the perimeter, there are lots to commemorate in the overall experience here.

I invested a couple of weeks with the HP Omen 15, and dug out my rustic old 2018 Omen to contrast some changes, placing it through its speeds with the newest video games and some everyday work. When I first obtained my practical HP Omen, these devices just weren’t great. From average efficiency to a huge blocky design that takes up fifty percent of a work desk on its own, this line hasn’t already exactly had an easy time of it.

However, after spending some time with the new version, it is easy to see that the trends have transformed, with a smaller-sized form factor and excellent CPU handling bringing it much shut to the best video pc gaming laptop computers on the marketplace today.



The HP Omen 15 is very a lot following the pattern of slimline video pc gaming laptop computers that eschews the angular designs and mass of previous iterations for a much more refined visual. With a small lower fifty percent making up a simple keyboard (there is no Numpad) and large touchpad and a simple ruby Omen logo design on the rear of the matte black outside, this is a toned-down machine that would certainly in shape in at a workplace equally as well as it would certainly in an RGB-clad configuration.

That framework provides a durable frame with no jump or flex in the keyboard plate or on either side of the touchpad. However, there’s a significant bend to the screen which wobbles on the joint quite easily. That is not a significant concern – this machine is available for under $1300 / £1300 with some outstanding elements under the hood – but does demonstrate how the products used to earn this machine so slim aren’t one of the most strong in business.

Still, there is a strong joint in between both halves that holds the weight of the main board when opening up well.

Strangely, HP has put the power switch along the top paddle of the keyboard, perilously shut to the erase key. While I never ever had any problems with unintentional presses placing the machine to rest it did take some obtaining used to and made me miss out on the simpler dedicated space on previous models.

Power up the HP Omen 15, however, and you will instantly spot four-zone RGB throughout the main keyboard. These LEDs aren’t quite as strong as RGB illumination on various other devices, and provide more of a light tone, particularly in the sunshine (however they do still stand up well in more vibrant problems).

It is well worth keeping in mind that the Omen evaluates at 2.46 kg, so while slimline there is still some significant heft to this device. For recommendation, the MSI Stealth 15M evaluates at simply 1.67kg with a comparable form factor.


Among one of the most noteworthy features of the HP Omen 15 is its gorgeous 1440p 165Hz display. It is qualified of creating an especially crisp picture, with the quality also visible on home displays and desktop computer symbol text. With deep, abundant blacks and great color handling, there are lots to admire here and motion is especially smooth at 165Hz as well.

That display is still a bit shiny, so there was a little bit of shine in more vibrant illumination problems. However, it is among the best-looking laptop computers I’ve seen in a while once the lights were a bit dimmer.

The keyboard is stylish and receptive, feeling great in the hand however significantly much less clicky compared to my older model. Still, there was a super-fast return rate here and a rewarding attack with a brief travel time that made moving throughout the board feel even more all-natural.

I balanced a WPM of 87 on the HP Omen, with a 98.6% precision. That is pretty outstanding considering my average on the super-fast HyperX Alloy Beginnings 60 is 91.3 WPM with 96.3% precision, which model nudges the best video pc gaming key-boards in efficiency, in addition to it is my everyday chauffeur with lots of muscle memory baked in. The wide touchpad features a smooth soft finish and really feels great to use, with a receptive tap and simply the right degree of resistance beneath the main clicks as well. Of course, you will most likely be using among the best video pc gaming computer mouse options throughout video pc gaming, so this is left for work use.

Omen Video pc gaming Workshop is baked right in still and offers a very clean incurable for all your presets, key-board illumination, and installed video games. Rejuvenated from the Omen Regulate Centre of previous iterations, this is an especially user-friendly item of software. I love that HP has eliminated the ‘spy’ visual that so many devices paint over the top of their integrated software, rather than offering a variety of simple food selections.

Those operating mobile devices with Android Marshmallow and iOS 13 can also make use of the Remote Play feature, a program that casts your gameplay to an additional device. While a bit laggy, it worked well in my testing, but I do not truly see a particular use situation considering you will need to get on the same WiFi link to obtain a possibility of having fun. This is a function definitely best put on HP’s video pc gaming PCs.


The HP Omen was incredibly peaceful throughout daily jobs and also lighter video pc gaming. Those followers did kick right into equipment throughout one of the most requiring minutes, but the whirring never ever outstayed its invite, and I didn’t notice any especially worrying temperature level climbs up. If you are worried, however, the best video pc gaming headsets can easily obstruct that extra sound out. That was a bit unexpected considering these less expensive slimline laptop computers often lack the interior cooling frameworks to maintain their small insides at an appropriate temperature level. The CPU is extremely efficient here, however, operating very fast throughout daily work and play.

The autumnal tones of Life Is Unusual: Real Shades looked gorgeous on the QHD screen, with shades standing out throughout the community and smooth history movements, darkness, and outlining throughout my travels. The display panel made every video game feel a bit more vibrant, offering up a very bright picture but sometimes compromising clearness for comparison in more cluttered scenes.

I often press my old 2018 Omen too much when packing up bigger Planet Coaster jobs, but this model handles also one of the most largely packed locations with aplomb, just truly beginning to feel the strangle when the park is definitely filled with moving visitors. The outlining and illumination were especially outstanding here, however.

When it concerned much faster activity sequences, points kicked up a scratch. Video games such as Ruin Eternal and Apex Tales gave the followers something to emulate, and sometimes dropped a significant variety of frameworks when the system had not been readied to focus on efficiency over all else. I try out operating these titles on battery power and it is obvious that this wasn’t the intended use situation. While playable, it is very a lot suggested to maintain an electrical outlet nearby.

The frame prices appearing of this machine will not rival some of the more premium options, but still hit 60fps when I paid more focus on visual aspects that just weren’t as necessary as a smooth picture. This is a less expensive RTX 3060 laptop computer, but there is still a Ryzen 7 5800H cpu inside and a great quantity of RAM as well. It was a bit disappointing to have to earn sacrifices to get to 60fps on video games such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and City Exodus, but these are more requiring titles and the RTX 3060 is still at the ‘lower’ finish of the 30-series range. Darkness of the Burial place Raider and The Department 2 ran far better (however some bit impacts were compromised in the last).

It is also well worth mentioning that, while you are obtaining a 1440p display here, more extreme titles run far better at 1080p, so conserve your super-resolution for specific video games, work, and binge-watching.

Should you buy the HP Omen 15?

The newest HP Omen 15 revamp certainly brings the line right into the visual of today’s most popular devices. While you are not obtaining the straight-out efficiency of some of the best Alienware video pc gaming laptop computers such as the Alienware M15 R6, you are not spending for it. Rather, you are obtaining a slimline machine with a beautiful screen that really feels tailor-made for 1080p-1440p video pc gaming. That $1,350 MSRP really feels a bit high considering the Asus TUF Dash F15 often packs an RTX 3070 card right into that price. However, the screen technology on here may conserve the day if you play slower, more tactical titles.

If you are looking to obtain access to those Extremely setups with a dependable outcome, however, we’d suggest picking out an RTX 3070 laptop computer (these setups are typically $150 more). Of course, you will be spending a great deal more, but the best efficiency will be found in premium RTX 3080 laptop computers.