HP Pavilion Aero 13 : Best Slim Laptop in its Course


“I’m looking for an affordable Home windows laptop computer for doing basic jobs, but it needs to last greater than a couple of years. What should I obtain?” It is a sensible question and one I obtain constantly. My answer is usually the HP Envy 13. It costs much less compared to $1,000 yet acts such as a costs note pad.

While I wait for that answer, those looking to conserve much more money (specced for your liking, the Envy 13 can obtain alarmingly shut to a grand) should go with the HP Structure Aero 13. Yes, another HP — at this rate, the company is shut to owning the “sub-$1K” Home windows market.

It may not feel as premium as its more expensive family members, but the Structure Aero 13 is equally as qualified. Equipped with AMD Ryzen chips, the Aero can contend in an efficiency fight versus note pads setting you back two times as a lot. But isn’t simply about the raw power Going along with its qualified engine is a brilliant and vivid 13.3-inch display, solid battery life, and a choice of ports you do not typically see nowadays. There are concessions, as holds true with any traditional laptop computer, but they hardly appear well worth mentioning provided everything the Aero 13 brings at this price.

HP Structure Aero 13 price and setups

Looking for a sub-$1,000 laptop computer with good specifications can appear futile, but the Structure Aero might help you along your trip. At $629 for a config with a 1920 x 1200-pixel LCD display, an AMD Ryzen 5 CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD, the base Aero 13 should please most customers.

Power users on a budget plan should update to the $799 model we evaluated, which flaunts an AMD Ryzen 7 5800U CPU, 16GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD.

HP Structure Aero 13 design


The saying “You obtain what you spend for” enters your mind as I look uninterestedly at the confidential design of Structure Aero 13. Compared with the Spectre, the Aero looks like the little sibling that obtains out-of-fashion hand-me-downs while his brother or sister flaunts the newest clothes. It starts with the logo design. On the cover, you will find the meek, round HP branding — not one of the most hostile slanty ones on Spectre laptop computers.

I could quit there because the Aero isn’t also vanilla; it is the unflavored greek yogurt of laptop computers. Alas, it’s my job to explain the nondescript. And keeping that, the Aero is a decently sized 13-inch clamshell laptop computer made of a single-colored magnesium alloy. If you want some flavor, you can switch the silver covering on our review unit with either gold or increased gold (a deserving $15 upcharge).

Maintaining pricing in mind, I should praise the slim (but plastic) bezels bordering the Aero 13’s display, and I prefer these color-matched keys to whatever Apple was thinking with the 14-inch MacBook Professional. Also, the fingerprint reader on the deck is perhaps the best functional goodie HP brought to this affordable notepad. It quickly and reliably registered my publish, removing the need for me to produce and undoubtedly forget a password.

But enough about appearances because the design is all about mobility. As mentioned, the Aero 13 is made completely of magnesium alloy, a material lighter compared to lightweight aluminum but more powerful compared to plastic. By choosing this specific ore, HP maintained the weight of the Aero 13 to simply over 2 extra pounds. Forget the numbers, this point really feels hollow, as if HP forgot to put elements inside.

At 11.7 x 8.2 x 0.67 inches and 2.2 extra pounds, the Aero 13 is significantly lighter compared to the Envy 13 (12.1 x 7.7 x 0.7 inches, 2.9 extra pounds) and also evaluates in listed below the Acer Quick 3 (12.7 x 8.4 x 0.6 inches, 2.6 extra pounds) and Asus ZenBook 13 UX325EA (11.9 x 8 x 0.5 inches, 2.5 extra pounds).

HP Structure Aero 13 ports


I connected a computer mouse via a 2.4-GHz USB dongle and my external keyboard to the Aero 13 many thanks to the double USB 3.0 Type-A ports split on each side.

Fitting these traditional ports right into the Aero 13 required some smart design through a drop-jaw joint. Inserting the cable can be fiddly, but it is well worth the small hassle.

Also on the Aero 13 is an HDMI port and USB-C port left wing and an earphone jack on the right. Except for an SD card reader, this budget notepad should cover your I/O needs.

HP Structure Aero 13 display

As others transfer to bigger panels, HP maintains the 13.3-inch display to life on the Aero 13 but modernizes it with a 16:10 aspect proportion. The boxier form means a more upright viewing location for scrolling down internet web pages or writing records.

At this moment, I’m still looking for the concessions you often find in budget items. Usually, with less expensive laptop computers, edges are cut on the display — so many devices go through my work desk boasting effective efficiency destroyed by god-awful panels. This, I’m enthused to say, dollars the pattern.

The Aero’s 13.3-inch, 1920 x 1200-pixel IPS display is amongst the best I’ve seen at this price. It is sharp, bright, and colorful — everything you want while watching a movie with more phenomenon compared to the plot.

The discolored, light shades of the trendy ’90s button-up shirt worn by the lead personality in Licorice Pizza were accurately caught on the Aero’s screen. In a couple of scenes, later on, the glowing green, red, and orange hues of discolored glass proved that Aero can produce punchy, filled shades. And the screen is a lot detailed — I could see the relatable acne on the face of these teenagers as well as individual fragments of glass being up to the flooring after Bradley Cooper goes apeshit on some car home windows.

Just comparable to this display, HP is billing just $30 more to update to a sharper 2560 x 1600-resolution panel. We defendant a small hit to endurance, but provided the Aero 13’s strong battery life (more on that particular below), the extra pixels might deserve it.

Our colorimeter shows the Structure Aero 13’s display to be more vibrant and more vivid compared to those on contending laptop computers. The Aero protected 85% of the DCI-P3 color range whereas the Envy 13 (80%), Quick 3 (73%), and ZenBook 13 (76%) dropped simply briefly, however, all covered the category average (72%).

For illumination, the Aero 13 peaked at 451 nits, outshining the Envy 13 (361 nits), Quick 3 (300 nits), ZenBook 13 (370 nits), and the average (310 nits).

HP Structure Aero 13 keyboard and touchpad


Sometimes unremarkable is better compared to various. It is why I’m perfectly happy with the Aero 13’s standard Chiclet-style keyboard. This is the kind of laptop computer you can begin inputting on right from the package without production any mistakes. The keys are properly sized and spaced, and there’s good travel for a notepad of this dimension. Hunt-and-peck typists, however, might take issue with the color-matched keys because it can be challenging to see the clear font style in certain illumination.

I typed at an expeditious 112 words each min at a 95% precision rate on the 10fastfingers.com inputting test. That is fast by my requirements, covering my 109-wpm average.

Oh, HP. Say goodbye to plastic, I plead with you. Alright, so this touchpad, while small (4.5 x 2.5 inches) and, erm, not made of the right material, works simply fine. I had not a problem using it through a complete week of work, flicking down internet web pages, or using Home windows 10 motions. However, my fingers dragged on its plastic surface greater than they would certainly on a glass one. I can’t imagine that update setting you back HP, or customers for that issue, greater than a couple of dollars, so let’s quit this silliness.

HP Structure Aero 13 sound

Previously, I said the Aero 13 really felt hollow. I’m happy it does not sound this way. While they will not strike you away, the Bang & Olufsen-tuned configuration pumped out clear, balanced jams. When paying attention to Tora’s “Swamped,” the double bottom-firing drivers deftly managed the boops and beeps of the digital tones as the lead singer’s skyrocketing vocals took facility phase. Bear in mind that these aren’t the loudest so you might want to spend on proper computer system audio speakers for room-filling sound.

HP Structure Aero 13 efficiency

Not lengthy back, I would certainly have winced at the view of an AMD cpu. Currently red is among my favorite shades. The Aero 13 shows why. Equipped with an AMD Ryzen 7 5800U CPU with 16GB of RAM, this reasonably valued note pad had not a problem accommodating my typical work, which is composed of having actually no less compared to 25 Msn and yahoo Chrome tabs open up at perpetuities. Having fun with YouTube Songs, watching YouTube video clips, and picture modifying in Fondness Picture didn’t appear to trouble the Aero 13, which quickly packed internet web pages, introduced applications, and exported pictures.

The Structure Aero 13 landed an outstanding 5,876 on the Geekbench 5.4 overall efficiency criteria, placing it in advance of the Envy 13 (4,930, Core i5-1135G7), Quick 3 (5,864, Core i7-1165G7), and the ZenBook 13 (5,032. Core i7-1165G7). It obliterated the category average of 4,467.

If that had not been outstanding enough, the Structure Aero 13 sprinted previous the others in our video clip transcoding test, transforming a 4K clip to 1080p in simply 9 mins and 5 secs. That dexterity nearly reduces the Envy 13 (17:29) and ZenBook 13’s (17:51) times by fifty percent, and conserves you several mins compared to the Quick 3 (12:59). The category average for traditional laptop computers is 15:08.

Affordable laptop computers are frequently equipped with the slowest hard disk drives, so it is nice to see the Aero 13’s 512GB M.2 NVMe SSD move a 25GB multimedia file in simply 53 secs at a price of 503.4 megabytes each second. While not as expeditious as the Quick 3 (538.2 MBps, 512GB PCIe SSD) nor ZenBook 13 (4,407 MBps, M.2 PCIe 3.0 SSD), the Aero surpassed its brother or sister, the Envy 13 (415.6 MBps, M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD). It did, however, disappoint the category average of 545.4 MBps.

HP Structure Aero 13 video

There’s very little to see here. As expected, the ultra-portable Aero 13 depends on the incorporated Radeon Video. This means having actually enough video oomph to use programs tailored towards creatives and operating light-weight video games at reduced setups — but very little else. So please, do not try having fun with Halo Unlimited on the Aero 13. For that, we suggest a video gaming laptop computer.

You might run right into some lag when having fun video games at also medium setups as we did when operating Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Tornado at 1080p. The Aero played the turn-based strategy video game at 26 frameworks each second, dropping simply except our 30-fps limit. It dropped in between the Envy 13 (18 fps), Zenbook 13 (24 fps), and the Quick 3 (38 fps), a triad of laptop computers with Intel Iris Xe video.

HP’s competitor didn’t do so well in the 3DMark Terminate Strike artificial criteria test, racking up a lowly 3,182. It cannot find the podium, going down listed below the Envy 13 (3,709), Quick 3 (5,162), and Zenbook 13 (4,407). The average (3,699) for the category is also greater.

HP Structure Aero 13 battery life

Battery life averages are enhanced as chips become more efficient. While the Aero 13 does not raise the bench, it at the very least lands in the “greater than appropriate” range at 10 hrs and 32 mins on a fee based upon our Laptop computer Mag Battery Test (continuous internet browsing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits).

This would certainly normally be deemed a success for the Aero 13, but its competitors, the Envy 13 (11:15), Quick 3 (14:48), and ZenBook 13 (13:47), are also better marathon joggers. At the very least the Aero 13 covered the average (10:26), also if it was a picture finish.

HP Structure Aero 13 webcam

No, it had not been drizzling in the climbing up fitness center where I broke the listed below selfie. All that mushy, grainy structure you see because a picture is an aesthetic sound, is a restriction of this substandard 720p webcam.

I guess the appearance of the shade is alright; my normally glowing skin tone is accurately caught (for better or worse), as is the heathered pattern in my exercise shirt. But let me cut the praises brief because this isn’t a webcam I would certainly use for anything but laid-back video clip hire ideal illumination. Rather, I’d rely on my reliable external webcam.

HP Structure Aero 13 heat

The Aero 13’s followers kicked on when I was setting it up with my accounts and downloading and installing my most-used applications. Ever since it has stayed pin-drop quiet. And based on our heat test, those followers do not need to do a lot of work because the Aero 13 heated to just 93 levels Fahrenheit after we played a 15-inch, 1080p YouTube video clip.

Also better, the little bits your skin touches, such as the touchpad (79 levels) and keyboard (88 degrees), stayed well listed below our 95-degree convenience limit.

HP Structure Aero 13 software and warranty

Smaller sized price, larger bloat. It is a formula that never ever stops working, and the Aero 13 is the newest sufferer. But apparently, uninstalling obtrusive applications such as anything McAfee, Booking.com (throughout a pandemic, no less), or a program that guides you to a website for an Adobe free test (seriously, HP?) is what it requires to conserve a couple of hundred dollars, after that, I’m all about it. Not that I’m most likely to give HP a pass here, but the tradeoff is easy to validate.

When it comes to what HP gives the table, there are 8 top quality applications. That is 7 too many because these could easily be lumped with each other right into one application as Lenovo, Asus, and others have done. Of these HP-branded applications, Support Aide is the one you will definitely want to maintain about as a source to upgrade drivers, inspect your warranty condition and view your device’s health and wellness. HP Wise will not be so useful if you do not own an HP printer, and QuickDrop is yet another application for sharing pictures throughout devices.

HP ships the Structure Aero 13 with a standard 1-year warranty. See how HP fared in our Technology Support Face-off and Best and Worst Brand name’s unique records.


The Aero 13 is to laptop computers what Bumblebee is to movies. Until that 2018 launch, every Transformers movie was terrible. After that relatively no place, a spin-off shows up and makes you consider whether something could result in the franchise business. I’m not saying Bumblebee was the elevation of a movie theater, and such as that movie, the Aero 13 has its mistakes. But despite those disadvantages, you will not find a better laptop computer for about $700.

Highlights of this notepad consist of fast efficiency from AMD Ryzen chips, a featherweight magnesium alloy framework, and a brilliant and vivid 13.3-inch display. You also obtain a charitable choice of ports and a fingerprint sensing unit for fast login. It hardly appears well worth voicing my gripes, but a bigger glass touchpad, an IR video cam, and quad audio speakers top my list of “desires” for the next model.

I attempt to enter each review with an empty slate, but my assumptions for the Aero 13 were undoubtedly reduced once I read “Structure” on the package. That is because HP’s budget-to-midrange Structure laptop computers seldom find themselves in the same sentence as “fast efficiency,” “gorgeous display,” or “mobile.” This makes the Aero 13 something of a resulting age for a long-running but overlooked laptop computer line. I can just hope future Structure laptop computers mature to fulfill the potential revealed by this standout notepad.