Innovation In Technology But Right Know Still A Dream

Along the development of the era, a lot of innovations and new technology were invented. However, among all those technologies that already exist right now, there is some technology that is still an idea or just a concept. Many factors that affected that condition, start from the funding issues, and the successful calculation which is almost zero. But let me tell you what is that, just in case you are curious.

1.    Time Machine


Time travel is almost everyone’s dream, people might say don’t want to go back to the old times, but believe me if there is a change, they will do it. So many experts try to find the method and create various conceptions. But unfortunately, until this moment not a single one succeed to make it.

2.    Teleport Machine


Moving from one side of the earth to another side in a single snap. That sounds possible, right? But how? You need something with the speed of light or you become light. Well, it’s more like insane than possible.

3.    Smart Transporting System


We have IoT which can be applicated to objects, but until today smart transportation hasn’t really existed. That system allows vehicles to move without a driver. For example, bus, we only need digital programming and the bus can go wherever we want.

Yup, this is more possible than two before, some companies made autonomous cars or self-driving cars. This car uses AI to control the wheel. They put a camera and censor around the car and project it on the system after the system makes a calculation they will make a decision on what turn they will take.

4.    Mind Reading Device

For some people, it is really hard to understand what others think. But in the future, that would not be a problem anymore, because the concept and research about mind reading devices are ongoing, is just a matter of time until we can read people’s minds.