Jabra Elite 7 Active: The Best Affordable Earbuds for Exercises


Jabra Elite 7 Active If you think Jabra’s operating earphones can’t improve compared to the Exclusive Energetic 75t, reconsider. The Exclusive 7 Energetic offers a super-personalized paying attention experience, lengthy battery life, and ANC, done in a lightweight body.

Jabra is known to be among the best operating earphone brand names, not surprising that we ranked its Jabra Exclusive Energetic 75t buds 5 stars when we initially evaluated it 2 years back. Ever since, Jabra has launched new exercise buds such as the Exclusive 7 Energetic, the topic of this review.

The Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic earphones are the upgraded variation of the Exclusive Energetic 75t and offer much longer battery life, much faster fast-charging, pre-set equalizer setups in the Jabra Sound+ application, more microphones, and personalized energetic sound termination. The dimension of the buds has also been decreased to provide a more secure shape for individuals with smaller-sized ears.


Jabra Elite 7 Active is available to buy currently straight from Jabra US Jabra UK and Jabra AU for a suggested list price of $179/£169 /AU$279. The buds are available in 3 colorways: Black, Mint, and Navy Blue.

As a less expensive alternative, you can consider choosing the Jabra Exclusive 4 Active cordless earphones that also have ANC, HearThrough, very good battery life, Bluetooth 5.2, and more.

Of course, you can still decide to buy the Jabra Exclusive Energetic 75t but you can’t buy them through Jabra any longer, at the very least not at the moment of writing. Third-party sellers still stock these buds, but you lose out on benefits such as Jabra’s free 100-day returns or free delivery.



Jabra refined the form of its Exclusive Energetic 75t buds to produce the Exclusive 7 Energetic. The Exclusive 7 Energetic are smaller sized and have a brand-new covering technology called ShakeGrip that is said to improve hold without the need for wing tips. This “unique fluid silicone rubber” is soft to the touch and comfy to wear for much longer time periods. Many thanks to the refined form of the buds themselves, the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic beings in the ears better compared to various other small exercise buds.

Better still, the Jabra Sounds+ application has a function that allows you to inspect the shape of the buds called MyFit. Once you put the earphones in your ears, you run the test, and the application will inform you if they are in shape ready or otherwise. The Defeats In shape Professional has a comparable feature, and truthfully, this is one of the most user-friendly points ever to exist when it comes to in-ear earphones, as I used to find it difficult to exercise which ear suggestion is best for my ears. No need to guess any longer!

ShakeGrip and MyFit apart, the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic did bulge my ears the very first time I went for a run. It resembled when a cork flew off the prosecco bottle; the left bud flew out when driving as I was preparing for my run. This made me slightly conscious about the shape, of course, and I’m certain it would not have happened if the buds had wing tips.

I found that once the buds (and my ears) heated up a little bit, they were in shape better. Perhaps the ShakeGrip layer works better when it is slightly warmer. I could not find any proof of this online, and the standing-out earphone phenomena could simply be the outcome of my plainly non-standard ear canals; that knows?



The Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic has an extremely good battery life: the buds can play songs continuously for up to 8 hrs, plus there’s another 22 hours’ well worth of juice in the chagrin situation. You also obtain fast billing – 5 mins of fast charge gives 1 hr of playback.

Leave the earphones on charge a while much longer (30 minutes), and they‘ll be 50% billed. It’ll take 150 mins to charge the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic from 0 to 100%, however, but there’s no need to have it fully billed constantly, perhaps once a week.

The situation has a USB-C billing port (cable television provided in the package) and can also be billed wirelessly, although a cordless battery charger isn’t consisted of in the package.


The Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic does its best to provide a customized sound experience. These operating earphones will not just tailor the sound for your listening to via the MySound feature, but you can also change the ANC for your listening.

ANC on the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic is criticized for not being effective enough to strain the external sound, but in my experience, ANC is greater than great enough. You need to do 2 points to earn certain the Exclusive 7 Energetic provides a great ANC experience: you need to perform the ANC personalization test in a loud environment, and you must make certain the buds are in shape properly.

If those problems are met, the ANC efficiency of the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic is fantastic. The degree of ANC can be changed in the Sound+ application in situations you want to allow a little bit more sound in, or you can use the HearThrough openness setting, where the buds use the mic to get and feed in external sound. This isn’t an all-natural sound, so do not anticipate bone-conduction headphones-levels of ambient sound, but sufficient for most purposes.

The personalized sound helps you listen to the songs better, too: by tailoring the soundscape for your listening, you can pay attention to songs and podcasts more plainly with the Exclusive 7 Energetic. There is 6 song presets you can choose from in the application – my fave is the Smooth option – and these can also be further customized to suit your preference better.

Needless to say, many thanks to all this sound playing, the sound originating from the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic is much from being all-natural, but I’d prefer to think that no one’s most likely to use them to pay attention to songs on their premium HiFi configuration. For exercises and basic songs paying attention, the Exclusive 7 Energetic are as great – and individual, may I include – as it obtains.


I quickly discussed this area previously, but here’s the slightly extended variation.

I took the buds for a couple of runs, and I also rode electrical mobility scooters with the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic in my ears. For both purposes, aside from the initial standing out mishap, the buds performed well; not perfect, but great enough considering they have not obtained ear hooks or wing tips.

The ShakeGrip layer isn’t the supreme service – at the very least not in its present form – but it helps maintains the buds in position. When it comes to HIIT design workouts… I’d probably choose various models, such as the Defeats Powerbeats Professional or the less expensive Skullcandy Press ActiveNo matter the shape and covering, the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic isn’t the best fit for extreme head movement.

Again, the shape is highly individual, and if you occur to have ear canals that have the form of the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic buds, I’m certain you can tremble your head until you give on your own a concussion, and the buds would certainly stay in position. On the plus side, the Exclusive 7 Energetic are light-weight and evaluate just 5.5g / 0.2oz. They are also smaller sized compared to the Exclusive 75t, which helps them stay put better.

Finally, it is well worth mentioning that the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic has an IP57 sprinkle and sweat-proof building, among the best in the marketplace today.


Jabra increased bench is also greater than what you should anticipate from operating earphones with the Exclusive 7 Energetic.

They’re a considerable upgrade over the Jabra Exclusive Energetic 75t and offer more personalized sound, are in better shape, and also improved call efficiency many thanks to the three-microphone-per-bud configuration.

Energetic Sound Cancelling can also be personalized via the Jabra Sound+ application. ANC benefits significantly from this, and as long as you set it up properly – i.e. in a loud environment – it will help maintain undesirable sound far from your ears so you can enter the area much faster throughout your exercises.

Battery life on the Jabra Exclusive 7 Energetic is also excellent. In truth, considering the dimension of the buds, 8 hrs of continuous playback is absolutely nothing except awe-inspiring. The situation holds another 22 hrs of battery life, enabling you to maintain the buds and the situation battery charger cable-free – or cordless billing base – for 30 hrs. Outstanding!

The Exclusive 7 Energetic is significantly less expensive compared to the Exclusive 7 Professional, and the just point you lose out on is the call quality (the Exclusive 7 Professional has a better mic setup), which might not be as important from an exercise viewpoint anyhow.