This is firstly a tablet computer, taking on the base model iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tab A7s of this globe. With Chrome OS and Android support, it probably gives you the best of both tablet computers and Chromebook globes, and you will not find a Complete HD+ IPS screen on many various other Chromebooks at this price point. The just drawback is available in that it is small. If you are a hefty multitasker or want to invest a great deal of time on your Chromebook key-board, after that you truly need to consider a bigger device.

Price and Competitors

Lenovo does not truly have a lot of competitors in this particular location of the Chromebook market. Msn and yahoo lengthy back deserted its Pixel Slate Chrome OS tablet computer, and while Acer launched the Chromebook Tab 10 in 2018, its spec currently appears slow and lengthy in the tooth. This means the just real competitors are various other crossbreed tablet computer devices, but these are typically more expensive, such as the Microsoft Surface Go 2 (from £399 without a keyboard) or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite (currently £259, but also without the keyboard, which is pretty challenging to find).



The IdeaPad Duet is a durable little tablet computer in a fetching two-tone blue and grey design. The covering is plastic instead compared to anything elegant, but it really feels reasonably durable, despite being simply over 7mm thick and evaluating just 450g. Clipping on the magnetic stand cover includes a couple of millimeters to the body and an additional 220g to the weight but gives the tablet computer a bit more protection and a useful pull-out kickstand – we maintained it on throughout use. The keyboard, on the other hand, has a magnetic clip and a pogo-pin arrangement for the link and is connected perfectly every time we break it on or off. Real, it rests level on the work desk being used, unlike the Microsoft Surface keyboard, but at the very least this gives you a nice, firm base to kind on.

As a tablet computer, the Duet has 2 video cams, with a standard 2MP fixed focus webcam on the front for video clip phone telephone calls and conferences, plus an 8MP auto-focus video cam on the back for snaps. The webcam works well throughout most practical illumination problems, also dealing with bright sunshine streaming in from a home window. The back snapper is also better compared to what you might anticipate, providing fairly clear and well-exposed pictures of the sort you had to receive from a half-decent budget mobile phone.

Does Chrome OS make good sense on a tablet computer? Well, a pair of years back we had our doubts; the OS had not been that touch-friendly and neither were most web-based applications. Currently, however, the OS has improved to earn more use motions for navigating and application switching, while Android applications – particularly the minority that has been optimized for tablet computers – give you a bit more software to deal with. In practice, you still have the tendency to switch between Android applications for media and content consumption and Chrome and web-based applications for efficiency, but the choice exists. As we said, the Duet gives you the best of both globes, at the very least outside Apple’s community.

Keyboard and touchpad

Despite its almost pancake-flat nature, the keyboard itself is remarkably great. It is needed to shrink down in dimension to shape the 10.1in form factor, but it is styled such as among Lenovo’s ThinkPad or ThinkBook key-boards and it obtains away with the lack of travel through an activity that’s limited and resilient. I’ve used several 10.1 tablet computer keyboards, and the dimension is constantly the greatest issue. That is as real with the IdeaPad Duet as with other sub-11in tablet computers, but in regards to feel, it is among the best.

The decreased dimension also means the touchpad is more adequate compared to incredible, but considering that it is hardly 8.6cm throughout, it is still pretty functional – and you can constantly use the excellent touchscreen if you prefer.

Display and sound

As lengthy as you can deal with the 10.1in dimension, the IPS screen itself is excellent by budget Chromebook requirements. It is bright at an optimum 396cd/m² and covers 99.6% of the sRGB color space. Also color precision is good – we measured the average Delta E at 2.42. The dimension means it is not ideal for hefty multitasking, even if having actually greater than one home window or tab open up on the desktop computer involves a great deal of squinting, but it is fantastic for basic efficiency jobs, browsing, video clip chats and having fun video games or watching movies. In truth, the form factor means it is as handy on the couch as it gets on the work desk.

The sound isn’t regrettable, either, and you can gladly overtake your streaming favorites without connecting in earphones. There is a little bit of deepness and splendor in the output, and a persuading impression of a wider compared to the usual soundstage.

Efficiency and battery life

The greatest compromise you make with the IdeaPad Duet gets on efficiency. It is based upon a MediaTek Helio P60T cpu operating 4 ARM Cortex A-73 cores and 4 Cortex A-53 cores in a BigLittle setup. It is a good multitasking system, albeit intended mainly for mobile phones, and it is teamed with 4GB of RAM. However, it also means that the IdeaPad Duet is among the slower Chromebooks we’ve looked at recently, particularly when operating single-core hefty web-based applications.

This isn’t a catastrophe. In real use for browsing, watching video clips, and touching out documents, we never ever found the IdeaPad Duet much less compared to functional, and we didn’t encounter the delays and pauses you sometimes find within theory more effective dual-core Celeron devices. Stadia video game streaming and light image editing is definitely on the cards. And there is also a bit of repayment in the battery life, where the IdeaPad duet maintained pressing on through our video clip playback test for a shocking 16 hrs and 14 mins. Nothing else the Chromebook we’ve looked at recently comes shut.


After the failure of the Chromebook Pixel, it looked as if the entire idea of the Chrome OS tablet computer was dead. Yet with its design, endurance, and all-around functionality, the IdeaPad Duet transforms this. We can forgive the bad efficiency in the face of how effectively it handles everything else, and it is just the lack of dimension that makes it unwise for more required users. If you are looking for a flexible Chrome OS all-rounder that can handle Android applications, look no more.