LENOVO LEGION PHONE DUEL: A Solid All-Around Gaming Phone from a Respected Brand Name


Lenovo’s Legion brand name is a routine on the PC video pc gaming front, so it is perhaps not a surprise that the company set forth under these auspices with its dedicated video pc gaming telephone.

It is a section of the marketplace that is seen lots of tasks recently, with Asus using its ROG brand name to the same finish, and Razer, Black Shark, and Red Magic all trying the same point.

But can the Lenovo Legion control the gaming battlefield?

The Lenovo Legion Battle is very proficient at what it lays out to do. The mix of a big display, specific video pc gaming features, and amazing sound quality produce a telephone that is excellent at video pc gaming.

There are some peculiarities – it appears to obtain hotter compared to it is competitors – and there are some software oddities about the video pc gaming feature. But overall it is a great experience when having fun.

Where the telephone truly struggles remains in the daily job of being simply a telephone. It is bulky, it has a choice for landscape orientation use, and we’re not convinced the pop-up video cam will be totally dependable – which is most likely to be a drawback for those desiring a telephone to last them the next few years of everyday use.

Eventually, however, the Legion Battle offers a great deal for your money. There are drawbacks, but there are choices to be made: if you invest most of your time in video pc gaming, there is a great deal here for you; if you are a more laid-back player after that there are lighter phones with more software improvement and equally as a lot of power.

Designed for gaming


There is absolutely nothing refined about the Legion Telephone. Lettered with the words “stylish outside, savage inside” the complex finish to the outside of the telephone is designed to capture the eye. It shimmers when the light captures it, centered about a main LED design, a lot similarly as a video gaming PC flaunts its products with RGB illumination.

The Legion branding can be readied to light up which back logo design can be readied to pulse when video pc gaming, as a notice, or when billing. Fortunately, you obtain complete control, so you can shut off the red blinking when billing in the evening.

The Legion is a big telephone, with a level display and healthy and balanced bezels, giving you someplace to hold without obscuring the display and running the risk of unintentional touches, while the front-facing video cam is a pop-up unit on the landscape side of the telephone. Yes, to conserve you from notches or punch-holes – and to ensure face time in-game – the video cam has been removed totally.

There is some structure to the back areas of the telephone to provide a modicum of hold, while the video cams, again, are in the center of the back instead compared to on top. That means you are not placing your fingers around them when video pc gaming.

From a design viewpoint, therefore, this telephone was built to offer individuals that invest most of their time having fun video games in landscape orientation.

Many of these choices offer that market in a manner that phones cannot: there is no video cam bump to enter the way; the wide audio speakers at either finish of the display are hard to odd with a hand, and there is also a billing port on the side so you can charge and dip into the same time.

And a lot about this we love. We invest several hrs of daily video pc gaming, so many of these points appeal straight to us. The Legion Telephone really feels clean to hold and play, there is hold, and the sound quality and quantity are excellent. Normal phones compromise on video pc gaming, but this device doesn’t.

But there is an expense to this gaming-specific design and that is in the daily experience. The various other 7 or 8 hrs of the day when you are not head-down in the newest shooter, you need to deal with concessions that have been made to support video pc gaming.

Those back video cams that are off the beaten track when having fun are protected by your hands the remainder of the time. Open up the video cam to conjecture and inevitably you will have a hand in the way. The same puts on the pop-out front video cam – if you are grasping the telephone and want to take a selfie, it opens up right into your fingers or hand.

There is also no rejecting that this is a significant telephone at 236g and pretty chunky deliberately too. It is larger and heavier compared to the Samsung Galaxy S20 Extremely – but the Samsung telephone has a bigger display. Again, some of the Legion’s additional bodywork can be a little bit of a disadvantage throughout everyday use, also if it will serve experienced players.

Equipment and efficiency

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Plus, 16GB RAM, 512GB storage space

5,000mAh battery, 90W fast-charge via double USB-C

Heat dissipation and fluid cooling system

Efficiency was put at the fore of the Legion Telephone experience which explains many of the choices behind this telephone. But while there have been moves made to accommodate greater demands, it does not hang with each other quite as well as you might think.

At the heart of this telephone is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 856 Plus, 5G allowed, with 16GB RAM and 512GB storage space. It is a beast loadout and provided how a lot of phones you are obtaining, it is great worth for money compared with a great deal of the remainder of the market.

And we can’t mistake a lot of the efficiency, although we’re not convinced by the heat dissipation and cooling system. Lenovo has talked this up a great deal, but you can feel the heat from the Snapdragon 865 under your fingertips towards the center of the telephone. Having actually come from evaluating the Sony Xperia 5 II and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, both on Snapdragon 865 and both subjected to comparable extended periods of gameplay, the Legion Telephone really feels significantly hotter under load.

That makes us question how a lot is truly effective here and how a lot is simply a component of the marketing package to press the video pc gaming angle. Certainly, the in-game experience isn’t extremely varied from an efficiency viewpoint when put together with rival front-runner devices.

Lenovo does have more devices for the Legion telephone, consisting of an air conditioning unit, but do you truly want to include more weight? At the same time, that sense of heating might simply be that your fingertips are constantly relaxing on the most popular component of the telephone.

The huge 5000mAh battery capacity is valued too. It is split right into 2 cells, the sell here is that you could charge super-fast – at 90W using both USB inputs at the same time. There is a battery charger in a package that will give you 2 USB links too, so you do not need 2 separate battery chargers (although that also works). When connected you will obtain a couple of billing logo designs that show up depending upon how you’ve hooked it up and we need to say the battery charger on the side is practical for billing while having fun video games or watching movies.

But the battery life isn’t extremely solid. It is driving a big display, it is increasing to 144Hz revitalize rate too, there is big quantity and illumination, so there are lots to drain the battery. It is not extremely various from the S20 Extremely because of sense (also a 5000mAh cell), but we’ve had smaller-sized devices offer better overall endurance.

Get out of video pc gaming and yes, it will obtain you through the day easily enough, but this is still a big telephone and it can experience big telephone problems. With all that said, the Legion Telephone is very a lot on the same level as various other Snapdragon 865 devices – it is fast and liquid, with hardly any sign of any downturn.



6.65-inch AMOLED, 2340 x 1080 resolution

144Hz revitalize rate, 240ms reaction

Lenovo’s big have fun display is offering a 144Hz revitalization rate – the like you will find on many video pc gaming PCs. Mobile phones have been pressing much faster to revitalize prices – 90Hz, 120Hz – but 144Hz is much less common. Is it a big distinction? Not truly, but it is there for boasting rights.

What you also need to think about is the video games you are having fun with, as not all support those greater frame prices. Some, such as Real Racing 3, will run at 144Hz – and appear marvelous – but PUBG Mobile is 40Hz, while Call of Duty Mobile is 60Hz (although it is available at greater frame prices on various other devices).

What’s more encouraging is that you could inspect the revitalization rate you are obtaining many thanks to Lenovo’s software and make certain that when you make changes to the game’s setups, you are actually obtaining that efficiency.

Step apart from that and the 1080p resolution isn’t a shock considering that frame rate is the target instead compared to absolution resolution, not that Complete HD+ on a 6.5-inch display misbehaves in itself. The display itself is bright and vibrant – everything you anticipate from an AMOLED panel – which plays through right into various other content too, such as watching movies.

Overall, it is hard to mistake the display’s efficiency. Although there’s one quirk: the display setups web page was totally blank. It is not completion of the globe as you can change the illumination from the fast setups and you can change the frame rate within the Legion World setups – but it is among a variety of cracks in Lenovo’s software that shows it is out the same level with the experience offered by, say, Samsung or OnePlus.

Video cams


Double back video cam:

Main: 64-megapixel, f/1.9 aperture

Wide: 16MP, f/2.2

20MP front video cam, f/2.2

There are 2 video cams on the back of the Legion Telephone, a 64-megapixel main video cam, and a 16-megapixel ultra-wide video cam. It is nice that Lenovo has spared us the garbage lenses that are so common – there is not a deepness sensing unit, a monochrome sensing unit, or a macro video cam visible (although there’s a macro setting on the main video cam that works better compared to any dedicated macro lens we’ve seen somewhere else.)

That gives a pair of practical video cams, the main 64-megapixel pixel combining to give 16-megapixel outcomes. It is actually a qualified video cam, able to give some great shots, but it favors great illumination, not able to raise the pictures as you might receive from something such as the Msn and yahoo Pixel when the light drops.

That said, there’s an evening setting that enables much longer exposures and it works all right. Digital photography isn’t this phone’s primary focus, but you do not need to feel excluded, because in most situations you will obtain a good picture.

There is an AI setting that will include HDR comparison and boost colors to give more pleasing shots, and the picturesque setting works pretty well too.

There is one small fiddle, which is the zoom switch. It jumps from 1x to 2x (completely digital), back to 1x, and after that to 0.6x (the ultra-wide angle) on duplicated presses. How anybody thought this was a great user experience escapes us. We’d a lot prefer a 0.6x switch constantly to access that lens. You can of course squeeze to move through the whole range from 0.6x bent on 8x electronic zoom.

The front video cam can be a little bit of a fiddle when it comes to selfies because it needs to release presses you towards landscape orientation – so picture selfie followers might find it is simply a bit strange on the side of the telephone. There is some beauty therapy that is on by default and needs shutting off as it strips out comparison, leading to lackluster pictures. It is also well worth finding the camera’s watermark feature and turning it off unless you are truly eager on pressing the truth you are using the Legion Telephone Battle.

We also have questions about the long-lasting dependability of the front video cam. Throughout the moment we’ve been using the telephone, we’ve found dirt obtaining around that video cam is a common point. We’ve also had the video cam fail on one event, opening up and attempting to take a photo, but after that production a couple of grinding sounds and collapsing the video cam without conserving the picture.

Software for gaming and life

Android 10 with ZUI

Legion World

The Legion Telephone Battle runs Msn and yahoo Android 10, at the moment of writing, but is skinned with Lenovo’s ZUI. That is something we see much less often in the US and Europe where Lenovo phones are currently unusual – and Motorola’s phones (the company also owned by Lenovo) ship with a close-to-stock Android offering.

A lot of what you enter ZUI is themed to fit the Legion Telephone. There is the choice of a hostile video pc gaming theme or Android theme that you are provided with on start-up – but the Android theme, in our opinion, does not ever obtain shut enough to a stock experience. There are some enjoyable computer-animated wallpapers, and some meaty sound impacts to suit the blinking lights on the back, to complete the sense that this device is something unique.

The software is a bit trial and error, with some oddities. For instance, most of the moment the telephone appears to wake with the lock screen in landscape, also when you are holding it in a picture. There is hardly any home screen control either – you can’t quit new application symbols being included and producing new web pages consequently, and we’ve had Msn and yahoo Discover show up and vanish from the port to the left of the web page as if it is obtained a mind of its own.

We mentioned the blank display setups web page formerly and if it had not been for replication of setups in the Legion World application – or the option to change some setups via the fast setups panel – after that you had be stuck.

You also need to be truly careful to approve the consents you are requested – because a lot of the Legion World experience, such as the swipe-down in-game control board, will simply vanish if you do not grant consent the very first time you encounter it (seriously, we invested several weeks wondering why it had not been there until we reset the telephone and attempted again).

There aren’t many enhancements and hardly any replication of applications, with the pillar of the enhancements here to include the video pc gaming options. The previously mentioned swipe-down panel gives you access to features such as power boost, illumination management, screenshots, and tape-taping, as well as statistics at a glimpse – such as a frame rate and temperature level, with a swipe below the top of the screen.

Many thanks to this information, you can see what frame rate you are actually obtaining compared with what you anticipate – and you can see how lot the telephone is heating up. It is fascinating to keep in mind that many video games differ in the revitalization rate between the entrance hall and the video game itself.

The Legion World application immediately includes video games and runs when you begin those video games, enabling you to specify some specifications – you can disable auto-brightness, for instance, you can obstruct phone telephone calls and notices, and various other options for video games.

The advantage that Legion World does is provide tighter control of motion navigating, requiring a dual swipe up-wards from an all-time low to exit a video game. That is great because it prevents unintentional swipes that can sometimes see you leave a video game on various other phones.

Sadly, Legion World is truly thinking when it comes to including applications – such as Msn and yahoo Lens or the Alexa application showing up – and think they are video games. When World misidentifies a video game, it means you after that need to double swipe to exit something such as Alexa. You can by hand remove those applications, but we found they sneak back in again, so it appears a continuous problem.

Among the car capacities you have is to release the front video cam while you are video pc gaming and have your face in the video game. You can obscure out the history, use masks, hats, and various other enjoyable stuff. It is pitched as a banner setting, but it does not actually record. You can access the integrated screen recorder, however, with a synchronized push of standby and quantity up if you want to record it, as listed below.

There are various other in-game options, such as back record, which will let you conserve current clips, so you can conserve your unforgettable minutes, as well as the Y Sets off on the top of the telephone. These are stress delicate locations that you could use to introduce Legion World, such as a faster way to the video games, and can also be mapped to locations on the screen.

Such as shoulder switches on console controllers, the Y Sets off could be used as main manages, perhaps for velocity and brake, to maintain your fingers off the display, or for various other manages. Of course, you will need to adjust to using them which is our greatest obstacle – you need to overcome muscle memory for those video games you’ve currently put a great deal of time right into, so you might never ever use them.

To recap

When it comes to video pc gaming, there is little better, with optimized design and software enhancements to boost the video pc gaming experience. There is a compromise in everyday use centered on that particular design – but you do obtain a great deal of (video pc gaming) telephone for your money.