LENOVO YOGA C740 : The Best Budget Laptop With A Sturdy Build


The Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 has an outstanding design with above-average efficiency. You also obtain a good battery life – all this at an inexpensive price. The drawback, the laptop computer is relatively hefty, and its keyboards are not well-spaced – it also does not have a Thunderbolt 3 port.

Looking for an inexpensive yet effective exchangeable laptop computer? If yes, after that stay glued to this Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 review.

This review checks out the design, measurement, CPU, RAM, video, storage space, and battery life of the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740. Most of all, it covers everything about the premium features and benefits this laptop computer offers.

Likewise, it reveals how the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 laptop computer performs compared with various other laptop computers in its category. I’ll also go further to rate this laptop computer in each area of the review.

As a result, I will give you sufficient information about what makes this laptop computer well worth the buy. If this rate of passions you, read on and discover all you need to know to earn an informed choice.

Prima facie, I could not help but notice the slightly thick framework of the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740. This makes the laptop computer a little bit hefty, which is quite a drawback for an exchangeable laptop computer.

Nevertheless, the laptop’s look and efficiency still make it a deserving buy.

Firstly, the attractive silver light weight aluminum finish and the “YOGA” symbol resting pretty on the top right corner of the laptop’s cover include a cost touch and feel to this laptop computer.

Moving on to the efficiency of this laptop computer, there is a lot to anticipate as well. The mix of equipment here’s outstanding, considering its pocket-friendly price range.

Still, wondering if this is the best laptop computer for you? Read on to find out more about the overall design, specifications, and efficiency of this laptop computer.

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Design, Measurement & Weight 


Let me first explain that this laptop computer is available in 2 color variants; the Mica (Gold) and silver-gray. However, this review is based on the silver-gray model.

When I first saw this laptop computer, I was impressed with its silver-gray lightweight aluminum framework and the strong YOGA inscription under the right corner of the cover.

More particularly, the YOGA inscription has a somewhat darker color of grey compared to the remainder of the cover. This, in my opinion, effectively matches the cover and gives the laptop computer a refined look.

Currently, operating your hands through the YOGA inscription, you will notice it really feels shiny and smooth. This glossiness gives it a type of reflective effect that makes the YOGA inscription cheer up and darken when you open up or shut the laptop’s cover.

Talking opening up the laptop’s cover, it has a 14-inch touchscreen display bordered by almost invincibly slim bezels on the sides. However, the top and bottom bezels are slightly thicker.

It’s important to keep in mind that there is also a 15-inch display screen dimension available for this laptop computer. However, I’ll be concentrating on the 14-inch variation for this review.

Back to the display, the quality of the display is something to appear ahead of.

It offers spectacular visuals. You can see a fantastic display of shades from the screen and catch also the tiniest color information.

Consequently, streaming movies or modifying video clips on the laptop computer is pleasurable.

Overall, the Lenovo Yoga’s outstanding display quality can be associated with its 1920 x 1080 display resolution. Likewise, its In-Plane Switching panel and its illumination degree of 300 nits are also huge adding factors to this laptop’s abundant color display.

To lay more focus, the in-plane-switching (IPS) panel is a particular kind of panel used mainly for Fluid Crystal Display kinds to give better viewing angles and prevent low-grade color output. Nit, on the various other hands, is the measure of a laptop’s screen illumination degree.

Along with that, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 has an integrated 720p webcam with a personal privacy shutter on top of the laptop’s cover. The webcam is incorporated in such a manner in which it is almost difficult to inform that there is a webcam on top.

This further highlights the beauty of the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 14-inch laptop computer.

Currently, moving far from the display and into the keyboard area, there are still a couple of points to be excited about.

Firstly, this laptop computer has 2 upward-looking Dolby Atmos audio speakers on the top right and left edges. Hence, if you decide to pay attention to songs for a bit of enjoyment while functioning, these audio speakers will provide an immersive paying attention experience.

Additionally, between these audio speakers is a well-fitted keyboard that mixes well with the whole keyboard deck. Keep in mind, however, that this could be a little bit of a drawback.

When the letters on the keyboard have a shade that assimilates well with the keyboard panel, it can be a little bit challenging to acknowledge the letters. This could make input on the laptop computer slightly challenging, particularly for novices that are not familiar with letter placements.

Moreover, the keys are not so spacious. For a 14-inch laptop computer, you would certainly anticipate something a little bit more spacious – unfortunately, that is not the situation.

My guess is that the badly spaced keyboard is the price Lenovo needed to pay to shape the upward-facing audio speakers straight beside the keyboard. I think they did this to give the laptop computer a more premium appearance.

On a more favorable keep in mind, that the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740’s keyboard is backlit. This backlighting feature can come in handy when you need to be kind at night or in low-lit locations.

Still, on the keyboard area, there’s a broad square-shaped 4.2 x 2.8-inch accuracy touchpad right beneath the keyboard.

The touchpad is receptive and enables 2 fingers to scroll or navigate (Home windows 10 motions). For circumstances, zooming in and out on pictures using the touchpad is as smooth as rubbing butter on a cake frying pan.

Overall, I think Lenovo deliberately designed the keyboard deck to have a large space location to give its users a great hand rest feature. This improves the inputting experience on the laptop computer – great thinking if you ask me.

Currently, proceeding sideways with the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740, I can say that the sides are a bit thick.

Lenovo designed this laptop’s top component (the cover) to be slightly thinner compared to the lower component (the keyboard location). This gives the side an identical framework, with the top side location having actually thick sides and all-time low having actually sharp pointy sides.

Still, on the sides, there are 2 USB type- C 3.1 ports and a 3.5mm sound/mic combination port on all left-wing sides. Also, there is 1 USB Type-A 3.1 Gen 1 port and a power switch on the right side.

Unfortunately, the Lenovo Yoga exercise does not have a Thunderbolt 3 port such as its front runner variation, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C940. Likewise, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 also does not have an HDMI port and SD card port.

Nevertheless, it still offers quite a variety of useful ports.

Currently, in the situation you are wondering how to provide power to this laptop computer, there is no traditional power input port. Rather, Lenovo chose a more current development: a dedicated USB type-C 3.1 Gen 1 port for billing.

Still, on the design, this laptop computer has quite a durable framework. I can distinguish the products used for the framework and the durability of the joints – seeing that it is an exchangeable laptop computer.

For an exchangeable laptop computer, sturdy joints are non-negotiable features. Great joints will permit you to use the various settings effectively and enjoyably.

Provided this, the joints of the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 are great in shape for this laptop computer. The joints are not lightweight, as switching between stand, tent, or tablet computer settings didn’t produce any creaky sound.

However, I expected this laptop computer to be as light as its rivals – the HP Spectre x360 and the Microsoft Surface Professional 7.

In contrast to those convertibles, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 evaluates a bit more.

The HP Spectre x360 evaluates 1224 g, and the Microsoft Surface Professional 7 evaluates 771 g.

On the various other hands, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 evaluates 1400g. Furthermore, the dimension of this laptop computer is a bit a lot for an exchangeable, going by its 321.8 x 214.6 x 14.9 mm measurement.

The overall weight and dimension of the laptop computer are a bit too lot to handle. This holds true particularly when you decide to use this laptop computer in a tablet computer setting – considering that its screen isn’t detachable.

Before I conclude this design area, let me quickly say that this laptop computer doesn’t come with a stylus pen. This could be a huge turn-off for some users because of the extra cost of purchasing one.

Directly, I would certainly have loved it more if it came with the Stylus Pen consisted in the package. However, I can let that slide.

Most of all, this is a well-designed premium laptop computer for an inexpensive price range. Hence, despite its minimal drawbacks, I’ll score it an 8 from 10 in this design area.

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Cpu (CPU) Efficiency 

Firstly, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 offers several cpu setup options. For this review, I will concentrate on the Intel Core i7-10710U, the highest setup option.

The unit we are evaluating has a 4-core power-efficient cpu that comes with 12 MB of cache memory. Also, the cpu runs on a base regularity of 1.10 GHz and an optimum regularity of 4.70 GHz.

Remarkably, this is an effective laptop computer. I expected an average efficiency since the Lenovo Yoga exercise does not cost too a lot.

However, I’m pleased to say that the Lenovo Yoga exercise surpassed my assumptions. I just reached this final thought after placing it through some job-related jobs.

For beginners, I checked out various simple computing jobs and I was impressed with their efficiency. I could inspect my e-mails, stream movies, and produce and modify documents with no hassle.

Talking modifying, I also checked out the picture and video clip modifying with this laptop computer, and the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 didn’t disappoint either. So, it is safe to say that this will be a great video clip/picture modifying laptop computer – going by its efficiency, of course.

Additionally, this laptop computer was also put through some criteria efficiency tests – particularly, the Cinebench R15 criteria test. The Cinebench R15 criteria is a standard test that reveals how excellent a laptop’s cpu performs.

The laptop’s efficiency is ranked by the variety of factors its ratings in the Cinebench test. Therefore a laptop computer with the highest factors will eventually perform better compared to a laptop computer with lower factors.

In this test, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 racked up 180 factors, surpassing the 175 factors average efficiency score for its cpu kind. It surpassed the Dell XPS 13 9730, which racked up 165 factors on this test.

However, the Lenovo Thinkpad T590 racked up 193 factors – production is an exceptional entertainer compared to the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 and Dell XPS 13 9730.

No matter, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 performs past the average efficiency score as exposed by the Cinebench R15 criteria test. For this, I’ll give the Lenovo Yoga exercise an 8 in this efficiency review area.

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Memory (RAM) Efficiency 

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 features a standard 8GB RAM onboard memory. Since it has onboard memory – memory soldered to the motherboard – its RAM isn’t upgradable.

Provided this, many users looking to maximize this laptop’s memory capacity for more effectiveness may be not able to do this. On the bright side, this laptop computer offers another memory setup that supports an optimum memory of 16GB.

Hence, if you are looking for more effectiveness, you can choose the 16GB memory setup option. However, the unit I’ll be functioning with for this review comes with the standard 8GB RAM.

Currently to business.

Functioning with the 8GB RAM was pleasurable for me. I could conveniently perform all my content development jobs and run several efficient applications at the same time with no hassle.

Talking particularly, I deliberately had several applications and browser tabs operating at the same time when functioning with the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740. I did this to test how this laptop computer performs in the real life of work.

For circumstances, I had word document, stand out, and my chrome browser with fourteen tabs open up at one time. I was also streaming songs on Boomplay while also functioning with Adobe Best Clip.

With all these taking places, I was impressed at how fast I could switch through all my Chrome tabs throughout my research.

Also, I had no struggle whatsoever going backward and forward in between the Adobe Best Clip and Boomplay application.

Unfortunately, I could not say the same for the HP Structure x360 and the LG Gram 14 2-in-1 laptop computer.

To further test the memory efficiency of this laptop computer, I put it through the PCMark 10 criteria test. The PC Note 10 is a criteria test device that measures the RAM’s overall capacity to handle everyday workplace/efficiency jobs.

The greater the variety of factors a laptop computer carries this test, the better its efficiency.

Back to the test. The Lenovo C740 had a general score of 4,233 factors.

This exceeds the average score for laptop computers in this category – the average score is 4000 factors. , it exceeded the HP Structure x360, which had 3,711 factors, and the LG Gram 14 2-in 1, which had 3,949 factors.

On the various other hands, the Lenovo C740 was no suit for the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1. The last had a general score of 4,432 factors – leaving Lenovo C740 behind with 231 factors.

No matter, the Lenovo C740 handled all my multitasking tasks wonderfully well. It also exceeded the PC Note 10 overall average score with over 200 factors.

For these, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 ratings an 8 in this memory (RAM) efficiency review area.

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Storage space Options & Efficiency 

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 offers several storage space setups. These consist of 256 GB, 516 GB, and 1 TB SSD maximum storage space capacity.

Keep in mind that these storage space setups are not upgradeable.

So, depending upon your storage space needs, you could choose the 1TB storage space option. It’s also important to keep in mind that, there is no chance to expand this – as there is no SD card or extra storage spaceport.

To be clear, the unit I evaluated came with the 512 GB PCIe SSD storage space setup. This, in my opinion, suffices storage space to store work files.

Additionally, seeing that this is an SSD storage space, I anticipated a fast efficiency. I needed to conduct a data move test to be certain.

In this file move test, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 512GB PCIe SSD copied 4.97 GB of mixed-media files in 6 secs at a duplicate rate of 848.2 MBps.

To further test the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 512 GB PCIe SSD file move speed, I evaluated various other rivals in its category – The HP Spectre 360x 13 and the Surface Professional 7.

The HP Spectre 360x 13 with 512GB M.2 NVMe PCIe SSD took 15 secs to move the same 4.97 GB file at a rate of 318.1 MBps.

On the various other hands, the Surface Professional 7 with 256GB SSD took 18 secs to move the same mixed files of 4.97 GB. It accomplished this at a move rate of 267.9 MBps.

I also ran a CrystalDiskMark criteria test to test this laptop’s storage space further. In this test, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 racked up a read speed of 3562 MB/s and a compose speed of 2346 MB/s.

Overall, it is clear from the over tests that the Lenovo Yoga’s 512 GB SSD is an outstanding entertainer. Therefore, I’ll score the laptop computer an 8 in this storage space efficiency review area.

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Video Card Efficiency 

This laptop computer offers incorporated Intel UHD Video for the GPU. This GPU comes with a base regularity of 300 MHz and an increased regularity of 1150 MHz.

Unfortunately, this is the just GPU setup this laptop computer offers. This can position many restrictions to the graphically requiring jobs you might want to perform on the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740.

For clearness, an incorporated video card is a GPU kind that is soldered to the CPU. In various other words, it’s connected to the CPU.

The Lenovo Yoga’s GPU has no dedicated video clip memory (VRAM). Hence, it depends on the CPU’s memory to perform video jobs.

Provided this, you would not anticipate this GPU to perform wonderfully well as various other GPU kinds such as Nvidia, which comes with its dedicated VRAM.

Currently back to our focal point – the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740’s video card efficiency. There is very little to anticipate.

I evaluated the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740’s Intel UHD Video using the 3DMark criteria. The Lenovo Yoga exercise brought out 1040 factors in this test – racking up listed below the average factors of 1056 factors required for the GPU kind it comes with.

Additionally, it performed badly compared with its precursor – the Lenovo Yoga exercise C750 15-inch, which racked up 1249 factors. The Dell XPS 13 7390 also surpassed Yoga exercise C740 with a total of 1237 factors.

Coming to real video pc gaming, I also evaluated this laptop computer to see how well it can perform.

Unfortunately, but not remarkably, this visual card wasn’t effective enough to handle premium video games. Among those video games, it could not handle was Red Dead Redemption 2.

In truth, my whole video pc gaming experience on this laptop computer was absolutely nothing to write home about.

The Red Dead Redemption 2 played at 8 fps on reduced setups and 5 fps on medium setups.

Also, on reduced setups, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 played Local Evil Town 2021 at 12.2 fps. This is quite disappointing, considering that Local Evil Town 2021 is a low-end video game.

From the over, it is clear that Lenovo Yoga exercise C740’s Intel UHD Video does not prosper with premium video jobs – video pc gaming or professional work. However, it can handle simple video jobs manageably well.

Therefore, I’ll rate it a 6 from 10 in this video card efficiency review area.

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Battery Life & Efficiency 

The Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 features a 4 Cell 51 Wh, Li-Polymer battery. Inning accordance with Lenovo, this laptop’s battery can last for up to 13 hrs.

In my opinion, that is a great battery runtime. However, I had to test it for myself to be certain.

So, I ran the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740’s battery through a real-world efficiency test – the review test and the internet browsing test.

I made the laptop computer run with no work for my first test – at a minimal illumination degree. For this, the laptop computer gave me a run time of 18 hrs 38 mins.

For my second test, I conducted the internet browsing test with a tool illumination degree. The Lenovo Yoga exercise C740’s battery lasted for 9 hrs 11 mins.

It needed about 1 hr 25 mins more for it to outlive its higher-end variation, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C940 which lasted for 10 hrs 36 mins.

Finally, I had this laptop computer at maximum setups and on complete work to test how well its battery would certainly fare under extreme work. Here, the battery lasted for exactly 1 hr 40 mins.

From the over-tests, I can say that the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740’s battery is an average entertainer. Particularly, you can manage to obtain complete functioning hrs operating time from this battery – that is internet browsing under 50% illumination.

Provided this, I’ll be giving this laptop computer a 7 in this battery efficiency review.

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Review: Often Asked Questions

1. Is Lenovo C740 Well worth It?

The Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 is a decent-performing laptop computer. You can conveniently perform your business/job-related jobs without hassle.

So, going by its price range, premium appearance, and mid-tier efficiency, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 deserves buying.

2. Does Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Come With Pen?

Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 works with a Stylus Pen.

However, this pen doesn’t come with the package. Therefore, you will need to purchase the pen individually.

3. Is Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 14″ Great For Photoshop?

The Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 14″ can handle a couple of browser tabs and Photoshop opened up at the same time -, particularly the i7, 8GB RAM, and 512 GB setup option. So, yes, the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 benefits Photoshop.

4. Is The Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 Great For Video pc gaming?

The Yoga exercise C740 does not have the premium specifications and effective video card required for video pc gaming. Hence, the Yoga exercise C740 isn’t a video gaming laptop computer – either reduced or premium video pc gaming.

5. What Pen Is Suitable With Lenovo Yoga exercise?

Lenovo Yoga exercise works with the Lenovo Energetic Pen 2. This is a Bluetooth-enabled Energetic Pen for writing and drawing that is suitable for Lenovo Yoga exercise laptop computers.

It has up to 4,096 stress levels of sensitivity degrees to promote an all-natural pen and paper experience when sketching, painting, and jotting down keeps in mind.

My Last Ideas

The Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 offers a costs feel and look for a much less price compared to various other laptop computers in its category, e.g. the ASUS ZenBook Turn 14. , it offers a bigger screen dimension compared to the HP Spectre x360 13 with comparable specs.

Considering these, I would certainly say that the Lenovo Yoga exercise C740 deserves every cent of a company and an efficient laptop computer. However, its heavyweight, average battery efficiency, to name a few drawbacks, is a little bit disappointing for me.

Regardless of this, it is a great business exchangeable laptop computer with mid-tier efficiency that is well worth considering.