LG C1 OLED: A Superb OLED TV is not Available at a Great Price


The LG C1 OLED proceeds LG’s performance history of producing some of the best TVs you can buy. The structure of that supremacy is OLED technology – the best TV display technology on the marketplace for the last several years. But our LG C1 OLED review demonstrates how LG has built in addition to that structure, providing a great 4K wise TV, with advanced features, a wise system that supports many popular applications and unique abilities, and a durable (and expanding) collection of video pc gaming features.

The LG C1 OLED is more affordable compared to the premium LG G1 OLED and more qualified compared to the affordable LG A1 OLED that got a lot of attention over Black Friday. The outcome is among the best OLED TVs we’ve seen all year, and easily the best video pc gaming TV you can buy today.

With piece de resistance, a variety of invite improvements to the feature set and user interface, and some of the best future-proofing of any 4K wise TV, the LG C1 OLED is among the top TVs on the marketplace. Plus with Samsung’s less expensive OLEDs currently forever postponed, the LG C1 is still your best affordable OLED TV available.

That said, the LG C1 has been changed by the LG C2 OLED TV with OLED Evo. However we have not evaluated it yet, we produced an overview of the LG C2 vs. LG C1 OLED TV to assist you to decide whether you should obtain the C1 for sale or spend lavishly on the more recent model.

LG C1 OLED: Price and Accessibility

LG’s OLED TVs are available in a bigger range of dimensions compared to ever before, and the C1 OLED flaunts the complete range of options for a 4K OLED, beginning with a small 48-inch model completely up to a huge 83-inch set that will be much too large for most homes but is perfect for a big home theater. If you need help determining which variation is right for you, be certain to see our guide What dimension TV should you buy?

We’ve listed the present routine list prices listed below, but sales prices are production these TVs more affordable compared to ever – that is why we bought it ourselves. This finish of the year duration is also the best time to be shopping for these sets because the prices go to their most affordable point all year, but they vary a fair bit as significant sales occasions such as Black Friday begin and finish, and prices decrease in expectancy of new models being announced in January. (Talking about the new models, we’ve obtained an LG C2 vs LG C1 OLED TV contrast to assist you to decide which model to buy.) Whenever you are after a reduced price, it is well worth looking at our LG promotion codes web page to see if there are any savings available today.

48-inch (Model OLED48C1PUB) — $1,299.99

55-inch (Model OLED55C1PUB) — $1,499.99

65-inch (Model OLED65C1PUB) — $2,099.99

77-inch (Model OLED77C1PUB) — $3,299.99

83-inch (Model OLED83C1PUA) — $5,499.99

For this review, we evaluated the 55-inch model. Because these sets differ in dimension but are else similar in regards to software, ports, and features, we have no question that our recommendations will be put on all dimensions, with no considerable distinctions between them. You will obtain the same piece de resistance and features on models large and small.


LG C1 OLED: Design

The LG C1 uses a design that should recognize since the C collection’s appearance is practically the same over the last several years. It is the same design we saw in our LG CX OLED review in 2020, and the LG C9 OLED before that.

But that is not a poor point at all — the appearance is still spectacular, many thanks to the unbelievably slim measurements of OLED displays and LG’s display-on-glass design. It is significantly thinner compared to other premium TV, such as the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV, which measures a reputable 1-inch thick. Through the whole top fifty percent of the TV, the LG C1 measures 0.1-inch thick. There is simply no contending keeping that in regards to a polished, nearly advanced appearance.

With a thicker element of real estate under fifty percent of the TV, the TV’s overall measurements are 48.3 x 27.8 x 1.8 inches, and the pieced base of the stand has an impact that is 9.9 inches deep. It is not very hefty at 41.7 extra pounds, but you definitely want 2 individuals to assist set this up, also at the smaller sized 55-inch dimension. The slim and slightly versatile panel of the all-glass display is hard to navigate solo.

The pedestal stand that comes with the LG C1 is great, but if you want to wall surface mount the set, it will deal with any 300 x 200 millimeter VESA mount, consisting of several models on our list of the best TV installs.


LG C1 OLED: Ports

On the rear of the TV, there are 2 panels of ports and links, one rear-facing and one left-facing. The rear-facing panel consists of one HDMI input and 2 USB links together with coax, ethernet, an earphone jack for sound, an earphone design solution port, and electronic optical sound output.

On the left-facing panel, there are 3 HDMI 2.1 ports ( one with eARC), and a solitary USB input. For cordless connection, the TV also has integrated 802.11ac and Bluetooth 5.0.

That the C1 flaunts HDMI 2.1 connection on all 4 of its HDMI ports and shoulders over the competitors, offering advanced abilities such as high frame rate video pc gaming and 4K content at 120Hz. If you have actually among the newest video game gaming consoles, that is a huge selling point.

LG C1 OLED: Efficiency

We expected great picture quality from the C1 because of its OLED display panel. OLED technology offers self-illuminated pixels, with the ability to lighten up or darken individual pixels, which equates right into remarkable comparison, perfect inky black degrees, and superior HDR capability. But LG goes an action further, pairing this display with the Alpha 9 Gen 4 AI 4K cpu, the newest variation of LG’s advanced video clip processing equipment.

Basic efficiency tests revealed to us what we currently expected with the OLED display. Viewing angles are excellent, with no color moving also at severe viewing angles, and perfectly consistent backlight. Unlike also the best LCD TVs, that meant the C1 produced perfectly consistent illumination from corner to corner and side to side, which remains in maintaining with the per-pixel illumination that OLED offers.

Watching select 4K examples truly owned home the quality of the UHD display. An airborne tour of the coast of Italy revealed craggy high cliffs and tiny windowed structures – all small enough to appear like minis, but with itsy-bitsy cars when driving and watercrafts drifting in the sea. Heaven waters of the sea were vibrant, the green greenery was rich, and the cliffside structures all looked beautiful.

Another 4K video clip of drone video of Manhattan gave us sharp, detailed views of the Sculpture of Freedom, as well as various sites around Manhattan. Blue skies appeared blue, brilliantly structures glowed reasonably in the evening, and shots of the Brooklyn Connect had a reasonably detailed block and high-stress cables. Everything looked great.

Watching the 4K trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, the vibrant shades all came through bright and life-like, otherwise a bit over-amped and filled to provide a deliberate, impractical aesthetic effect. The nearly hallucinogenic images looked great on the OLED display, from bright blue tablets in the sink to brilliantly colored clothes and the acquainted green matrix code.

LG C1 OLED: Test outcomes

Once we obtained the C1 under the range, the test outcomes talked to the excellent efficiency the OLED TV offers. Using an X-Rite i1 Professional spectrophotometer, an AccuPel DVG-5000 video clip test pattern generator, and SpectraCal CalMAN Supreme calibration software, we test every TV for one of the most basic aspects of picture quality: Color range recreation, color precision, and maximum illumination.

As expected for an OLED TV, the C1 has great color, and recreated 131.59% of the Rec 709 color range, exceeding the basic standard, long as we’ve seen in the Sony Bravia XR A80J OLED (128.05%) and the LG G1 OLED TV (133.28%). That is common in OLED displays, which regularly beat out also the best LCD TVs, such as the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED, which is among the best we’ve evaluated at 99.78%.

Color precision was also top-notch, with an average Delta-E score of 1.25, where lower ratings are better — 0 is a perfect score, but anything under 2.0 is considered very great for package precision. That makes it among one of the most accurate TVs we’ve ever seen, in advance of last year’s LG CX OLED (1.95), or this year’s LG G1 OLED (1.63) and Sony A80J (2.88), despite these TVs being some of the best we’ve seen. Also, the best non-OLED TVs, such as the Samsung QN90A (2.57) struggle to suit this degree of precision.

The TV also offers great illumination, which is one location where OLED displays have typically had a hard time. The LG C1 produced 409 nits of illumination, which is a somewhat greater outcome compared to the 2020 LG CX OLED (396 nits) or the Vizio OLED TV (373 nits), and just slightly behind the LG G1 OLED (412 nits), which is among the best outcomes of any OLED TV and features LG’s bolder and more vibrant OLED Evo technology.


LG C1 OLED: Gaming

Players will also love the brief 12.6 milliseconds of lag time that we measured in testing. That suits the outstanding Samsung QN90A Neo QLED (12.6ms) and is among the shortest lag times we’ve ever measured.

But that is just one of the many factors that make the C1 OLED a great video pc gaming TV. LG has developed the video pc gaming abilities of the C1 significantly, from raw capability — brief lag times, excellent color and comparison — to advanced features, such as HDMI 2.1, which offers high-frame rate support and auto low-latency setting (ALLM), which perfectly switches to video pc gaming setting as quickly as you terminate up a video game on your console.

Another key feature of HDMI 2.1 is the variable revitalization rate (VRR), but LG takes its action past with a mix of special features. The LG C1 OLED flaunts Nvidia G-Sync, production it ideal for PC video pc gaming, and has also included support for Dolby Vision HDR at 120Hz, which is presently just offered on the Xbox Collection X.

LG has also included a unique Video game Optimizer food selection, which gives you information about present frame prices and latency and allows you to change specific aspects of picture and processing such as black stabilizer, latency, VRR support, and HDR setups.

With our Xbox Collection X connected, we could see that the TV supports 4K UHD gameplay at 60 Hz and 120 Hz, together with HDR 10 and Dolby Vision. In routine movie and TV playback, the TV sporting activities are 10-bit color at 24, 50, and 60 Hz. If the Xbox supports it, the LG C1 OLED supports it as well.

And everything displays in real gameplay. Obtaining a bird’s-eye view in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, peering through the eyes of a raven, I had the ability to swoop over and about an extremely detailed Norse town. The highly detailed globe has plenty of vibrant shades, with decorative roofs, reasonable snowfall, and great deals of birds flapping about. Back on the ground degree, communicating with various other personalities, I was delighted to see carefully detailed hair and tooled natural leather, in addition to a great range of illumination many thanks to HDR.

From the basic responsiveness and picture quality to the fine-tuned features and style support, this TV is built to deliver a costs video pc gaming experience. Completion outcome is among the best video pc gaming TVs we’ve ever seen.

LG C1 OLED: Sound

The LG C1 OLED offers a sound that is equally as premium as the display. Equipped with 40 watts of 2.2 network sound, the slim TV flaunts better-than-average sound and quantity.

In my hands-on time with the TV, I was thrilled by the sound quality. When watching the video clip, the going along with dialog was clear and understandable. When paying attention to songs from the new Netflix Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, I loved how well the TV brought out the funky kung-fu film-inspired bassline and conga drums in the track Blood Siblings, and the upgraded variation of Storage container! Was very clear when having fun with the blaring horns that might bewilder the audio speakers on a lower TV.

But also quieter sounds come through plainly. Watching a 4K fireplace video clip, the crackles and pops of shedding logs were crisp and clear, while the reduced roar of the terminate came through reasonably.

The one location where the TV didn’t wow me was the bass quality. At quantities listed below 25%, the bass degrees were dull and too peaceful to balance the remainder of the sound. On the other hand, when the quantity was up greater, about 70%, bass not just obtained louder, it subdued the treble greater than it should. You could probably fix both of these problems in the equalizer setups, but the balance had not been perfect under the default setups.

Relates to sound, the LG C1 OLED also has some extra features that are a cutover. The TV’s Bluetooth connection means that you could set it with Bluetooth audio speakers for easy border sound, and the WiSA connection provides cordless 5.1 for WiSA-ready stereo.

Also on wired systems, Dolby Atmos support provides immersive, multi-dimensional sound, which you can make through the best soundbars. There’s one problem, however. Some users have grumbled that there is a considerable sound delay on LG OLED TVs when using Dolby Atmos(opens in new tab) with certain devices. For instance, when video pc gaming on Xbox Collection X lip sync can feel off by a great 1-2 secs, something that becomes grating. We hope that a repair is coming.

LG’s AI Sound Professional can also be used to optimize sound for the room and environments of the TV, changing the sound to better reflect off of nearby furnishings and wall surfaces for a richer soundscape, despite no additional audio speakers.


LG C1 OLED: Smart TV features

The LG C1 OLED has great wise TV functions, many thanks mostly to the improved webOS 6.0. The upgraded user interface has a cleanser appearance, with several rows of applications and content suggestions, better than the user interface used by Msn and yahoo TV compared to the solitary bow food selection of applications that older webOS variations used.

It is smarter in some uncommon ways, with features such as Sporting activities Alert, which allows you to obtain updates on your favorite sporting activities and individual groups, such as beginning times for occasions and ratings for ongoing suits, also while watching various other content.

LG’s ThinQ AI combines user-friendly content browse with both Google Aide and Amazon.com Alexa articulate aides, with both available right from the remote.

LG’s application choice is also better compared to it is ever been, with current enhancements bringing solutions such as Peloton and HBOmax. The application choice isn’t the greatest of any wise TV system we’ve seen, but it has most of the applications that individuals truly want – but it is missing out on a couple of, such as DIscovery+, Philo TV, and several popular BBC applications (and also popular options such as Apple TV+ have lagged months behind various other TVs in obtaining support) so search for your essential applications to earn certain you can obtain it on webOS.

Another cool point for players: LG also has excellent support for shadow video pc gaming solutions. With both Msn and yahoo Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Shadow, it is a great video pc gaming TV also if you do not have a video game console or PC connected.


LG C1 OLED: Push-button control

LG’s revamped Magic Remote is simply just comparable to the last time we looked at it, which has a sleeker account compared to in years previous, production it comfier to keep in the hand compared to its bulbous precursor. The scrolling click wheel in the facility of the remote makes it easy to check out food selections and lists, while the motion-controlled cursor on-screen gives you a user-friendly way to browse applications.

Dedicated application switches on the remote let you jump right to popular applications, such as Netflix, Prime Video clip, Disney Plus, and LG Networks, which offer a lot of free content you can enjoy with no type of registration or membership.

The remainder of the remote layout is pretty self-explanatory, with number switches for leaping to specific networks, backward and forward switches for changing quantity and flipping networks, and switches for opening up food selections or using both Msn and yahoo Aide and Amazon.com Alexa.


The LG C1 OLED is an excellent TV, and in many respects, it is shut to perfect. The picture quality is great. The video pc gaming efficiency and features are incomparable. The sound quality needs a bit of tweaking to obtain it called in, but in between AI optimization and modifications for individual choice, it goes from great to great very quickly and will deliver also better sound when coupled with a great soundbar or audio speakers. LG’s WebOS is better compared to it is ever been, when coupled with the improved remote and dual-assistant articulate control options, it is a deeply user-friendly and effective wise TV experience.

You will be hard pushed to find a better-looking TV, but in various other aspects, such as the wise TV software, we’ve seen rivals side slightly in advance. The Sony Bravia XR A80J OLED offers comparable premium efficiency with Msn and yahoo TV (which is the best wise TV system on the marketplace right now), and the Samsung QN90A Neo QLED TV offers better illumination compared to OLED can suit while going point for point on most features.

But in regards to providing a great total package, from the fundamentals to the better touches, the LG C1 OLED is definitely among the best, and places everything with each other at a cost price that suits the worth you obtain. The Samsung and Sony models side in advance in a couple of specific locations, but there is no question that this is among the best sets on the marketplace, and the best video pc gaming TV you can buy.