LG G2 OLED: Best OLED TV in its Brand


In this LG G2 review, we’re looking at the company’s new premium 4K OLED TV for 2022, which promises to deliver class-leading efficiency in regard to picture precision, processing, and top illumination.

And make indisputable, the LG G2 is successful in all these locations. A huge one. To accomplish these objectives LG has developed its new Alpha 9 Gen 5 cpu and included illumination-increasing technology that provides new HDR peaks, without compromising any one of the deep and abundant black tones that OLED is well known for.

When it comes to picture quality alone, the LG G2 is definitely amongst the best OLED TVs we’ve ever seen, and it is just more outstanding that it is available in a 22mm thick package that appears amazing on the wall surface.

The addition of improved sound processing, comprehensive video pc gaming features to maintain it in advance of the best video pc gaming TVs, plus the newest variation of webOS for wise TV features imply that you are obtaining a set that is basically remarkable throughout every aspect of its efficiency. It is really among the best TVs in the world – but it comes with a costs price.


The LG G2 is launched in April 2022, with the exemption of the 97-inch variation, which will follow later on in 2022.

The LG G2 is available in 55-inch, 65-inch, 77-inch, and 83-inch dimensions at first, plus that 97-inch model coming later on, which is the first OLED TV also to make in that dimension.

At the moment of the magazine, we’re still waiting on the last UK prices, but the 55-inch OLED55G2 costs $2,199/€2,499, the 65-inch OLED65G2 costs $2,999/€3,599, the 77-inch OLED77G2 costs $3,999/€5,999, and the 83-inch OLED83G2 costs $6,499/€8,999.

These are, certainly, very premium prices. It is an action up over the price of the LG C2, which is the more mid-range model from LG’s 2022 OLED line-up – the 55-inch LG C2 costs $1,799, for contrast. We’ve obtained an LG C2 vs LG G2 contrast if you wish to know more about the distinctions between both models.

The LG G2 is more competitor with similarity to the Sony A95K and Samsung S95B when it comes to premium OLED TVs, both of which use various QD-OLED panel technology: here is a QD-OLED vs OLED explainer. We’ve also obtained a contrast between the LG G2 and Sony A95K with more description of their particular features.

Because of context, the LG G2’s price isn’t in line with the competitors at all – also the best non-OLED TVs, such as the Samsung QN95B, cost a lot.



The LG G2 uses the company’s newest OLED panel technology, with a resolution of 4K and support for HDR. This panel includes reformulated products with more precise wavelengths for a broadened color range and was also used in the LG G1. However, the LG G2 also consists of an innovation called Illumination Booster Max, which utilizes heat dissipation technology to increase the overall luminance by 30%.

The G2 flaunts the new Alpha 9 Gen 5 cpu, which uses AI-enhanced deep learning how to improve the upscaling of lower-resolution content to appear great in 4K. This updated cpu also uses category discovery, scene discovery, and item and history improvements to earn all SDR and HDR content showing up more detailed and life-like. LG phone telephone calls the mix of its new panel and this chip ‘OLED Evo’.

The TV runs the newest variation of LG’s wise system – webOS 22. This is modified to earn communication more user-friendly, permit greater customization, and provide better recommendations. In regards to choice, all the significant video clip streamers exist and are correct, consisting of Freeview Play in the UK.

There is support for most high vibrant range styles, consisting of HDR10, crossbreed log-gamma (HLG), and Dolby Vision IQ with Accuracy Information. LG claims it’s the just manufacturer that presently has sufficient processing power to offer Accuracy Information, which takes out more information from Dolby Vision HDR content. While there is no HDR10+ support, that is hardly a great loss – it is much less commonly sustained compared to Dolby Vision.

The G2 is an incredible TV for players, many thanks to 4 HDMI 2.1 inputs that support 4K at 120Hz, and VRR – consisting of Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync, as well as the HDMI variation. There is also ALLM, which immediately switches to the reduced latency Video game Optimiser setting when a console is detected. The Video game Optimiser is broadened to offer more features, and the input lag is an extremely reduced 9.4ms.



The LG G2 provides all the efficiency benefits you had to anticipate from an OLED TV, with inky blacks, near-infinite comparison proportions, and extremely wide viewing angles. However, the Illumination Booster Max technology truly pays returns to set it aside from the crown, striking nearly 950 nits of top illumination.

And that is not in some super-vibrant viewing setting that is designed to pump points up, which is how some TVs get to their top illumination numbers. That is in Filmmaker Setting, which disables any contrast-boosting trickery, with a 10% home window, so enough for some real highlights in a scene.

Once you integrate this with OLED’s pixel-precision and LG’s class-leading vibrant tone mapping, you have some of the best HDR pictures we’ve ever seen. The colors are also bright and vibrant, with the LG getting to 99% of the DCI-P3 color space used for HDR.

The G2’s updated vibrant tone mapping truly delivered the products in our tests, benefiting from the enhanced illumination and improved processing to produce impactful HDR pictures with specular highlights free of clipping, deep blacks, and detailed darkness that just weren’t crushed.

In more basic terms, the overall screen uniformity was excellent, with no indications of banding, filthy screen effect, or color tinting anywhere on our review example. Representations are also handled well, and the overall color precision was excellent, particularly in the Filmmaker Setting.

When you combined these attributes with an advanced cpu such as the Alpha 9 Gen 5, you obtain sharp and detailed pictures no matter the initial resolution of the content. The motion handling is also outstanding, although perfectionists will want to transform TruMotion for film-based material.


As an included bonus to the wonderful picture quality, the G2 does not simply appear great, it also sounds great. The Alpha 9 Gen 5 cpu uses its enhanced processing power to use multi-layer deep learning how to a sound indicate, including online back and overhead networks to produce an immersive sound experience.

This processing not just creates a greater sense of envelopment, but also draws discussion from the blend to earn it more intelligible, which is often very useful.

Certainly, a slim TV isn’t most likely to deliver the bass you might want from a home theater configuration, and the online border networks can’t suit the real point, so for the complete movie experience you will still want among the best soundbars for LG TVs – but you will not need one right from the package. What the TV alone offers is outstanding.


The LG G2 uses the newest Gallery Version design, with a slim bezel and non-chamfered framework that is just 22mm deep inside out. The appearance is clean and simple, with appealing steel cut about the external side, and a small black boundary about the screen. The building also uses a compound fiber material that is more powerful, lighter, and more environmentally friendly.

It is a great choice for anybody desiring a big and bright OLED TV with a touch of premium course. The G2 is primarily designed for wall surface installation and comes with a unique dedicated brace that installs its purge to the wall surface for that purpose. If you do not want to wall surface mount, you can buy LG’s optional flooring stand or feet – or simply get a suitable VESA to stand rather.

The Magic Remote coincides as in 2015, and remains the best controller on the marketplace, with an onscreen pointer that makes browsing the TV user-friendly and enjoyable. There are direct access switches for Netflix, Prime Video clip, Disney+, and Rakuten TV, together with activation switches for the integrated Alexa and Msn and yahoo aides. There is also a microphone for articulate communication.


The LG G2 is an excellent OLED TV that provides remarkable HDR efficiency with bright specular highlights, and extremely accurate vibrant tone mapping. The new Alpha 9 Gen 5 cpu is state-of-the-art, and the Illumination Booster Max does exactly what it says on the tin.

The outcome is a 4K TV that can produce highly detailed and natural-looking pictures, while also taking complete benefit of OLED’s deep blacks, class-leading comparison, and wider viewing angles.

The G2 is the complete package, because it, not just appears amazing, but also sounds a great many thanks to highly effective sound processing. The design is ultra-slim and stylish, the webOS 22 wise system is extensive, and the Magic Remote makes navigating user-friendly.

The comprehensive video pc gaming features and extremely reduced input lag make this a great TV for players. About the just feature missing out on is HDR10+, but or else this incredible TV should be on top of your shopping list.