Life Station Medical Alert System: Helping Our Loved Ones Remotely

Older grownups that decide to age in their homes often face the problem of wondering how they’ll obtain emergency situation clinical help if when they need it.

One way to stay protected in your home or on the move is with a dependable clinical alert system. Clinical alert systems are at home or on mobile devices that are connected to a 24/7 monitoring facility. If you have actually an emergency situation and need immediate assistance, the monitoring facility representative will evaluate the circumstance and send off emergency situation solutions for your exact place.

Most clinical alert systems also have devices to assist maintain caretakers associated with their loved one’s treatment. But with so many clinical systems to choose from in the marketplace today, it can be challenging to determine which clinical alert system is best for you or your loved one. We´re here to assist.

While LifeStation didn’t make our top clinical alert system picks, it is still a dependable, established company that offers standard clinical alert systems, a smartwatch option, and also add-on buddy solutions to assist with jobs such as grocery store shopping and driving.

LifeStation Clinical Alert System Summary

LifeStation was established in 1977 and is a family-owned company centered in Union, New Jacket. The company offers standard clinical alert systems—at-home, mobile, and a smartwatch option—and its memberships are very simple.

We such as that shoppers can currently purchase LifeStation’s packages online. Formerly, you needed to call a sales agent to purchase your system.

LifeStation’s 24/7 monitoring centers are staffed by its own trained dispatchers located in Texas and New Jacket. This is a stand-out feature since most clinical alert companies contract out their monitoring centers to third-party contractors.

LifeStation claims its monitoring facility representatives react in about 20 secs when you push the emergency situation switch. We reached the monitoring facility in between 15-25 secs when we evaluated LifeStation.

How Do LifeStation Clinical Alert Systems Work?

LifeStation clinical alert systems resemble most rivals. Shoppers that are overwhelmed by too many options will such as that there are just 3 options to choose from: an at-home system, a mobile phone, and a smartwatch option.

Fall discovery is available for all packages besides the Sidekick Wise, LifeStation’s clinical alert smartwatch. Fall discovery is just $6 monthly, while most clinical alert systems with fall discovery charge $10 monthly.

A protection plan is also available for all packages for $6 monthly. LifeStation will change your system if it quits working because of equipment or technological problems. This protection plan is very limited and resembles a producer warranty that’s usually consisted of by default with various other companies.

Features and Devices

Fall Discovery

Fall discovery is available with the In-Home Clinical Alert System and Sidekick mobile system. If you fall, sensing units in the necklace acknowledge the sudden movement and instantly connect to a tracking facility representative that will talk to you through your necklace.

The representative will immediately send out help for your place if you don’t answer. No charge is billed for duds.

LifeStation cautions that while fall discovery can help determine drops, it doesn’t spot all drops. It’s important to keep in mind that fall discovery isn’t a substitute for fall avoidance measures you can take in your house.

Find My Loved One

As mentioned formerly, Find My Loved One is a GPS monitoring feature consisting of LifeStation’s mobile and smartwatch packages. This feature allows you to inspect your loved one’s place anytime by sending out a message to LifeStation. You will obtain a connection to Msn and yahoo Maps showing your loved one’s place as long as they’re wearing the mobile system or smartwatch.

You need to be listed as among your loved one’s official Emergency situations Get in touch with them to have the ability to use this particular solution.

Emergency situation Contact List

our Emergency situation Contact List is a listing of relatives, friends, and next-door neighbors the monitoring facility representative will contact throughout or after an emergency situation. You will choose the purchase and the representative will contact everyone on your list.

The customer support agent we contacted let us know that you could just include 2 get in touch with for your Emergency situation Contact List when you are ordering your clinical alert system. Once you have your device and it is been installed, you can that call LifeStation to include more get in touch with.

We think it would certainly be easier to include your complete Emergency situation Contact List throughout the ordering process—this extra step looks like an unneeded hassle.

Extra Help Switch

You can include another help switch for your at-home system throughout the online checkout process. An extra help switch is great backup protection—you can place it in a high-risk location in situations you forget to wear your necklace. Sadly, the extra help switch does not consist of fall discovery.

LifeStation Luxury Necklace

Stay protected and stylish with LifeStation Luxury. This lightweight pendant has a very discreet clinical alert switch so you can stay connected to the monitoring facility without wearing a standard lanyard.

We such as that LifeStation offers this unique, more stylish clinical alert option, but it has some restrictions. The luxury necklace must be within 200 feet of the Sidekick mobile system to connect to the monitoring facility, and it does not support fall discovery.


You can store an extra house type in a resilient lockbox to connect to your doorknob, fencing, or barrier. The monitoring facility representative will share the lockbox code with emergency situation dispatchers so they can enter your home securely if you are not able to answer the door throughout an emergency situation.

Wall surface Switch

Wall surface switches prolong the coverage range of your base terminal throughout your home. The switches are easy to connect to the wall surface in high-risk and high-traffic locations, such as your bathroom, kitchen area, or near the bottom of your stairs. Simply push the switch to connect to the monitoring facility.

Uber Health and wellness

We called a customer support agent to inspect if Uber Health and wellness was still an offered feature since it is just mentioned on the LifeStation homepage and can’t be included in your membership throughout the online checkout.

The agent informed us that Uber Health and wellness can´t be bought online. Rather, you need to call LifeStation to include the Uber Health and wellness solution for your account.

Papa Pals Service

Papa Pals is a third-party company that offers buddy solutions to assist with everyday tasks. Your Papa Pal can assist with scheduling your visits, grocery store shopping, light cleaning, food preparation, and more.

Client Support

Sadly, LifeStation does not have a chatbot or contact base on its website for fast questions. You must call the toll-free number on top of the website and talk straight with a customer support agent.

When we called LifeStation, we were put on hold for a couple of secs before getting in touch with a customer support agent. The agent was pleasant and attempted to help us as long as they could. They confessed that they didn’t have a certain solution to our questions about the at-home landline system and recommended that we call the sales group. The agent had the ability to help us with information that had not been very clear on LifeStation’s website.

Overall, our telecall was pleasant, helpful, and required no delay time, but we wish some services and product information were more clear on LifeStation’s website.

Installation and Configuration

LifeStation has a “plug-and-play” configuration that does not require professional installation.

To set up the In-Home Cordless base terminal, connect your system right to an electrical outlet that is constantly on and not controlled by a timer or switch. You will after that call LifeStation’s toll-free number listed in the configuration instructions to activate and test the system.

Both the mobile system and smartwatch are currently set up when you receive them. You will simply need to connect to the billing cradle, charge the device, and follow the testing instructions consisted with the system.

Technology provides benefits for those people that cannot constantly be alongside individuals that need our guidance. The presence of this device is certainly very helpful for us so that we stay concentrated on our work and can still control our moms and dads.