Logitech G502 X Plus: Excellent Premium Gaming Computer Mouse with lots of Features


If you are looking for a brand-new computer mouse after that you might have seen the G502 X or G502 X Plus from Logitech striking the marketplace recently. These pointers are the most recent enhancements to the G502 line, which you’ve most likely listened to before with the G502 Hero being a bestseller for a lengthy while.

These mice present features available on the best video pc gaming computer mouse and best cordless video pc gaming computer mouse, producing them potential competitors for the top spots if they stand up well.



The first point I noticed about the design of this computer mouse, for the G502 X Plus particularly, is where the RGB is positioned. Instead compared to being about the side or on the hand just there’s an awesome cross-section of illumination. It is rather regrettable that the wired version does not come with RGB provided the price point, but it still has the same cool design. You have the ability to fully control the RGB with Logitech’s Lightsync technology.

The real form of the computer mouse is designed for ergonomic right-handed hold, with a rubber hold structure about the thumb location to ensure convenience throughout lengthy video pc gaming sessions and no sliding.

Consisted of the cordless variation is a small detachable puck near the bottom where you can store the 2.4ghx connector. This makes it easy to get on your bag if you need it for on-the-go video pc gaming.

The wired variation is available at 89 grams and the cordless one is available at 106 grams. This is to be expected as cordless versions have the tendency to be heavier overall many thanks to the rechargeable battery. These are certainly not the lightest options on the marketplace consequently, but they are a lot lighter compared to their precursor, the G502 Hero, which is better than 120 grams.

You can obtain both the G502 X and the G502 X Plus in black and white options, so this way it can suit your configuration whether it’s dark or light-themed.

It is well worth keeping in mind that there’s a significant product packaging distinction between both options: the cordless one is available in an incredible box that really feels premium to open, while the wired version is available in a box you had to anticipate a less expensive computer mouse to find in. You can truly inform which variation Logitech put more treatment right into.



Apart from that one is wired and one is cordless, the functional features offered by both mice are virtually similar.

To start with, you obtain 13 programmable switches. The place of the switches is easy to access and I found them a lot more satisfying when compared with various other models that simply stack switches in addition to each other as you do not need to worry about fat-fingering them. There’s a dedicated sniper switch on the side of the computer mouse, but the top on this can be switched over to a standard one consisted of in the package so it can be a typical switch too.

The DPI on these pointers goes from 100 completely up to 25,000. Regardless of what video games, you play or if you play a wide variety of them, this computer mouse will help you. You can also store up to 5 onboard memory accounts if you use Logitech GHUB (or more without it).

You also obtain the choice between standard scrolling or ultrafast scrolling with this computer mouse, which you can change with simply the journalism of a switch. This is great for those that may need to bunny jump but still want the option to switch backward and forward in between scrolling designs.

The cordless version connects with a Lightspeed 2.4ghz USB connector. However, you can also use it with a wired link via a USB to USB-C cable television. This is also the cable television that charges it, meaning you can charge and dip into the same time if you run from power mid-game. The computer mouse flaunts a 120-hour battery life without the RGB on or 37 hrs with the RGB constantly on.

The wired version is certainly plug-and-play so you do not need to worry about battery life or input lag.


I evaluated both the wired and cordless units and found that both of them functioned incredibly. I a lot more preferred the wired version but that is even if I prefer to connect and play since my memory is regrettable to keep in mind to charge my computer mouse when it is obtained a reduced battery.

On the other hand, I found myself changing between the scroll wheel options frequently so I could browse lengthy webpages for work but still have a typical scroll wheel for when I want to switch between tools without unlimited scrolling in between them.

I typically play both shooters and MOBAs and found that the variety of switches fit me perfectly for both genres. I found myself not truly using the sniper switch so I changed it over to a typical top and it became my ping switch.

I just very recently updated my computer mouse floor covering, so when testing these mice I actually had a fairly bad one and I found that I was still obtaining beside no drag at all. After changing my computer mouse pad and testing them again, they moved throughout my workdesk perfectly.

The GHUB software was easy to use and enabled me to designate among the switches on the computer mouse to cycle accounts very quickly. This meant I could switch between them on the packing screen if I wanted various accounts for various personalities.

How we evaluated the Logitech G502 X (+Plus)

I evaluated both mice by using them instead of my normal computer mouse, for both functioning from home and video pc gaming. When video pc gaming I played a wide variety of video game genres to ensure I could truly put them to the test. This consists of FPS video games, MOBAs, and combating video games.

I was certain to test all the features that it declared to have as well as see if the battery life sounded real on the cordless version. I used the computer mouse without the associated GHBU program and with it to see if the computer mouse still worked properly without it.