Logitech Z407: A Lotta BOOM for Your Dollar many Thanks to its Effectiveness Below


Initially, glimpse, the Logitech Z407 Bluetooth computer system audio speaker appears as the entire package, also the price really feels unreal. You must have a lot of questions about its features and whether they truly are of top-notch worth.

To ensure you obtain your money’s well worth, our experts are here to damage down everything about this audio speaker system in this Logitech Z407 review.


Logitech Z407 Design

The Logitech Z407 Bluetooth [1] computer system audio speakers come in a matte graphite grey to close to black color. It looks like a complete stereo all by itself with the addition of a downward-firing subwoofer that rumbles as well as 2 10-watt satellite audio speakers. To give you complete control over the quantity, bass, and more, the Z407 also has a cordless control call.

What’s great about both oval-shaped satellite audio speakers is they feature a detachable stand, which allows users to angle them as they please. Our experts are raving about the versatility of the up and down or flat-put audio speakers.

There are lots of links located on the rear of each element, but our group will enter into that later on. Among the best aspects of the Z407 is the cordless call it comes with.

There are AAA batteries that consisted in the system, and the call just features a one-click switch, as well as the play/pause switch. This is an extremely simple design if you want to change quantity degrees or skip a tune with a simple push.

The switch also functions as a turning call for step-by-step quantity modifications, which is easier to use compared to pushing the switch. Under of the control, cordless calls are a Bluetooth pairing switch and a switch that allows you to easily set and switch from Bluetooth to various other cordless devices.

Another great feature about the Z407 is its compatibility with Bluetooth 5.0, which is a lot stabler as well as the present standard of Bluetooth cordless links.

Features of the Logitech Z407

Our experts have produced a listing of important features to appear in Bluetooth computer system audio speakers and how Bluetooth connection operates in these devices, consisting of items that make the audio speakers system stand out and surpass desktop computer audio speakers of its type in this Logitech Z407 review.

Sound Quality

The dimension of the audio speaker system is quite small, although it comes with many elements. The small account can sometimes compromise the sound output of a routine 2.1 audio speaker design, but the quantity and bass degrees from the Z407 deeply impressed our group.

The advanced DSP system can minimize distortion. Our group also played hardcore shake, hip jump, stand-out, and soothing songs on the Logitech Z407, and really felt the songs were very clear throughout the room.

There aren’t advanced sound technologies such as Dolby or DTS embedded in this 2.1 audio speaker system, but as the audio speakers obtain greater quantity, the deep bass subwoofer, reduced range rumbles, and effective mid ranges functioning along with high tweeters truly produce extensive great sound.

You can place the left and right satellite audio speakers and angle them for your will to further produce upward shooting audio speakers for high quantities. The Z407 audio speaker has a top power score of 80 watts and can process electronic indicate processing or DPS indicates accurately, which isn’t bad for a small, small, and affordable design.

If you still want to improve the sound of your 2.1 audio speaker system, here’s our overview of making louder audio speakers.


The bass degree from the subwoofer suffices, but our group will confess that it isn’t one of the most resounding basses they have ever listened to unlike with Logitech Z-5500 that we evaluated. The subwoofer has 20 watts of top power, but the downward-firing angle would certainly help the bass degree by creating more resonances along your floorings or desktop computer.

You can change the bass with the cordless control call. The subwoofer is about 10 inches in elevation, which is small enough for easy positioning but also large enough to produce loud bass tones.

Cordless Connection

There are 2 kinds of cordless connection offered by audio speakers, and that’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some devices have both, but our group recommends Bluetooth at the minimum for its common presence in most media devices.

For Wi-Fi, you would certainly obtain a more powerful link that’s available throughout your home, but Bluetooth is practical if you simply want a one-room configuration or maximum compatibility with various other devices.

The Z407 audio speaker has a Bluetooth switch under of the cordless control call that assists with the configuration and Bluetooth 5.0 link. You can easily connect it to various other cordless audio speakers with a Bluetooth connection.


Most high-performing PC audio speakers under 100 have both wired and cordless links. The Logitech Z407 connects via Bluetooth, RCA, mini USB cable television, and 3.5 mm input. You can connect via a wired or cordless link. For devices via cable televisions, it will limit the positioning of the audio speakers.

The mini USB input for the Logitech Z407 will permit easy playback and fun conserving files from older devices that may not have Bluetooth.

One regrettable point our expert group will say is that the hardwired cable televisions are a bit brief. Because of this, the Logitech Z407 will need to be set up on a table shut for your computer system. When connecting these computer system audio speakers for your tv, ensure that the devices are shut to various others. This means a lack of positioning versatility.

Logitech Z407 Configuration

The configuration of the Logitech Z407 is a simple one much like developing a link with a high-quality PC soundbar. It’s fairly pain-free compared with various other devices and is also very easy to use. You obtain everything you need to be consisted of in the package, and this also consists of the AAA batteries that had to power the control call.

The 3.5mm jack, subwoofer, and power cable televisions are also in the package, but the Bluetooth mini USB cable television needs to be bought individually. The audio speaker system is basically a connect-and-play design. Simply connect the power cable televisions to the wall surface and connect the right and left audio speakers to the below, and you are great to go.

For the control call, simply place the three-way A batteries and push the switch to start. An individual manual should also go along with the system if you have actually questions about how to use it.


Among the preferred features of the Logitech Z407 is the price. It is among the most affordable valued audio speakers with a subwoofer and control call our experts have seen. The sound isn’t warranted by the price because the sound quality produced by the audio speakers sounds great. It’s an inexpensive audio speaker such as the Harmon Kardon Onyx Workshop 3 and 4 with great sound quality.

Versatility and versatility are often something that affects the price of audio speakers. However, there are top-notch computer system audio speakers listed below 50 that deliver outstanding sound quality. The Z407 gives users the flexibility to angle the left and right satellite audio speakers to fit their configuration. Turn them greater to concentrate on tweeter sound and lower for more bass sound. There are also extra practical rewards such as Bluetooth, a control call for easy use, and expert adjusting that truly makes the Logitech Z407 an outstanding deal.

Final thought

Our experts enjoyed the Logitech Z407 review, which had a favorable result after comprehensive testing. The sound originating from such a small and small design was extremely outstanding. In addition, the affordable price and practical features such as Bluetooth and the cordless control call truly make the Logitech Z407 a good deal.