Metaverse and Trends of Technology in The Future


People never imagined that there is something like a smartphone to this day. Maybe it is not too much if we say the smartphone is the greatest invention of this century.

Just like people in the old days that never imagine smartphones, as well as we are that maybe never imagine what will happen in the future. In the future technology might become more advanced than now and we never expected it.

This is what we never expected that already exists.

1.    Metaverse


Metaverse prediction can be leading the internet world to a whole new level. It can redefine what the internet is. Instead, become a bowl of sites and apps, metaverse would become an environment where anybody can move from on-site to another site as simple as walking from one room to another room.

2. Programmable World: Our Planet, Personalized

With the development of 5G and other technology like ambient computing, augmented reality, and smart material, the digital environment will be more blended with the physical world. This environment not only just rebuilds how people connected to the virtual world but also redefines everything inside and how people interact also the control they have.

3. The Unreal


The main topic of this discourse is synthetic data, where artificial intelligence or AI becomes basic knowledge to build a world. The virtual world would become a reality, and now it is time for a business owners to set their equipment on facing this trend.

4. Computing the Impossible

Maybe you have heard about quantum computing, high-performance computing, and many others. This computing system is a real advanced computing system. It consumes low energy but works faster. In the future people would use this computer because it can increase their productivity 10 times higher than it used to be.