Nikon Z FC: A Heady Mix of Vintage Design and Mirrorless Shooting Power

After the Z50, which shares a practically similar configuration to the Z fc, this is just Nikon’s second attempt at a crop-sensor mirrorless video cam. Launched in 2021, the video cam appearances to strike an equilibrium in between the major amateur and the novice professional digital photographer — the ‘c’ in the name denoting this is a configuration most in your home with the laid-back image-maker.

In this article, we will be taking a much deeper appearance at the design, efficiency, and daily functionality of the Z fc and assessing its worth for money versus its nearest rivals.


Vintage designing is integrated tastefully

We suched as the acquainted approach to the camera’s manages

The turn screen offers modern functionality and versatility

The first point you notice about the Z fc, perhaps among its straight-out staminas, is that it appearances totally ageless. If you take your dad’s old video cam off the rack and contrast it like-for-like, there is hardly any in it aesthetically, and that is because the Nikon Z fc is inspired by and basically modeled on Nikon’s personal FM2, sold by the brand name from 1982 until the very early 21st century in semi-professional, advanced-SLR role.

It is well worth home for a minute on the design of the initial FM2. It was never ever produced for straight-out novices but instead marketed towards major professional digital photographers that required a tough, reliable, and user friendly workhorse. Nikon succeeded, and it turned into one of the best devices for its craft. Through this lens, the Z fc’s design is probably as effective. Although it take advantage of modern technology and automation, the ergonomics, designing, and placing of all the manages and dials work equally as well. For anybody with any hands-on time on the FM2, or certainly most SLR video cams from the later on fifty percent of the 20th century, using the Z fc will resemble going back to a acquainted friend.

Although Nikon have used automation to mostly their benefit with the Z fc, one point we did miss out on was the lack of an aperture control ring on the lens. This would certainly have included to the vintage appeal and really aided users that want to run their configuration in manual setting. Because of this, we found the Z fc to be best operated with some options on ‘auto,’ but more on that particular later on.


Sound control works superbly

The touchscreen works and easy to use

AF monitoring is fit to fast-moving atmospheres

With the design and form of the Z fc and its leaning towards road and travel digital photography, it is little wonder that the AF settings focus on individuals, the video cam does an outstanding job of monitoring faces and movement that it sees before the lens. The plant sensing unit coincides as the Z50, a 20.9 million-pixel offering that appearances sharp, provides outstanding vibrant range and runs effectively in various illumination situations.

We were particularly impressed with the overall speed of the camera’s procedure — it is ready to take photos in much less compared to a 2nd after beginning the video cam up, and the focus runs extremely silently, which is a reward and works well for those refined road pictures, too. We did experience a bit ‘focus hunting’ when we provided the video cam with a mix of darkness and light. Still, it didn’t affect laid-back use and the touchscreen ‘press to focus’ option, as has become de rigeur for turning LCD screen video cams, is an outstanding enhancement and runs how you had anticipate it to. Certainly, we found the touchscreen to be very receptive, pleasant to use and with minimal input lag.

If you are looking for straight-out efficiency in continuous or burst setting, this is one location of the camera’s procedure that fallen leaves a bit to be preferred, with 11fps sustained for 22 frameworks before SD card buffering takes control of. To be honest, we didn’t think it’ll issue for most users, but without having the ability to support the newest SD card technology, those wishing to take pictures of showing off occasions or continuous activity, generally, may want to appearance somewhere else.

When it comes to ISO, it performed slightly better compared to expected, with worths up to ISO 1600 creating no real visible sound. In truth, completely up to 12,800+ produced appropriate outcomes and twinned with the 16-50mm f/3.5 lens (the lens we tested), the video cam recreated everything with the clearness and intensity we’ve come to anticipate from contemporary point and shoots.


Top ISO and shutter manages are a delight to use

Daily use the video cam is pleasurable

Lens options fit a variety of content developers

The functionality of the Z fc harks back to its design, with big, vintage dials for ISO and shutter setups, the video cam works incredibly well in ‘hands-on’ setting. It’s really very pleasurable to experiment with rates and shutter setups as you would certainly on a movie video cam, but with the included technical benefit of seeing your control on the screen as quickly as you’ve pushed the shutter launch. When folded up away, we also suched as that the substitute ‘texture’ on the rear of the screen can also trick the mind right into thinking there is no screen at all. Nice focus on information.

From a functionality and functionality point of view, we thought that this was again among the camera’s greatest locations – as well as the design being great to appearance at, it legally notifies the functionality, which is beautiful to experience. Depending upon the type of digital photography you are looking to catch, there is a likelihood there is the right lens for the job available, too. We evaluated the Z Fc with the versatile 16-50mm lens, which is an appealing silver color and by rights, should find a great market among vloggers and videographers when twinned with a great microphone. We would certainly suggest that video clip isn’t this camera’s native environment. Still, for novice or laid-back videographers looking to expand their knowledge, little touches such as a microphone top meter behave to see, and most content developers would certainly be amply satisfied.

For travel professional digital photographers, road professional digital photographers, or those wishing to catch engaging evening skies pictures, we suggest going prime. The Z fc can deliver with a 28mm f/2.8 lens, which we’d suggest would certainly partially be the better suited lens choice for a video camera such as this. Again, as we’ve specified before however, we were disappointed by the lack of an aperture control ring on any lens available which rather dampers the movie video cam visual, albeit not significantly.


We think the Nikon Z fc strikes the wonderful spot in regards to blending functionality, design, modern technology and a beautiful vintage visual that’s a delight to appearance at. The video cam does not appearance at all misplaced within a schedule of video cams 10 times its age. Although that may appear a small anachronism, for looks-conscious snappers there is no questioning the appeal of the ageless beauty of the initial SLRs.

The manual manages of the Z fc resemble video cams of a lost era, too. While we would certainly have suched as to have seen more simple, user-friendly aperture manages on the lens, if you are simply beginning and looking to obtain to holds with the scientific research behind the technology, this would certainly be a fantastic way to go as you can immediately see the distinctions you are production for your photos with basic control of the shutter and ISO setups on the top of the video cam.


Among our small objections of the video cam is that its durability amongst the more skilled professional digital photographers may be limited, many will appearance to update to the similarity the Canon 5D MKIII and more senior Nikon D750, which pre-owned, are appearing like good deals currently. If you want to stay with the vintage visual, there is also rigid competitors from the similarity Olympus in its OM-D E-M10 Note IV, which we evaluated recently, and Fujifilm’s X-Pro 3.