Nuratrue: Real Cordless Earbuds with Excellent Sound You Can Personalize


NuraTrue: Specifications

Earbuds: 24.8 x 24.8 x 21.9mm, 6g

Situation: 72.4 x 30.2 x 35mm

5x ear tips & 2x wingtips in package

Energetic Sound Termination

Personalized sound output

Bluetooth 5.0 with support for aptX, AAC, and SBC

IPX4 score

USB-C billing

6hr battery life, additional 18hrs in situation

Nura took the action towards cordless earbuds with the NuraLoop in 2020, but they were practically neckbands. That is not the situation with NuraTrue, the company’s first set of real cordless earbuds packing Nura’s trademark personalized sound, offering the combination followers have been waiting on.

The question is, can the small earbuds duplicate the amazing personalized sound from the heading Nuraphone over-ear cans while also taking on established buds such as the AirPods Professional and Bose QC Earbuds? Well…

Design & Develop

Disc-like form does not affect the secure in shape

IPX4 sprinkle resistance benefits working out

The plastic situation is susceptible to scrapes

The form of the 6g NuraTrue earbuds is interesting; they sport activity a round outside complete with Nura logo design, with a smaller sized wingtip and ear tip on the inside. You might worry that the strange design might offset the weight and cause them to find loosen, but that is not the situation.

The NuraTrue buds offer a great shape, particularly if you make the effort to try out the 2 sets of wingtips and 5 sets of tips – consisting of a set of memory foam tips. I often battle with earbuds coming loosened throughout use, but I’ve not found myself needing to change the NuraTrue buds anywhere as often as I would certainly with the AirPods Professional.

The matte black design is sleek, and the silver Nura logo design on each bud increases up as a touch-capacitive surface that can identify a handful of faster ways – more on that particular later on. They’re also IPX4 ranked, meaning you will have the ability to use them when sweating it out at the fitness center or running in the rainfall.

That said, they aren’t the stealthiest earbuds on the marketplace. The black discs do protrude from the ear slightly, production them easier to spot compared to more small earbuds such as the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

The coordinating all-black billing situation is simple in design, showing off Nura branding on the cover, a USB-C port on the back for billing, and LEDs on the front to display the present charge. It is relatively small too, measuring in at simply 72.4 x 30.2 x 21.9mm.

The mix of a plastic body and a matte finish means it’s a little bit of a scuff magnet though; despite careful use, my example has several light scrapes and scuffs after a bit over 3 weeks.

Sound Quality

Nura’s trademark personalized sound sounds amazing

Great bass efficiency does not overpower mids or premium

Support for aptX, SBC, and AAC codecs

NuraTrue set themselves aside from various other real cordless earbuds because, despite the tiny dimension of the buds, they’re wise enough to tailor the sound output depending upon your ears and the manner in which you listen to. However it may seem like a little bit of a fantastical claim, but Nura has proven itself with its Nuraphone earphones and NuraLoop earbuds in the previous, and it is a similar tale with the Nuratrue.

The configuration process focuses on the Nura application for iOS and Android – you will be triggered to download and install it once you set the buds with your telephone for the very first time if you have not obtained it installed currently.

Once in the application, you will be taken through the sound personalization configuration. It may sound daunting, but it requires little greater than being in a peaceful environment so as to not contaminate the configuration with outside sounds. There is also a shape test to earn certain you’ve obtained the ideal shape in advance of the personalization process for the very best outcomes.

As with various other Nura items, the NuraTrue buds play a variety of calibration sounds and, using interior microphones to measure the impacts of otoacoustic emissions inside your ears, produce a customized sound account customized for your listening range.

It is once your account is produced that you will really value the magic that Nura has packed right into the tiny buds; you will be played a demonstration track, and using on-screen toggles, you can switch between a neutral account and your personalized account.

While you might think the neutral account sounds fine, switching to your personalized account provides a plain and immediately visible distinction as if someone turned a button and you are listening to high-def sound for the very first time. It is not some inexpensive trick either; paying attention to sound using someone else’s sound account really sounds various from what’s produced by my account.

That sonically shaped sound makes for a really revolutionary sound experience remarkably just like that provided by the top-end Nuraphone over-ear earphones, despite the tiny measurements.

The drivers are greater than competent, handling thumping bass that does not overpower the clear mid-range and detailed premium, providing an experience simply unrivaled by most real cordless earbud competitors in 2021.

The degrees of bass, particularly, are spectacular considering the form factor and it is a delight re-listening to old tracks for what seems like the very first time around again, discovering information in tunes I’d formerly missed out on.

The Immersion sets found in various other Nura items exist in the NuraTrue, too. Controlled via a slider in the Nura application, the immersion setting basically boosts the bass and mid-range to imitate the experience of online efficiency with spectacular outcomes.

It is most visible in bass-heavy tunes such as Concealed Wolf’s Astronaut in the Sea where you really shed on your own in the bass, but it also makes for warmer vocals and a typically more impactful paying attention experience.

There is support for aptX, SBC, and AAC codecs, meaning top-quality Bluetooth 5.0 streaming on both iOS and Android, however, it’s missing out on the Hi-Res LDAC codec support production a look in premium buds consisting of the Sony WF-1000XM4. I’d suggest that personalized sound playback has more of an effect compared to Hi-Res Sound, but that is mostly to individual choice.

Energetic Sound Termination & Wise Features

Energetic Sound Cancelling could perform better

The social setting comes in handy, but not new

Customizable touch manages work well, but there aren’t enough

Nura’s personalized sound output is one point, but they would not be premium real cordless earbuds without the addition of energetic sound termination (ANC) – also known as canceling. It does what it says on the tin, canceling out outside sounds that sidetrack you from your songs, but it is not as effective as the AirPods Professional or Sony’s WF-1000XM4 being used.

There is certainly a quietening of the environment, but there is still visible outside sound leak, particularly when paying attention to podcasts or audiobooks instead compared to songs. It’ll depend upon the environment you are in, of course. It is better at handling quieter, low-pitched hums instead compared to the high-pitched hiss of a passing bus, but if you are looking for buds that’ll totally silence the outdoors, the NuraTrue buds probably aren’t for you.

Together with ANC, the NuraTrue offer the same Social Setting experience as various other Nura items, also known as openness setting or ambient setting on contending earbuds.

The idea is simple; when you need to quickly speak with someone – such as a store owner or bus chauffeur – you can activate a social setting, which transforms your songs and funnels in outside sound using the outside microphones, production it easier to converse without taking an earbud out.

Most individuals, myself consisted of, will take an earbud bent on speaking with someone, but it is handy if you just need to trade a couple of words. It can also be used to pay attention to statements when needed or simply typically be safer when out and about in busy places.

I prefer to take an earbud out because the NuraTrue earbuds feature auto play/pause technology that can be set up to immediately pause when either one or both earbuds are removed. However it is a relatively standard feature of premium cordless earbuds generally, it is great to see it here.

The NuraTrue earbuds sporting activity touch manages with an application far better compared to most premium competitors. For one, the NuraTrue earbuds feature a capacitive touch surface rather than a movement sensing unit, meaning you will not need to tap the buds so hard to activate the faster ways.

More significantly, however, is that the touch location is fairly small, delegated to the Nura logo design on each bud, production unintentional activations non-existent. Say goodbye to unintentionally avoiding tracks when changing the in shape as with the frustrating second-gen Msn and yahoo Pixel Buds.

As you might anticipate, the touch manages can be personalized via the Nura application to fit your needs. There are both single- and double-tap manages available for each earbud, but there aren’t triple-tap or tap-and-hold options to load faster ways right into the buds.

Still, you can select your 4 most used functions (varying from avoiding phone telephone calls to enabling social and immersion settings) and map them however you had such as.

Battery Life

About 6 hrs typically

Additional 18 hrs in the event

USB-C billing

No significant fast charge technology

The NuraTrue earbuds do not disappoint in the battery division, offering about 6 hrs of personalized playback with ANC allowed, and there are another 18 hrs of charge in the event. That should maintain you going for at the very least a couple of days, and unlike earbuds such as the RHA TrueControl ANC, the buds do not gradually drain when not being used – they will hold a fee for weeks, otherwise months.

Battery life is easy enough to inspect at a glimpse with 4 LEDs on the front of the situation illuminating when flipping the cover open up, and there is a battery indicator built right into the Nura application too.

Nura describes the situation as a ‘fast-charge case’ but that is not totally true; while contending buds such as Apple’s AirPods Professional offers an hr of use after 5 mins of charge and fully charge within an hr, the NuraTrue buds take about 2 hrs to go from flat-to-full, and it takes about 2 and a fifty percent hrs to charge the situation via USB-C.

It is not a dealbreaker whatsoever, but there are certainly many faster-billing buds on the marketplace.


Being available at £199/US$199, the NuraTrue earbuds aren’t the most affordable earbuds in the marketplace – particularly when you can get ANC-enabled buds such as the Huawei Freebuds 4i for much less compared to £100/US$100 – but they’re a deal compared with Nura’s premium Nuraphone, being available in at £349/US$499, with the same trademark personalized sound output.

It is not totally from the standard for cordless earbuds either, with popular options consisting of the AirPods Professional and Sony WF-1000XM4 being available at about the £249/US$249 note – £50/US$50 greater than NuraTrue.

If you are lured, the NuraTrue real cordless earbuds are available today via Nura, with stock expected at the similarity and Currys quickly.

If you want a better idea of the competitors, have a look at our choice of the best real cordless earbuds.


NuraTrue has accomplished the impossible; it has effectively taken the technology that creates the personalized sound from the premium Nuraphone and shrunk it into real cordless earbud form with outstanding outcomes.

After a fast configuration process, you are free to enjoy songs customized for your ears, with a visible improvement in overall clearness compared with various other cordless earbuds in the marketplace. The drivers are qualified, offering immersive bass that does not detract from a cozy mid-range and a crisp premium.

Showing off a cost design and unique disc-shaped external side, the buds certainly appear the component, and with several sets of tips and wings in the package, you will accomplish a protected shape perfect for exercise too.

However the earbuds might not have the ability to take on the similarity of Sony’s WF-1000XM4 in regards to energetic sound termination, it is a fairly small complaint of a spectacular set of real cordless earbuds.