ONEPLUS 9: An Excellent, Stylish Phone for Mobile Gaming

The OnePlus 9 Professional may be the premium choice for Android enthusiasts, but do not neglect the OnePlus 9. The cheaper variation of the new OnePlus front runner may lack some of the higher-end features of its brother or sister, such as a dynamically changing display, a telephoto lens, and fast cordless billing, but the OnePlus 9 offers enough at a reduced price to contend versus some of the best Android phones out there.

The OnePlus 9 offers the features you’ve come to anticipate from OnePlus: strong battery life, fast billing, and outstanding efficiency. But this newest telephone goes a long way towards addressing a longtime Achilles’ heel for OnePlus because it improves the quality of pictures produced by the back video cams.

In our OnePlus 9 review, we will appear at what’s improved in this newest telephone from OnePlus and whether it is enough to earn this handset the next Android device you buy.

Price and accessibility

The OnePlus 9 starts at $729 for a 128GB model. That is $240 much less compared to the OnePlus 9 Professional launching at the same time. More significantly, it is $70 less expensive compared to the Samsung Galaxy S21, which also features 128GB of storage space, and the iPhone 12, which offers a weak 64GB. OnePlus’ reputation as the telephone manufacturer that can beat the high price of front runner devices is secure, at the very least with this telephone.

OnePlus informed me there would certainly be a 256GB variant of the OnePlus 9 that will cost $100 more, but up until now, just the 128GB model shows up on OnePlus’ site(opens in a new tab), where you can buy the telephone opened. (And why not? The OnePlus 9 is the best opened Android telephone by our computations.) The telephone costs €699 and €799 in Europe for the 128GB and 256GB variations, specifically.

The OnePlus 9 was delivered in April, you can buy it at, Best Buy, and B&H Picture, as well as from OnePlus. If you prefer to buy your phones straight from cordless service companies, T-Mobile also offers the OnePlus 9.


There is a visible design distinction between the routine OnePlus 9 and the Professional model. While the last telephone has a rounded display — however not as curved as last year’s OnePlus 8 Professional — the OnePlus 9 sticks to a flat-edge panel. Honestly, I prefer the 9’s approach, as it makes the 6.3 x 2.9 x 0.32-inch telephone easier to hold and there is little chance of unintentional screen touches.

Unlike the OnePlus 8, which put its back video cams in a coming down line down the center of the telephone, the OnePlus 9 complies with the lead of the OnePlus 8T with a rectangle-shaped video cam array in the top left corner of the telephone. The video cam bump really feels pretty pronounced — a lot so that when you lay the OnePlus 9 on its back, you will obtain a bit wobble if you push down on the telephone.

As with many of its various other front runners, you will not obtain an IP score for dirt and sprinkle resistance with the OnePlus 9. That is reserved for the OnePlus 9 Professional variation sold through T-Mobile. You also will not find a microSD port on the OnePlus 9 for broadening the phone’s storage space.

My OnePlus 9 review unit was available in Celestial Black, which places a layer of matte-black movie beneath the shiny glass. OnePlus says the effect decreases fingerprints, and while I did notice a smudge or more on my telephone, the OnePlus 9 is certainly no place close to as a lot of a fingerprint magnet as various other phones I’ve evaluated recently.

That said, I would certainly have preferred to see the OnePlus 9 in Winter Haze, the various other color option available in North America. That purple-ish telephone features a refraction effect that I imagine is more attractive compared to a black matte telephone, especially in the sunshine.

As with last year’s OnePlus models, the OnePlus 9 features an in-display fingerprint sensing unit for opening the telephone, with a useful fingerprint outline showing you where to push. It sometimes takes a pair of touches for the OnePlus 9 to acknowledge my fingerprint, however perhaps that will improve as I invest more time with the telephone.

Better to take benefit of the OnePlus 9’s ability to spot your face and open your telephone, however, this face acknowledgment feature isn’t secure enough to verify mobile resettlements.



It is not a wonder that the OnePlus 9 Professional display is, but the OnePlus 9’s 6.55-inch screen still thrills with its bright AMOLED panel. You will enjoy a 120Hz revitalize rate, an action up from the 90Hz revitalize rate of the OnePlus 8, however not the dynamically changing display that the OnePlus 9 Professional features.

Still, that 120Hz display is great when you are scrolling through internet web pages, and as we will see when we discuss the OnePlus 9’s battery life, leaving the fast revitalization rate transformed on does not drain the battery.

I found the OnePlus 9 screen to be a lot bright, with a light meter reading of 696 nits with flexible illumination transformed on. That is a touch dimmer compared to the Galaxy S21 (711 nits), however, it defeats the iPhone 12’s 569-nit reading. I had not a problem seeing the OnePlus 9 screen outdoors in bright sunlight, however, it is easier to browse with the illumination cranked up completely.

Shades appear accurate on the OnePlus 9 screen, whether it is the grim, bleak globe of Scranton paper pushers in The Workplace streaming on Peacock or the more vibrant scenery in the imaginary nation of Zamunda in a Coming 2 America trailer on YouTube.

When I was streaming on Peacock, I noticed that the picture didn’t extend to fill the whole OnePlus 9 screen, but that had not been a problem with YouTube, where the acquainted faces of Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall filled a framework that went right to the OnePlus 9’s minimal top bezel.

In its Vivid setting, the OnePlus 9 screen recreates 199.4% of the sRGB color range, a number that drops to 104.1% when you change the display to All-natural. That is according to the 109.2% that the Galaxy S21 displays.

Whether you choose Vivid or All-natural, the OnePlus 9 screen makes shades relatively accurately with Delta-E ratings of 0.28 and 0.27, specifically. Both ratings are slightly better compared to the 0.29 Delta-E scores for the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21. (The better the score is to no, the more accurate the shades.)

Video cams

If there is been one common weak point amongst OnePlus’ current front runners, it is the video cam efficiency. It is not that OnePlus does not make perfectly fine video cams, but when piled against the best video cam phones, OnePlus’ photos do not appear as sharp or as colorful.

Enter well-known video cam manufacturer Hasselblad to change all that. OnePlus has tattooed an offer with the Swedish firm targeted at improving the video cams on its phones, and the OnePlus 9 and 9 Professional are the first models to benefit.

The initial initiative concentrates on all-natural color calibration, with OnePlus promising all-natural, abundant shades in pictures fired by its 9-series phones. There are various other modifications as well, consisting of a unique shutter sound and orange shutter switch acquainted to anybody who’s used a Hasselblad video cam.

The focus may get on software, but OnePlus isn’t disregarding the equipment side of points. The OnePlus 9 comes with a 48MP main video cam and a 50MP ultrawide angle lens, the last of which features a freeform lens targeted at decreasing the distortion you can find at the side of wide-angle shots.

There is also a dedicated monochrome video cam, which, honestly, I wish OnePlus would certainly have left on the drawing board. You will not obtain a telephoto lens with the OnePlus 9 — that requires an update to the OnePlus 9 Professional.

The first fire I took with the OnePlus 9 left me wondering whether the guaranteed color calibration was all that it is broken up to be. This plate of rushed eggs appears ghostly pale in the OnePlus 9 fired — also the chipotle salsa in addition to the eggs appears muted.

The iPhone 12’s picture does not have that problem, and you can see the yellow of the eggs together with the various other wide range of shades from the veggies. Also, the grey mushrooms stand out in the iPhone picture.

We see a comparable issue in this picture of a marquee outside a dining establishment, taken with both the OnePlus 9 and the Pixel 4a 5G. (Yes, the Pixel 4a 5G is a midrange telephone, but it obtained the same video cams as the higher-end Pixel 5, so the contrast is appropriate.)

The OnePlus 9 fired appearances all right until you contrast it to the Pixels. Google’s telephone effectively differentiates heaven and green neon bordering the marquee, and you can see a spot of blue skies in the top left corner. OnePlus’ video cams rinsed the skies.

Thankfully, the OnePlus 9’s struggles with color were just sporadic. There is absolutely nothing incorrect with this fire of a dish of fruit. Yes, the iPhone 12 offers more vibrant shades and the red apple in the foreground enters sharper focus. But the shades in the OnePlus 9 fired are very all-natural, and I’d be delighted to share this picture.

Moving outside to a Sonoma Region fish pond, we see that the OnePlus 9 once again tackles color with ability, harmonizing the eco-friendlies, blues, and yellows in this fire. My child — the topic of the picture — prefers the OnePlus 9 picture because it has dreamier actors to it, while I such as the information that the iPhone 12 catches in the ripples on the fish pond. You can’t fail with either picture, however.

Testing out the ultrawide angle lens, there is an extremely small flex to the trees on the right side of the iPhone picture, but you truly need to appear to notice it.

More obvious is the distinction in color — the iPhone 12 truly offers a deep blue for the skies, and the greenery expanding pondside has a vibrancy doing not have from the OnePlus 9. That said, I think the OnePlus 9 picture is perfectly appropriate, and it catches slightly more location compared to the iPhone’s ultrawide angle lens. That is handy for brushing up on views.

As kept in mind, there is no telephoto lens on the OnePlus 9, so you are depending on an electronic zoom when you want to obtain better fires. Thankfully, the software on the OnePlus 9 depends on the job for this picture of an alcohol consumption water fountain set up by the Women’s Temperance Union. (No, truly.)

You can plainly make out the text of the instead extremist messaging — I came here to obtain a drink of sprinkle, not a lecture, folks — and the OnePlus 9 actually does a better job of harmonizing sunshine and darkness compared to the iPhone 12 did on its zoom.

For low-light digital photography, I put the OnePlus 9 against the Pixel 4a 5G, since Google’s phones are a leader in this field, and I think the new OnePlus telephone held its own. OnePlus plainly places the concentration on obtaining the shades right in this fire that is lit just by overhead LEDs and a solar light behind the scenes. The packed pet is true as pink as it shows up in the OnePlus picture, while the Pixel mutes that particular color a little bit.

The Pixel does a better job catching more information such as the structure of the block wall surface behind the scenes, and it maintains the pets in sharper focus. But this has to do with as shut to a press as you can obtain, which readies information, provided OnePlus’ performance history in this field.

Which picture fired you prefer depends on whether you prefer up-close-and-personal pictures such as the one the OnePlus 9 creates or pictures with more history, as seen in the iPhone 12 fired.

I think the iPhone 12 is better at dividing my child from the tree behind her, while the OnePlus picture gives you a better view of her face. Again, this is a circumstance where OnePlus holds its own versus a well-regarded video cam telephone.

The OnePlus 9 has some specific video cam features well worth calling out, beginning with its 2MP monochrome video cam. By choosing the mono filter, you can obtain a real black-and-white fire, such as this picture where I’ve drained pipes all the color from an area of periwinkle blossoms.

At the very least the monochrome lens does not rinse the darkness, and the finished item provides a black-and-white picture guaranteed. I’m simply at a loss as to whether I’d use this feature enough to merit a dedicated lens.

I was much more impressed by the tilt-shift setting OnePlus consists of in its video cam application. Enable Turn Shift and you can use careful focus to accentuate a particular component of the picture. This block wall surface that I photographed would not appear very fascinating as a routine picture, but the deliberate obscures in the tilt-shifted fire produce an instead artistic view.

I’m not enamored with the 16MP front video cam on the OnePlus 9. In this picture fired, the OnePlus 9 lightened my face a bit too low, whereas the Pixel 4a 5G didn’t have as a lot of difficulty with the sunshine being actors on me. The A’s logo design in the Pixel picture is also sharper, and there is much less over-exposure about my top.


Such as the OnePlus 9 Professional, the OnePlus 9 is powered by the Snapdragon 888, the newest and greatest system-on-a-chip from Qualcomm. While its numbers to find their way right into most of the top Android phones later on this year, the Snapdragon 888 is just in a handful of phones today, such as Samsung’s Galaxy S21 schedule and the new ROG Telephone 5 video pc gaming handset from Asus. Consequently, the OnePlus 9’s efficiency can suit — and also beat — the top Android phones.

Operating the Geekbench 5 test for basic efficiency, the OnePlus 9 kipped down a multicore outcome of 3,618. That is in the same ballpark as the OnePlus 9 Pro’s 3,685 outcome — not a surprise since the phones are operating on the same chipset.

The OnePlus 9 also kept up with the ROG Telephone 5 (3,672) while smoothly outperforming the Galaxy S21 (3,302). You can anticipate top efficiency from the OnePlus 9, many thanks to not just the phone’s Snapdragon 888 silicon, but also the 8GB or 12GB of RAM OnePlus consists of in the various setups of the devices.

In 3DMark’s Wild Life Limitless test, the OnePlus 9 kipped down an outcome of 5,726, or 34.4 frameworks each second. That basically suits the video efficiency of the ROG Telephone 5, which hit 34.8 FPS on that particular same test.

Considering that the ROG Telephone 5 is particularly marketed as a video gaming device, you can enjoy a comparable experience with requiring video games on the OnePlus 9, as I found when having fun with PUBG Mobile on the OnePlus handset. The video game never ever stuttered, also throughout some pretty extreme fire-fights, and the video looked sharp, conserve for a couple of trees that looked a bit janky when I sped by in a jeep.

Another aspect of the OnePlus 9 that is certain to attract players is the phone’s stereo audio speakers. Because the audio speakers are front-firing, you do not cover them up with your hands when holding the OnePlus 9 in landscape orientation, so you can listen to every last sound from your video game. And these audio speakers are loud — a lot so that when I was having fun with a video game, my spouse closed the door on me so that she would not need to pay attention to the carnage from the various other room.

Just comparable to the OnePlus 9 and its Snapdragon 888 chipset, it is still no suit for the iPhone 12 and its A14 Bionic cpu, which kipped down better Geekbench (3,859) and Wild Life (39 FPS) ratings.

In our real-world test where we have phones transcode a 4K video clip using Adobe Best Rush, the OnePlus 9 finished the job in 1 min and 2 secs. That is great for an Android telephone — the Galaxy S21 took a 2nd much longer — but it is no place close to the 26 secs it takes the iPhone to transcode that same video clip.


The Snapdragon 888 silicon consists of Qualcomm’s incorporated X60 5G modem. You will have not a problem getting in touch with T-Mobile’s 5G network, whether you buy your telephone straight from the provider or get an open variation. An opened OnePlus 9 will just deal with the LTE networks of AT&T, however.

When it comes to Verizon, it is a bit complicated. After we first released our OnePlus 9 review, Verizon and OnePlus announced that the telephone was certified to work on Verizon’s 5G network. (We figured it would certainly — the OnePlus 9 lists the necessary bands for compatibility with Verizon 5G.) However, that obviously ensures compatibility with simply Verizon’s slower, across-the-country 5G; access to the much faster Extremely Wideband network is reserved for the OnePlus 9 Professional.

Do not anticipate life-altering rates from 5G at this moment, however, that is more a representation of the specifics of 5G networks compared to any issue with the OnePlus 9. On T-Mobile’s 5G network not much from my Bay Location house, the OnePlus 9 hit a download and install speed of 34.4 Mbps. My iPhone 11 Professional Max, connecting to Verizon LTE, reached 86 Mbps because of the same spot. Change your 5G assumptions accordingly.

Battery life and billing

One location where OnePlus can indisputably instruct various other telephone manufacturers a point or more concerns the phone’s battery. OnePlus not just develops devices that typically last a very long time, but it also flaunts the fastest billing rates of any telephone manufacturer.

In regards to battery life, the OnePlus 8T was a little bit of an outlier for the OnePlus. It kipped down just an average time for mobile phones on our battery test, which involves setting a gadget to continuously browse the internet over a mobile link until it goes out of power.

The OnePlus 9 rebounds quite well on our test, enduring for 10 hrs and 51 mins. That is not enough time to arrive at our best telephone battery life list, where you need to hold out for 11 hrs or more, but it is still an outstanding time.

Also better, the OnePlus lasted simply timid 11 hrs with its screen evaluated at a 120Hz revitalization rate. When we’ve evaluated various other phones that offer fast-refreshing displays, we’ve noticed that the feature places a major hit on battery life.

The Galaxy S21 lasts 6.5 hrs when its flexible display is allowed, for instance — greater than 3 hrs much shorter compared to when we set the Samsung phone’s screen to revitalize at 60Hz. OnePlus should be congratulated for providing a fast-refreshing screen without jeopardizing battery life.

We also evaluated the OnePlus 9 with its screen revitalization rate readied to 60Hz. That improved battery life by… 2 mins, with the telephone holding out for 9 hrs, 53 mins in our test. Basically, you can maintain the OnePlus 9’s screen evaluated 120Hz without needing to worry about any significant effect on battery life.

It is in billing up the OnePlus 9’s dual-cell 4,500 mAh battery where OnePlus truly sets the standard. The telephone supports OnePlus WarpCharge 65T technology, which allows the device to charge at a greater power level for a much longer duration.

The outcome? OnePlus says phones that support WarpCharge 65T can go from 0 to fully butt in 29 mins. That is 9 mins much faster compared to the OnePlus 8T.

Our testing didn’t quite hit that speed, however, it came awfully shut. After thirty minutes of billing, our OnePlus 9’s battery went to 98%. The Galaxy S21 just obtained up to 55% after half an hour, and Samsung’s telephone does not come with a battery charger such as the OnePlus 9 does.

You can also wirelessly charge the OnePlus 9, with the telephone sustaining 15W billing with Qi-compatible billing pads.


The Oxygen OS that OnePlus uses on its phones isn’t the purest form of Android, but it is a sensible handle os that offers valuable attachments without a lot in the way of bloat.

OnePlus does consist of a folder of its own applications with the OnePlus 9, but these are typically useful devices for moving information from another telephone or connecting to the OnePlus community. There are no replicate features here such as there get on various other Android phones.

The greatest enhancement with Oxygen OS 11, which is an improved Android 11, involves the newest variation of the Turbo Boost memory-optimization feature. OnePlus says Turbo Boost 3.0 uses RAM compression and online RAM to allow you to maintain 25% more applications open up behind the scenes compared to before. I can’t measure that exact number, however, switching in between applications on the OnePlus 9 really feels stylish.

You can anticipate 2 significant Android updates plus 3 years of security spots from OnePlus. That is a degree of support befitting a front-runner telephone, also if Samsung outdoes OnePlus by offering an extra Android upgrade and an extra year of security spots.


Previously, the greatest disagreement versus OnePlus phones is the video cam efficiency. While some inconsistencies remain, our OnePlus 9 review found that the new telephone performs far better because of division when compared with the prominent front runners. You still favor pictures from the similarity between the iPhone or the Msn and yahoo Pixel, but OnePlus goes to the very least currently in the discussion.

Those improved video cams mean that the OnePlus 9 should also remain in the discussion if you are wondering which telephone to obtain. Not just is the OnePlus 9 less expensive compared to the Galaxy S21, but it also outperforms that telephone.

In truth, you can also anticipate efficiency on the same level with the ROG Telephone 5, production this an inexpensive option for players. And the fast-charging, long-lasting battery on the OnePlus phone proceeds to thrill.

If you’ve been uncertain about whether OnePlus deserves a wager over devices from more established telephone manufacturers, let the OnePlus 9 be your guarantee that this telephone can hold its own versus any Android device.