POCO F4 GT : Gaming Phone that does not Appear Like One


The Poco F4 GT is a puzzling proposal in a variety of ways. To start with, it was introduced in advance of any ‘regular’ Poco F4 model, so it is not exactly clear where it suits the company’s schedule.

Second of all, it’s – extensively talking – simply a rebadged Redmi K50 Video pc gaming, which, by itself, is incredibly just like the Black Shark 5 collection.

In brief, there are a lot of blurred lines. Theoretically, however, it does still tick all the right boxes for those that want a fast and effective mid-range mobile phone.

Does it deliver, after that, or is this a rebranded device that is well worth avoiding?

For a telephone valued in the mid-range section, the Poco F4 GT obtains a huge quantity right. It is fast, there is a cinema and also larger, growing audio speakers, but there are also some cool touches, such as the LED illumination on the back and the shoulder trigger switches.

The greatest drawback here’s that MIUI – Xiaomi’s skin – still needs a great deal of taming to earn it acts in the manner in which we want it to, with great deals of needless layers and applications. It is the just point of truly quitting this from being a really great device.

We also have questions about why the Poco F4 GT actually exists, too – or, instead, why it exists together with the incredibly comparable Redmi K50 Video pc gaming and the newest Black Shark telephone. Truly, it simply looks like a workout in fine-tuning branding, and marketing and offering some small features in purchase to get to a tiny niche of individuals.

However, there is no questioning that – for its price – the F4 GT provides a hell of an experience, and is definitely a telephone well worth considering if you want top-rate efficiency and do not want to invest great deals of money.



162.5 x 76.7 x 8.5mm


Physical, magnetic pop-up shoulder sets off

Gorilla Glass Victus front

When you are a component of a wider company that churns out lots of new telephone models every quarter, producing a new design for each local variant of an item is certainly impractical. So, it is not exactly unexpected to see a cut-and-paste job on a Poco telephone. In truth, Poco and Redmi (both Xiaomi sub-brands) have often launched very comparable devices in the previous.

Generally, it is very a lot the typical glass rectangular shape piece, so we will not birth you too much of the typical information. However, there is still a lot here that sets it aside from your typical mobile phone. As constantly, it is the small information that makes the distinction.

With aspects such as the gaping networks on the top and bottom side, designed to allow out the sound from the stereo audio speakers, this is very various from the barbequed design we often see.

After that, there is the LED illumination about the video cam unit on each side. 2 mirrored chevrons light up and can be readied to begin for various purposes. For circumstances, they will light up when you connect the telephone into charge, and you can have them blink and pulse when you receive notices and telephone calls. You can also have them light up when video pc gaming.

As if that had not been magic enough, the LED blink for the video cam itself is set in a Harry Potter-esque lightning-shaped mark beside the video cam real estate. Unfortunately, you still need to hand search for the flashlight symbol in fast setups to transform it on, however – you can’t simply yell “Lumos Optimums” and hope it’ll do something.

Another quirk is something we’ve seen before on Black Shark’s video pc gaming phones: shoulder switches. You can flick a pair of switches on the right side of the telephone and have 2 physical trigger switches bulge off the side. Their primary use is for video pc gaming, and you can map them to various functions in various video games. For circumstances, in Call of Duty Mobile, we’d have the left readied to aim and the right readied to fire.

You can also have them configured for various other faster ways when you are not video pc gaming, however. In truth, you can program 2 activities for each switch: one for a dual push, and another for a lengthy push. Options consist of switching on the lantern, launching the video cam, starting an articulate tape-taping, or screen tape-taping.

It is a useful feature to have – particularly if you such as the responsive comments you receive from actually pushing a switch versus touching a glass screen. And, throughout video games, we’ve definitely found it helps, also so because it maintains our fingers off the screen and prevents obstructing the view.

Another switch well worth mentioning is the power switch, which also functions as the fingerprint sensing unit. This is both great and bad.

It is great because it is dependable and quickly unlocks the telephone when you imply it, but it is bad because it’ll respond to any touch from your body and sign up a stopped working attempt.

We’d often find ourselves being informed we needed to input our PIN number because we had too many failed attempts at the opening, simply because the sensing unit had cleaned our hand too often times while removing the telephone from a pocket.

As with most video pc gaming phones, the telephone is also instead large. It is quite hefty, wide, and high, but this is reduced rather by some mild curving on the back surface, which, at the very least, ensures it is not awfully unpleasant to hang on to. The soft-touch glass finish has a nice feel to it, too, and ensures that fingerprint spots aren’t all that obvious.

Display and Media


6.7-inch AMOLED display

1080 x 2400 resolution

1 billion colors, HDR10+, 120Hz top revitalize prices

There are a pair of points the Poco F4 GT obtains definitely right, and among those is media consumption. Its mix of a big, bright AMOLED display and the four-speaker stereo (tuned by JBL) integrate to give you a telephone that is definitely fantastic for watching movies, videos, and TV shows.

There is not a great deal new to say about the display itself, mind, because it is a setup we’ve seen a couple of times before currently. It is a big, 6.7-inch panel qualified for getting to up to 120Hz revitalize prices, while also sustaining 1 billion colors and HDR10+.

All those integrate to ensure this is a telephone that handles the illumination highlights and deepest blacks, while also providing a broad range of colors and super-smooth revitalizing prices when the on-screen content needs it.

It is a really excellent display for consuming media on, many thanks to those high top qualities. The truth is level also helps, ensuring that you do not obtain any distortion or bending of colors towards the sides.

If there is any objection, it is that the default ‘Vivid’ setting is a bit oversaturated. However, the advantage of MIUI 13, Poco’s Xiaomi skin, is that you could adjust and change the color balance of the screen in a wide range of ways.

You can select to have more all-natural color, boost it further, or also dive right into the advanced setups to choose a specific color account such as sRGB or P3, with further modifications available to change points such as comparison, gamma, and color colors. We found setting it to P3 gave us the color account we preferred. It was vibrant and abundant without appearing too over the top and hyperreal. It is a great option to have.

While the display is certainly bright, the auto-brightness could do with some improvement, however. We often found it would certainly darken a little bit too a lot immediately, and we’d regularly need to grab the illumination slider and by hand change it.

The loudspeakers put on both the top and bottom side of the telephone, terminate out sounds that are richer and fuller compared to the stereo audio speakers you jump on most phones. They’re also pretty loud, which is great for ensuring you never ever miss out on notices, but also perhaps not so great when it comes to not annoying relatives or associates. In truth, we hardly ever had a quantity greater compared to about 30 percent. It is that loud.

Efficiency and Battery

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

8GB/128GB or 12GB/256GB options

4700mAh battery; 120W billing

100 percent charge in 17 mins

Anybody acquainted with Snapdragon’s front-runner CPUs will know what type of efficiency to anticipate from the F4 GT, so because it is the same cpu you will find in all the top Android phones from nearly every manufacturer.

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 cpu means you will obtain effortless speed, fast application packing, and smooth computer animations. Poco’s software being quite liquid and receptive also contributes to that feeling.

In all our testing, there was no solitary video game that had a hard time delivering top efficiency. It never ever stuttered or lagged, and didn’t drop any frameworks significantly. The just point truly well worth keeping in mind here – aside from being typically excellent – is that it does sometimes obtain a bit warm after video pc gaming for 15-20 mins or two.

The one point that we feel impedes the speed and feeling of ‘getting points done is the software. Xiaomi’s newest variation of MIUI includes a lot of unneeded layers, much like some previous variations do.

Dividing out the fast setups and notices to various sides of the display makes it more troublesome to run. Likewise, the way it immediately enables the publication to open the Secure Screen feature by default, and after that maintains hassling you to try it when you disable it’s frustrating.

However, Poco’s variation of MIUI goes to the very least lightweight in various other concerns. You do not obtain a tonne of pre-loaded repetitive applications, and the customization food selection makes it truly easy to change and adjust the appearance of the user interface for your liking. Although, also here, if you are most likely to change the wallpaper, rather than most likely to the wallpaper changing screen, it takes you to a theme store filled with downloadable wallpapers, which is difficult to browse quickly.

Despite being a fairly large 4700mAh battery, a complete charge didn’t quite last us as long as we thought it might. On busy days, beginning the day on 100 percent, we’d sometimes find we’d drained pipes nearly 80 percent of the battery by going to bed. On lighter days, also in a 4G-only location, we’d struggle to earn it the last 2 days.

Of course, the degree of use greatly impacts the draining pipes of the battery. Simply 7-8 races in Mario Kart Tour, approximately 20 mins in total, sufficed to drop the battery over 10 percent.

Despite this, we never ever once had any form of battery stress and anxiousness, however, and that is primarily because of the billing rates. Such as some of Xiaomi’s various other current phones, it has a 120W wired battery charger in the package and it can replenish a vacant battery in 17 mins. That kind of speed is pretty life-altering.

It is among those features that meant we didn’t ever hotel to billing over the evening. There was no need. We simply waited until we obtained a notice when it dropped listed below 20 percent, and after that connected it in. In about 10-15 mins, it was complete again. It is fantastic.

Video Cams


64MP f/1.9 primary

8MP f/2.2 ultrawide

2MP f/2.4 macro

20MP selfie video cam

Video cams definitely just weren’t the first priority for Poco when producing the F4 GT, with the focus plainly on efficiency and video pc gaming. However, the video cam system on the back is greater than qualified for taking good pictures. It is dependable and fast enough to focus that you could easily point and fire and be positive of obtaining a functional fired for sharing on social media.

Pictures are sharp, in focus, and with enough color and comparison to quit them look level. In truth, it also focuses well on objects that are close and small. We seldom needed to return and redouble to obtain a fired.

If there is any objection, it is that the processing does seem quite heavy-handed on the comparison front, providing a high-contrast appearance with a little bit too a lot of darkness in darkness and dark, crushed-looking colors sometimes.

Generally, if you use either the primary or the ultrawide outdoors in great daytime, you will obtain great shots. Inside your home, or when the light degrees drop, you will begin to see sound creeping know the darker, shadowed components of the picture, however.

It is also well worth keeping in mind there is a little bit of a distinction between outcomes on the ultrawide and the primary, with the previous not looking quite just comparable to the last. While fairly closely matched, there are circumstances where colors and comparison appearance are a great deal more muted on the ultrawide, but not in a great way. They handle a somewhat washed-out look with rougher information.

On the plus side, the main video cam does not appear to obtain confused by points such as pet hair, giving you nice, sharp photos of all your favorite furry friends. And with truly effective HDR processing, you will obtain a vibrant blue sky behind the scenes, instead compared to totally rinsed skies that are overexposed. In completion, after that, this is a strong video cam unit that’ll be simply fine for practically everybody.

To Recap

If your desire in a telephone is to obtain front-runner power and speed without the price that is usually associated, the F4 GT could well be the telephone. It is big, it is effective and it costs about fifty percent as long as the prominent front runner phones.