Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Cinema Pack: A Tremendously Skilled and Pleasurable 5.1 Border Stereo.


Movie theater Package is a border sound audio speaker system including – not a surprise – a 5.1-channel configuration from a business known for creating great-sounding audio speakers at also better prices.

This system uses a technology first presented on the brand’s premium Idea 500 audio speaker, promising a degree of developed quality and efficiency that is much over the package’s affordable price.

For this price, we rate it as the best border stereo for most individuals. While you will still need to include among the best AV receivers and cabling to complete your configuration, this package makes buying the audio speakers a simple purchase: if you want uncompromised sound that does not spend a lot, here you go.

The beautiful balance and huge sense of range are exactly what you want to set with the best TVs, and you will truly feel the distinction that proper audio speakers make when compared with also the best soundbars.


The Q Acoustics 3050i 5.1 Movie theater Package brings with each other a variety of audio speakers that are actually sold separately but in one well-priced deal. The package costs about £999/$1,600.

The audio speakers are all from the Q Acoustics 3000i audio speaker range and the head which is the 3050i, is an outstanding floorstander that is 102cm high and evaluates in at a significant 17.8kg with all-time low plinths attached. 2 of these are consisted of in the 5.1 packages, which will be your front left and right audio speakers, and give the package its name, certainly.

The 3050i uses a two-way response design based upon a 22mm tweeter, and a set of 165mm woofers. Consequently, it has an outstanding regularity range that goes from 44Hz to 30kHz. The tweeter is separated from the cupboard to decrease any resonances triggered by the woofer, which is made up of an Aramid fiber cone designed to eliminate resonances and improve precision.

All the audio speakers in this range sports activity a precision-cut cupboard with double density baffles, and improved interior bracing for a more stiff room. The 3050i also utilizes HPE (Helmholtz Stress Equaliser) technology, which is basically a pipeline that connects the highest and most affordable stress within the speaker’s cupboard, thus equalizing the stress and improving bass efficiency.

The 3090Ci centre audio speaker consisted of here uses the same 22mm tweeter as the 3050i floorstander. There is also a set of 100mm woofers on either side of the tweeter, and 2 bass ports at the back. This audio speaker is designed to handle discussion in a concentrated style, while also coordinating the overall tone of the floorstanders.

The 3010i is a shelf audio speaker that uses a two-way response design and has the same 22mm tweeter and 100mm chauffeur as the centre audio speaker. 2 3010i audio speakers are consisted of and will handle the back networks, and since all the audio speakers use the same tweeters and woofers, the system sounds cohesive and tonally balanced.

Finally, the 3060S slimline subwoofer handles the heavy lifting when it comes to the lower regularities. This ported below flaunts a side-firing 200mm chauffeur and has 150W of boosting integrated, leading to a bass delivery that goes to a reputable 35Hz.

Q Acoustics also offers a 3010i 5.1 Movie theater Package for about £700, which uses a set of 3010i bookshelf audio speakers instead of the larger 3050i floorstanders. This system will be a better fit for those with much less space or a more limited budget. There is also a 3010i PLUS package showing up, with a heftier subwoofer.



The Q Acoustics 3050i border sound audio speaker system may be competitively valued, but you would not think it by looking at it. The development quality is excellent, while the curved cupboards and chrome bezels about the drivers are especially attractive. There are reduced account binding messages at the back, bass ports with foam bungs, and magnetic black fabric grilles on the front.

The finish is equally outstanding, with an option of Frozen White, Carbon Black, Graphite Grey, or English Walnut. Whichever finish takes your elegance, the price coincides. All the audio speakers (and below) come with spiked feet, together with rubber caps for those that do not want to damage their floorings. The floorstanders also have outrigger plinths at the back for included security.

The system under review uses a 5.1 audio speaker setup, which means 3 front networks, 2 borders, and a subwoofer for the radio frequencies. To own this set up you will need an AV receiver with at the very least 5 networks of boosting, and since the front left, and right audio speakers are full-range floorstanders, they’ll also function as an outstanding stereo set for songs.



The Q Acoustics 3050i border sound audio speaker system provides an effortless musicality, with the front floorstanders creating a vibrant and extensive soundstage. The stereo imaging is excellent, while the centre audio speaker ensures discussion remains clear and concentrated on the screen.

There is a comprehensive delivery and a deftness of touch to this system, which works cohesively to give soundtracks balance, power, and a feeling of range. The borders mix perfectly with the various other audio speakers, and the subwoofer lays down a strong structure of bass on behalf of the entire setup.

Sound impacts are guided perfectly from network to network, while the audio speakers have the ability to select the more refined sound hints. If you crank up the quantity, this system remains made up but is equally guaranteed at more sociable quantities. Consequently, the 3050i is an extremely qualified all-rounder.

In truth, the 3050i system is hard to mistake. The slimline subwoofer is just a weak link, and although it is easy to install and inconspicuous, it does lack seriously deep bass expansion. Fortunately, the big floorstanders can assist here, and you will not find better efficiency for the cash.


The Q Acoustics 3050i border sound audio speaker system is built on a set of 3050i floorstanders that deliver power, deepness, and musicality. Located in between them is the very qualified 3090Ci center audio speaker, which ensures clear and concentrated discussion, while a set of 3010i bookshelf audio speakers handle border responsibilities, and the 3060S subwoofer provides the bass expansion.

The use of similar tweeters and woofers ensures a natural and tonally balanced soundstage, while the system as an entire can have an energized delivery with lots of range. Whether it is movies or songs, the 3050i will produce a commanding efficiency, and the just complaint is the sub’s lack of major deepness, but some might be more than happy that it is not too meaningful anyhow. Or else this system is hard to mistake at this price.