Razer Naga Pro Cordless: The Best Gaming Computer Mouse for MMO


The Razer Naga Professional has some big shoes to fill. The wired Razer Naga Trinity is a Tom’s Guide best video pc gaming computer mouse pick for many years, and the cordless Razer Naga Legendary Chroma was probably among the first great cordless video pc gaming mice. The $150 Razer Naga Professional combines a great deal of what was great about these 2 mice, consisting of the swappable side panels of the Trinity and the cordless connection of the Legendary Chroma.

Generally, the Naga Professional is a flexible computer mouse with strong video pc gaming efficiency and many personalization options. Its equipment allows you to pick the perfect thumbpad; its software allows you easily designate as many commands as your heart wishes. The mouse’s bulky design and extended finger hold are most likely to be divisive, but honestly, that is constantly been the situation with Naga mice, and it would certainly have been a lot riskier to change a tried-and-true design.

There are a couple of problems that hold the Naga Professional back from complete success, however. The cordless connection, while strong, isn’t as perfect as it needs to be to facilitate very top-level gamers. Additionally, the new six-button side panel isn’t nearly as satisfying or smart as the wonderful hex panel that Trinity utilized.

Still, if you can afford the high cost of entrance, the Naga Professional is a great cordless video pc gaming computer mouse. Our complete Razer Naga Professional review analyzes its stamina — and how it could have been simply a little bit better.


Razer Naga Professional Design

The Razer Naga Professional appears incredibly just like the Naga mice that came before it. It is a large, rather squat computer mouse with a broad body, a high account, and a hell of a lot of switches on the side. There are distinctive holds for both the thumb and the external fingers, and a rather rugged matte surface, which withstands sweat very well.

Under the computer mouse, there are 4 white moving feet, which help in reducing rubbing as you move the computer mouse about. There is also a switch to switch amongst conserved accounts, as well as a power toggle: 2.4 GHz cordless, Bluetooth, or off.

While having actually a profile-switcher under is rather troublesome, you can also program accounts to computer mouse switches on the top and sides, so it is not a big issue. On the top of the computer mouse, there is a left switch, the best switch, a clickable scroll wheel, and 2 switches simply listed below that to change the dots-per-inch (DPI) level of sensitivity.

The side panel is where points obtain truly fascinating, however. Rather than simply one side panel with a fixed variety of thumb switches, the Naga Professional has 3 various side panels to choose from. The first is an extremely traditional MMO component, with twelve phoned number switches in 4 rows of 3. The second is a six-button: 3 switches each in 2 straight rows. The last choice is a simple two-button model with a large distinctive hold.

The twelve- and two-button panels are both excellent, and make the Naga Professional a solid choice for both MMOs and more structured genres. I’m not truly certain how the six-button variant suits, however. Previous Naga setups had an innovative “hex” pattern with 6 switches arranged in a hexagon (or 7, but “Naga Hept” didn’t have the same ring to it), which provided MMO gamers a smart alternating setup. The straight six-button layout seems like a questionably useful happy medium.


Razer Naga Professional Features

The Razer Naga Professional has 2 important features aside from its physical design: its cordless connection and the Razer Synapse software.

Rather remarkably, I have no grievances about the Synapse software for the Naga Professional. (The software has provided me difficulty with a variety of Razer peripherals in the previous.) It is easy to program all 3 sets of the Naga Pro’s switches, regardless of which one you occur to have attached currently. You can produce accounts, change the RGB illumination, inspect the battery and change power options. Although there are 5 tabs with various sub-menus in each, it is pretty clear where every function is found.

Talking power options, the Naga Professional can last up to 100 hrs on 2.4 GHz cordless, at the very least if you are ready to bypass the illumination. With the illumination allowed, I obtained a strong couple of days from it, and I imagine you could extend it much longer — or wear it out also quicker — depending upon how elaborate you want your illumination patterns to be. However, unlike the Razer Naga Legendary Chroma, the Naga Professional does not come with a dock, meaning that you will need to get in touch with a tiny dongle and charge via a cable, either when the computer mouse is not being used, or while you play. It is not nearly as elegant — and the Legendary Chroma was $20 less expensive, too.

The difficulty comes with the cordless connection. While connecting is easy (connect in a dongle for 2.4 GHz, or simply enable Bluetooth), I found that the USB dongle link is imperfect. Ninety-nine percent of the moment, the link was solid, stable, and smooth. But from time to time, the computer mouse would certainly quit interacting with my PC momentarily or more, after that get as however, absolutely nothing had happened. This happened no matter which USB port I used, and with all the software and firmware fully upgraded. It is an inconvenience when it happens in daily computing and gaming and; maybe a genuine catastrophe throughout a top-level MMO raid.

Razer Naga Professional Efficiency

Apart from the infrequent cordless problems discussed, the Naga Professional works well in video games, especially in MMOs. Having fun with Last Dream XIV with the twelve-button panel, I had the ability to access all my abilities at the thumb-point, with switches left over for various other commands such as auto-run and emoting. On the various other hands, it took just secs to switch out the twelve-button panel for its two-button equivalent and dive right into Darkness of the Burial place Raider, Ruin Eternal and Age of Empires III: Conclusive Version (beta).

(Come to think about it, perhaps the six-button panel would certainly be useful for RTS video games, where you need to designate a handful of various structures and developments. But I found it was easier to stick to the two-button panel and draw on the keyboard faster ways.)

What’s great about the Naga Professional is that with 3 various panels to choose from, it truly is a computer mouse for all genres. In simply a couple of secs, I could transform an MMO device right into an activity/experience peripheral, and back again. You will pay costs for the versatility, but it defeats buying 2 — or 3 — separate mice.


In our Razer Naga Professional review, we discussed how Razer’s newest MMO computer mouse is a flexible giant, held back by just a few obnoxious foibles. I wish it still came with a billing dock; I wish Razer had maintained the hex panel; I wish the cordless link were definitely perfect. But the first 2 defects aren’t dealbreakers, and the last is probably just a firmware upgrade far from being fixed.

The Razer Naga Professional is an excellent computer mouse, and if it is not great, it is except for lack of attempt. In the same price range, the Logitech G502 Lightspeed is still my favorite pick, but it is also not a perfect choice for MMOs, so choose wisely.