Razer Nommo Pro: Costs Set of Computer System Audio Speakers Designed for Gaming


The Razer Nommo Pro is a beautiful, durable video pc gaming audio speaker set, with a couple of colorful embellishments and a variety of useful settings. That may make it seem like this would certainly be an easy suggestion — until you consider that the system costs $500. Considering that the average console costs about $300 and the average video pc gaming PC costs about $1,000, not also audiophiles can make this financial investment gently. (Nongaming audio speaker configurations can range from $150 up to $700, with differing levels of quality.)

To be reasonable, the Nommo Pro goes all bent on making its price. Both big audio speakers have a smart, inventive design and provide durable sound. The subwoofer provides stable bass that will not tremble the wall surfaces apart (unless you truly want it to). You can also switch fairly painlessly in between THX-certified stereo sound and abundant Dolby online border sound.

If video pc gaming takes a facility phase in your living room — particularly if you have actually both a console and a living-room PC — the Nommo could be exactly what you are looking for to split the distinction between video pc gaming and various other forms of entertainment. Or else, a cheaper audio speaker system could probably deliver a similar experience.



The Nommo Pro is composed of 4 components: a huge, round subwoofer (15.4 x 10.6 inches); 2 desktop computer audio speakers (10.5 x 5.1 inches each); and a small, round USB control dongle.

You will need to cable the entire 27-pound system with each other, which is a bit disappointing, for 2 factors. To start with, in such a costly system, one marvels if the USB control dongle could have been a cordless remote-control peripheral rather. Second, all the consisted of cable televisions are very brief, so you will need to maintain your entire configuration very shut with each other. This could be troublesome if your entertainment facility fills your entire living room wall surface.

Once it is good to go up, however, the Nommo Pro has a type of big, ordinary, simple appeal. The subwoofer births a regrettable similarity to an advanced trash can, but the audio speakers themselves are attractive cylindrical tubes with small protrusions on top that handle high-frequency sounds.

My just issue with the Nommo Pro’s look is that while you practically obtain Razer’s incredibly attractive Chroma illumination, you obtain it in one of the most limited ways feasible. Near the bottom of each audio speaker, there is a slim LED remove with complete RGB personalization. It is tiny, and unless you have a black work desk, you will hardly ever see it. After experiencing the outstanding illumination on Logitech’s G560 audio speakers, I was expecting at the very least an LED removal about the face of the audio speakers, too.

Another design choice well worth keeping in mind is that it is feasible to connect the Nommo Pro to a variety of resources at the same time, and after that switch between them easily with the control dongle. As long as you have all your systems closed, you can connect to the audio speakers via USB, optical sound cable television, Bluetooth, and analog cable television.

Normally, the optical sound is getting you the best sound, but you can control the setups for each link, provided you hook the Nommo Pro up to a computer system operating Razer software (more on that particular later on). Not everyone’s configuration is most likely to appear such as this, but at one point, I had the Nommo Pro connected to my telephone, a video gaming laptop computer, and an Xbox One, all at the same time, switching in between them at journalism of a switch. It was extremely practical and made everything from songs to video games to streaming video clips sound amazing.


Gaming Efficiency

Provided you have enough space (and enough cable relaxed) to obtain the Nommo Pro working properly, it sounds definitely gorgeous. I ran it through a variety of video games on both PC and Xbox One, using both the USB and optical sound links.

Whether I was protecting allies as Decoration. Va in Overwatch, or paying attention to extreme personality conflicts in The Strolling Dead: The Last Period, or humming together with the old-school defeats of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, the Nommo Pro produced faithful, balanced, and nuanced sound.

Component of the factor the Nommo Pro works so well is that it can produce directional sound with approximately the same integrity as a great set of earphones. (I should explain, however, that I evaluated the system for single-player and laid-back multiplayer sessions; I could not vouch for its energy as a device for those looking to climb up the affordable ranks.)

The configuration instructions recommend you to point the audio speakers diagonally, intended right towards your ears, instead compared to facing out towards the room generally. This, together with the system’s THX Spatial Sound option, gives a great deal of deepness and integrity to video games where you need to know your opponent’s place.

This feature functioned especially well in Overwatch, but truthfully, what struck me most was the way it handled The Strolling Dead. I never ever expected to need directional sound in a point-and-click experience video game, but listening to rustling fallen leaves and reduced moans originating from simply off sideways was a lot more impacting compared to listening to them from a nonspecific point in the video game globe.

One significant benefit of the Nommo Pro is that it is qualified of creating quality sound in quieter quantities. This may not appear such as a big deal, but some video pc gaming audio speakers begin loud and obtain favorably deafening. The Nommo Pro is relatively tame on lower quantities, and you can also modify the bass boost on the subwoofer (although you can’t transform the subwoofer completely, production is a bit perilous for late-night play).

This means that if you have actually roommates, partners, or children which you want to avoid disturbing, you can still enjoy high-fidelity video game sound without a headset. Of course, if earphones are your just option, you can simply connect a set right into the analog jack on the control dongle. If absolutely nothing else, the Nommo Pro is flexible.


The Nommo Pro runs on Razer’s Synapse 3 software. Without entering into extensive information, I’ll say that Synapse 3 has its advantages and disadvantages, once you obtain a handle on it, it is not too challenging to use. As lengthy as the Nommo Pro is connected to a PC, you can modify sound options for any of the system’s 4 links. This is an especially nice touch because some video pc gaming audio speakers will let you modify just PC sound options.

There are lots of features for those that prefer to modify. The THX Spatial Sound is the best all-around option, but you can also try Dolby online border sound if you want something with a bit more range. (Think “auditorium” instead compared to “workshop cd.”) You can also modify individual equalization accounts — and with the Razer synapse software, you can link custom accounts with individual video games. If you have actually an hr or two on your hands, you can do some pretty nuanced points with your best video games and media applications.

You can modify the subwoofer’s overall bass boost without needing to plaything about in individual equalization accounts. This is also a nice touch, particularly if you are video pc gaming late in the evening and do not seem like trembling the entire house apart.

You can also sync the Chroma illumination with various other Razer equipment, although, as specified over, the illumination options are pretty slim — both figuratively and literally — this time around.

Songs Efficiency

Such as with video games, songs sound great on the Nommo Pro, as do various other forms of multimedia. I put the audio speakers through their speeds with choices from Flogging Molly, Old Crow Medication Show, The Rolling Rocks, and G.F. Handel.

I could make out the immediate vocals and the twang of the bass in tunes such as “Carry Me Back to Virginia,” while choral choices such as “The Lord Gave the Word” resounded with deepness and vibrancy. In each tune, there was a nearly perfect consistency of vocals and tools, and the bass was constantly present without being frustrating.

Likewise, when I streamed Celebrity Trek: The Next Generation on Netflix or watched Better Call Saul on Sling TV, the discussion seemed crisp and clear, while the songs and sound impacts never ever overwhelmed the articulate work.

The just real objection I have here’s that the song’s efficiency didn’t sound significantly better compared to what you had received from a good, nongaming audio speaker configuration in the $200 range. So, if video pc gaming is simply one component of your multimedia experience, instead compared to the focus, you probably do not need the Nommo Pro.

Bottom Line

The Nommo Pro creates beautiful and refined (or effective and blaring — take your pick) sound for video games and songs alike. Many thanks to its THX accreditation, it can handle directional seem like a high-fidelity headset, while it also obtains the job provided for simply resting back and watching TV.

However, there suffice disadvantages present to preclude an unqualified suggestion. The brief cables and the lack of cordless manages to make it challenging to put the Nommo Pro in the facility of a living-room configuration — although that is where it would certainly probably work best. The illumination is uncommonly subdued, compared with what you obtain with Razer’s usual video pc gaming schedule.

And after that, there is the issue of price. Spending $500 on a set of quality audio speakers is hardly unprecedented, but it is a great deal to ask when most video pc gaming audio speakers have worked out someplace about $200. The Razer Nommo Pro sounds better compared to a set of $200 audio speakers, real, but the distinction refers to levels, not a night-and-day contrast.

If you are currently purchasing the Razer community and want a costs video pc gaming experience, particularly in your living room, the Nommo Pro deserves getting. But if you do not need immersive border sound, you can get a new console and a standard $150 Razer Nommo Chroma and have enough money left over for an evening in the community.