RED MAGIC 7S PRO : Most Receptive Display

Proceeding with its custom of launching video pc gaming phones at a lightning speed, RedMagic is back with another giant, the 7S Professional.

Externally, it appears a great deal such as the RedMagic 7 Professional, but there have been numerous interior updates here – consisting of a dive to the newest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 cpu.

This means we’re anticipating major efficiency, but how does it perform in the real life? We’ve been testing to see this newest model to see how it suits.

The RedMagic 7S Professional offers top-notch development quality and a cost feel, while improvements to the thermal management and bumps in efficiency and battery life make it a lot more attractive option compared to its precursor.

Sadly, under-display video cam technology is still in its early stage, and, while it is a cool party trick, the selfie video cam fallen leaves a great deal to be preferred. We were disappointed to see the same middling back video cams used on this model, too.

At the completion of the day, the RedMagic 7S Professional looks to do one point most of all else: give you the best video pc gaming experience feasible – and, on that particular front, it provides well.

If you are happy to deal with some sub-standard video cams, you will not be disappointed when it comes to efficiency.


166.27 x 77.1 x 9.98mm; 235g

Finish options: Obsidian, Mercury, Supernova

Customarily, there are a variety of finishes available for the RedMagic 7S Professional, and these various finishes come with various specifications. We’re testing one of the most affordable models, which is available in the Obsidian colorway. The back has an incredibly shiny black finish, with a subjected aluminum remove operating down its spinal column. The remove has a relatively refined camouflage design, which we’ve not seen on previous models, including a little bit of originality to the 7S Professional.

Encircling the aluminum strip is a mesh-effect design with an iridescent finish. In most illumination problems, it seems dark grey, but, when the light strikes it perfectly, it shines in a rainbow of colors.

Talking rainbow colors, there are 2 addressable RGB accent lights at the phone’s midsection. These are relatively well used in the software and will light up to indicate billing conditions, blink with notices or telephone calls, or simply produce some video pc gaming atmosphere. They may not be as in-your-face as the glyphs on the Absolutely nothing telephone, but they’re lots bright enough to obtain noticed in most of the illumination problems.

Much like the 7 Professional, there’s a level aluminum bumper about the device, reminiscent of the iPhone 4. Overall, the device really feels strong and premium, but it has a fair bit of heft to it – and you will definitely feel it in your pocket.

It is well worth keeping in mind, too, that the high-gloss back panel is pretty unsafe. So, you will need to hold on limited to avoid going down it or use the consistent of clear TPU situation, which is very grippy.

While we’re quite eager about the phone’s appearance, the TPU situation is much less attractive, in our opinion, and you are not likely to be finding many third-party options. However, we’re informed RedMagic will be launching at the very least one premium option through its online store, so appearance out for that.

One aspect of the design that at first worried us was the positioning of the vents. On the RedMagic 7 Professional, we found that the tire on the back panel would certainly blast our third finger with warm air while video pc gaming, which made it a little bit undesirable to use. The 7S Professional has the duct positioned in a comparable place, however, currently, it acts as air consumption, with warm air just being expelled from the top of the telephone. For us, this is a huge update in regards to functionality, and we’re happy to see the issue dealt with.

Display and Audio Speakers

6.8-inch AMOLED; 1080×2400 resolution; 20:9 aspect proportion

120Hz revitalize rate; 960Hz touch sampling rate

Repositioned double stereo audio speakers

The display on the 7S Professional coincides with its precursor, and, many thanks to the use of under-display video cam technology, it offers a continuous full-screen video pc gaming experience. A 120Hz revitalization rate maintains points looking smooth and the 600 nits top illumination, which does not sound excessively outstanding theoretically, was greater than sufficient for our everyday use.

The under-panel video cam makes more sense on a video gaming telephone compared to most various other devices, as a punch-hole video cam or large scratch can obstruct your video pc gaming session – and no one desires that. However, it does bring with it some concessions.

You might have noticed that both the 7 Professional and 7S Professional see a small downgrade in display specifications compared with the older and less expensive RedMagic 7, which offers a greater 165Hz revitalization rate and 700 nits top illumination. We can just presume that this remains in purchase to accommodate the under-display video cam.

However, in the real life, most titles cannot take the benefit of revitalizing prices exceeding 120Hz, and, as we mentioned, 600 nits is a lot bright for most situations. So, the loss is minimal, and the appearance is undeniably modern and sleek.

The audio speakers can obtain extremely loud, but they lack reduced finish, leading to a relatively bright sound. They will obtain the job done, and the stereo imaging rates, but after obtaining used to the outstanding audio speakers on the Black Shark 5 Professional, we were left slightly underwhelmed by the efficiency.

Efficiency and Software

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1; 12GB LPDDR5 RAM

256GB UFS 3.1 storage space, no microSD card port

5000 mAh dual-cell battery, 65W GaN fast-charging

Incorporated Turbo Follower cooling system

With the magic 7S Professional, the celebrity of the show is the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 cpu, and this enhancement is what sets it aside from its precursor. It is among the first video pc gaming phones to hit the marketplace with this chip, and certainly the first with onboard energetic cooling, so it is an interesting model for efficiency hunters.

In benchmarks, there is a noteworthy efficiency increase with this SoC, but. in practice, we could not inform a lot of a distinction from the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1. Still, it performed perfectly throughout our testing, enabling us to max out setups on every video game that we attempted.

The improved cooling, on the other hand, is a lot more visible. While the 7 Professional obtained very warm throughout extended video pc gaming sessions, the 7S Professional stays a lot colder, producing it a much superior video pc gaming buddy.

It is not simply efficiency that the new chipset offers, however – it also brings with it a hold of various other benefits. Among the essentials is enhanced effectiveness, enabling the battery to last much longer, which is crucial for a gadget such as this. There are also improved low-latency Bluetooth features many thanks to Snapdragon Sound, however, the earphone jack is, fortunately, present on this model.

The battery easily obtained us through an average day’s use, on the other hand, and, on days when we just weren’t video pc gaming, we’d sometimes go to sleep with 40 percent (or more) charge left. It is very serviceable.

Of course, video pc gaming significantly reduces that life expectancy, but the consisted of 65W GaN battery charger obtains your support to complete in about fifty percent an hr.

When it comes to software, it is a comparable tale to the last couple of RedMagic phones that we’ve evaluated. The overall experience is a favorable one; we didn’t run right into any significant problems in daily use, and it is very little in the way of bloatware.

On the other hand, the video pc gaming options are among one the most extensive that you will find on a mobile phone. If you enjoy tweaking setups, you will be pleased with the degree of setup offered here.

The just drawbacks on the software front are the sometimes badly equated system messages, which do remove from the premium feel but are still usually easy enough to understand. The system also registered our Zoho e-mail application as a video game, somehow, and we had a hard time finding a way to correct it. This meant that we’d most likely read an e-mail and the telephone would certainly increase the follower and transform on the RGB lights, which was pretty amusing, if also a bit annoying.

Video Cams

Three-way back system: Main (26mm): 64-megapixel, f/1.79 aperture

Wide (13mm): 8MP, f/2.2

Macro: 2MP, f2.4

UPC selfie video cam: 16MP, f/2.0

The back video cams are the same as the last couple of RedMagic phones that we’ve evaluated, and, as is usually the situation, do not appear to be a significant priority on this gaming-focused device.

What this means is that you have a good, qualified primary video cam that’ll give you satisfying outcomes when the light suffices. This is coupled with 2 auxiliary lenses that should mainly be avoided. The macro is incredibly reduced resolution and does not focus as shut as you might anticipate, while the wide lens does not have intensity, as well as struggles to concentrate on close-ups.

The video clip, when contended with 4K or 1080p resolutions, provides great outcomes. There behaves stabilization and relatively dependable autofocus on the primary video cam, and you can also crank it completely up to a massive 8K resolution. However, doing so sacrifices picture stabilization and presents some dreadful rolling-shutter, so we’d stick to the standard resolutions.

The selfie video cam is one of the most fascinating, we think, many thanks to the elegant under-display technology. But, as we found on the 7 Professional, it is not very functional. When looking at the live view, it shows up as if there is a big oily fingerprint smudge over the lens. Everything is slightly blurred and lights bloom.

Of course, no one desires a picture that appears such as that, so RedMagic uses some severe sharpening to combat the muddiness of the video cam. It works, but its outcomes in very unflattering pictures with a type of cartoonish uncanniness about them. This is, sadly, the price you spend for a continuous display.

To Recap

If you are looking for a high-quality video pc gaming telephone with top-of-the-line efficiency, the RedMagic 7S Professional offers exactly that. You will need to deal with sub-par video cams, but the video pc gaming experience is incomparable, and that is what this telephone is all about.