Roccat Burst Core: The Best Gaming Computer Mouse Under $50

The Roccat Burst Core costs $35, and it is practically what you had anticipated from an inexpensive video pc gaming computer mouse. The peripheral is lighter compared to what it appears, and the extra features work all right. At the same time, its efficiency is highly variable, and it is more practical compared to comfy. The Burst Core deserves some praise for being an inexpensive PC video pc gaming peripheral, but it is hard to tremble the feeling that there are better mice available in the same price range.

Typically talking, I enjoyed the Burst Core’s smart “protected honeycomb” conceit, its adjustable switches and DPI, and its accessible pricing. At the same time, it simply didn’t work that well with my configuration. If a gadget does not constantly analyze commands properly in the center of a warmed session, it is difficult to suggest it as the finest video pc gaming computer mouse pick. However, with its affordable price and typically great efficiency, the Burst Core still makes an area on our best inexpensive video pc gaming computer mouse list.


As video pc gaming mice go, the best way to explain the Roccat Burst Core is “ordinary.” The computer mouse has everything you had anticipated from this type of peripheral, with almost no embellishments or innovative touches. The Burst Core has an ordinary black or white framework, with a somewhat curved hand rest, and 2 polytetrafluoroethylenes (PTFE) feet under. Both sides of the computer mouse have little hexagon patterns, but neither one is distinctive. This oversight really feels much less comfy and decreases hold.

In regards to switches, you obtain the best switch, a left switch, a clickable scroll wheel, and a dots-per-inch (DPI) level of sensitivity adjuster on the face. There are also 2 small thumb switches on the side. The layout is fine; everything is convenient and provides a rewarding click.

While the Burst Core’s design does not have any real drawbacks, it does not have any considerable benefits, either. Despite the curved handrest, the device is a bit reduced to the ground. It is a bit too small to fit players with large hands, and a bit too level to fit players with small hands.

On the various other hands, the mouse’s “strong honeycomb covering” is a fascinating idea. Unlike traditional “honeycomb” mice (see the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Cordless, for example), the Burst Core has a lightweight honeycomb design on the inside, with a strong covering over it. This decreases the mouse’s weight while avoiding the pain and tidiness problems that can affect honeycomb mice.


To its credit, you can do a great deal with the Roccat Burst Core once you obtain the Roccat Swarm software installed. This collection allows you to download and install the firmware, personalize DPI, reassign switches, and have fun with RGB illumination. The Swarm software itself is something of a variety, however, as updates often do not download and install properly, and you can have just 5 various software accounts each time. (Most contending programs do not limit software profiles; just hardwired ones.)

Another issue is that the RGB illumination really feels superfluous. The just location with LEDs is a small removal outside of the scroll wheel. This shows up while you are having fun, at the very least, but it is so refined as to hardly be visible. I wonder if the computer mouse might have been a bit less expensive without it.

Or else, reprogramming switches and setting DPI degrees is simple enough, as is changing DPI on the fly with the dedicated switch. If you do not need your video pc gaming computer mouse to do anything too elegant, the Burst Core will obtain the job done.


My greatest issue with the Roccat Burst Core is that its efficiency is highly based on what type of surface you have. In between the optical sensing unit and the PTFE feet, the Burst Core simply didn’t accept my hard computer mouse pad. Whether I was browsing Home windows 11 or combating foes in a computer game, the cursor would certainly constantly jump – sometimes to a factor as far-off as midway throughout the screen. It made efficient jobs and video pc gaming nearly difficult.

The issue had not been nearly as bad on my wood workdesk or a soft computer mouse pad. Still, the truth remains that the Burst Core simply does not work well with every type of surface, and I can’t guarantee that it will function properly with any particular configuration. Additionally, the Swarm software doesn’t have a surface area calibration option, which just exacerbates the issue.

Once I put the computer mouse on a wood surface and didn’t need to deal with the cursor’s wild jumps, the Burst Core functioned all right in a video game. I evaluated it with Age of Empires IV, Ruin Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, and Last Dream XIV, and the computer mouse functioned fine. I had the ability to wrangle teams of middle ages soldiers, weapon down devils, explore an advanced city, and teleport from community to community without a lot of difficulties. Still, a great deal of the Burst Core’s efficiency comes from what type of surface it is on.


Wired video pc gaming mice from significant manufacturers can add to $90. Find an appropriate alternative in the $35 range that deserves recognition, and the Roccat Burst Core is that. Still, it is not the just choice at this price or the best one. The SteelSeries Rival 3 and HyperX Pulsefire Core cost $30 each. Both of these mice perform better and appear prettier.

If you have actually various other Roccat equipment, or a fondness for the brand name generally, the Burst Core deserves an appearance for its simpleness and functionality. Simply understand that you might want to buy a soft computer mouse pad to go with it.