Roccat Kone XP: An Oldie Remastered for Claw Hold Players

The Roccat Kone XP shows, once again, that Roccat can make excellent mice, after that charge is simply a bit too lot for them. It occurred with the Roccat Kone Pro; it occurred with the Roccat Kain Aimo 120; currently, it is occurring with the Kone XP. This $90 computer mouse features a fascinating switch layout, great in-game efficiency, and gorgeous RGB illumination. At the same time, that is still pretty expensive, considering that the peripheral has a couple of disadvantages as well.

While the Kone XP does not have any deal-breaking features, its thumb switches are too small to be of a lot of use and the Roccat Swarm software is still not one of the most user-friendly programs out there. It also does not offer any concrete benefits over the best video pc gaming mice from contending brand names, such as the $80 Logitech G502 or the $70 Razer DeathAdder V2. Read on for our complete Roccat Kone XP review.


The Roccat Kone XP initially glimpses appearances such as a pretty standard video pc gaming computer mouse. It has an ergonomic account, with elevated hand rest, distinctive holds on either side, and small, protruding thumb rest. After better evaluation, the Kone XP takes a lot of chances that I have not seen in a video gaming computer mouse before.

The switch layout on the mouse’s face is simple enough. There is a left switch, the best switch, a three-way clickable scroll wheel, and an account switching switch. There are also 2 DPI modification switches in the upper left. These are a nice touch, as many mice either group DPI switches close to the facility, or eschew them altogether.

Where the Kone XP takes a couple of dangers is with its thumb switches. Rather than the standard 2 (or potentially 2 and a bigger “sniper” switch that reduces DPI temporarily), the Kone XP has 4 thumb switches close to each other. The just issue here’s that each switch is tiny, and it is incredibly easy to hit a nearby one by mishap. All-time low switches particularly are challenging to push exactly.

There is also a 5th thumb switch, however, which I such as far better. Roccat included a switch to the thumb rest itself, meaning you can push it with the side of your thumb while the rest of your hand is or else inhabited. By default, this activates the Kone XP’s Easy-Shift[+] feature, which allows you to use an additional set of commands on each switch. Theoretically, this means you could change greater than 20 key-board commands with computer mouse faster ways. I’d wonder to see how many players accept this design, but it is an innovative idea nevertheless.


To reprogram switches, control the RGB illumination and set up video game accounts for the Roccat Kone XP, you will need to use the Roccat Swarm software. I’ve written before about how the Swarm software is a variety, and it is still not the easiest program to use. It still has a great deal of difficulty downloading and installing software and firmware updates, especially if you are on a slower Internet link or do not run the program as a manager from the beginning. You can also just have 5 energetic accounts each time, unlike contending programs from Razer and Corsair, which immediately sync with a limitless variety of video games.

Once you obtain Swarm working, it typically does what it is supposed to do. I was especially impressed with the Kone XP’s breathtaking illumination impacts, which make the entire computer mouse light up such as a rainbow. Compared with the fairly restrained hand and scroll wheel lights on most video pc gaming mice, it is an inspired design choice, especially since you can obtain the computer mouse with either a white or black framework.


The Roccat Kone XP works wonderfully in-game, although its preponderance of switches makes it especially well-suited to massively multiplayer online (MMO) video games, or anything else that requires a lot of regular commands. I evaluated the device with Age of Empires IV, Ruin Eternal, Cyberpunk 2077, and Last Dream XIV, and found that the computer mouse was receptive, precise, and easy to handle in every circumstance. Gunning down devils really felt as effortless as commanding middle ages militaries.

Last Dream XIV is where the extra switches were available in handy since I had the option to designate my often used abilities to the thumb switches. As mentioned over, the thumb switches can be a bit finicky, but you can eventually learn how to inform all 4 apart simply by touch, and the Easy-Shift[+] is an intriguing technology. If you want to offload 20+ commands from your keyboard, the Kone XP deserves consideration for that functionality alone.


The Roccat Kone XP is a bit too expensive for what it offers, and I have a couple of quibbles with its thumb switches and software. Overall, however, it is yet another top quality computer mouse from Roccat, and well well worth considering if you want comfy, colorful and innovative equipment.

I would not always suggest the Kone XP over the G502 or the DeathAdder V2, both which are a bit better for generalist players — and both which get on our list of the best video pc gaming computer mouse. But if you need a lots of switches and an entire rainbow under your hand, the Kone XP is probably the way to go.