SAMSUNG GALAXY CHROMEBOOK 2 : An Affordable Laptop With A Bold Look

If you were to spot the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 on a store rack in Currys or PC Globe, you had most likely rejected it as yet another mediocre Chromebook.

Its plastic interior decoration and keyboard are not pleasant on the eye, while the chunky under-screen edge makes it appear like a laptop computer that was introduced several years back, despite striking stores in 2022.

But Samsung’s newest Chromebook is a great instance of why you should never ever judge a laptop computer entirely by its appearance. I’ve been extremely impressed with this machine, with an amazing 2560 x 1600 screen resolution, mobile 2-in-1 design, and optional support for LTE when coupled with a SIM card.

What’s more, this Samsung Chromebook is available for simply £319 for the Wi-Fi model, or £399 if you prefer the LTE variation. Theoretically, that appearance is such an amazing bargain. But is this true among the best Chromebook laptop computers you can buy today?


Plastic development ensures an ugly design

The 360-degree joint allows you to turn right into a tablet computer setting

An optional mobile model with a SIM card tray

Chromebooks aren’t known for having actually stylish designs, and the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 doesn’t dollar this pattern.

Samsung has chosen an all-plastic building. That means the whole framework, keyboard, and also trackpad is made of plastic. For anybody that has used a steel laptop computer before, you will not help but feel that this Samsung laptop computer really feels significantly inexpensive compared. Although provided the price of this Chromebook, that’s totally reasonable.

The larger issue, at the very least in regards to appearances, is the chunky under-screen bezel. The 12.4-inch screen is bordered by huge black bars which appear truly outdated in an age where laptop computer manufacturers are trying to squeeze the bezel from the present.

The Samsung Chromebook features a 360-degree joint, enabling me to turn the keyboard about so it is laying level versus the screen’s back. This allows you to use it such as a tablet computer, although I directly find it a bit too hefty (at 1.28kg) to use it because of this – you will obtain a much better experience with a dedicated tablet computer such as an iPad or Galaxy Tab.

That said, I still found the versatile joint useful when flipping the keyboard in reverse to use as a stand. After that, you can watch the similarity between Netflix and Disney Plus with the keyboard hidden from view.

The laptop computer has a silver cover and edge, assisting in earning it stand apart a bit greater than a fundamental all-black design. I’m still disappointed that Samsung isn’t offering several color options, however, as some additional blue, red, and green models would certainly include some extra personality.

The Audio speakers are located under the laptop computer, which has the regrettable effect of muffling the sound. But, I was impressed with the efficiency of the audio speakers, with lots of information to present the discussion plainly. You will still probably prefer to don a set of earphones, although I’d gladly depend upon the audio speakers if required.

The port circumstance is good. You obtain 2 USB-C links, a USB-A port for older peripherals, a microSD card reader, and an earphone jack. With the LTE model, you obtain a SIM card port – slide in your SIM card, and the Chromebook will have an on-the-go connection via your network.

A 1MP webcam is situated in the top bezel, but it offers bad catch quality with the video clips significantly pixelated and fuzzy. But if you simply need a webcam for conferences at the office, it should not be a problem.

I’m not a big follower of the plastic keys on the keyboard, as they feel lightweight and produce a reasonable bit of sound. Thankfully, the keyboard fits to kind on many thanks to the deep keystrokes, and each key is large enough that you do not need to fret about regular typos. As you had anticipated from a laptop computer at this price, there are no elegant features such as a fingerprint sensing unit.

The trackpad is also made of plastic, but I directly didn’t find this a problem. It is smooth enough for comfy swiping, while right- and left clicks were constantly receptive.


Small 12.4-inch screen dimension

High resolution for a Chromebook

Touchscreen support

It is relatively common for a laptop computer under $600 to stint the screen quality in purchase to ensure various other locations depend on snuff – simply appearance at Microsoft’s Surface Laptop computer Go 2.

But Samsung has gone in totally various instructions, as the screen is probably the best possession of the Galaxy Chromebook 2 360. It’s undoubtedly small at simply 12.4-inches, but it has a stunning 2560 x 1600 resolution which is also better compared to some laptop computers that cost over a grand.

By striking the wonderful spot in between Complete HD and 4K, you obtain fantastically sharp video clips without paying over the chances. I was impressed by the vibrant colors and high information when viewing high-resolution YouTube video clips.

I was impressed with the criteria ratings after testing the laptop computer with a colorimeter, too. The Chromebook can a 371-nit illumination, which is more vibrant compared to the average laptop computer. And an astounding comparison of 2742:1 means that bright colors stand apart truly well from dark histories.

With such spectacular display ratings, I think this is an outstanding laptop computer for streaming video clips – equally as lengthy as you do not mind the small screen dimension. Let’s not forget that this is also a touchscreen, so you can easily focus by simply squeezing or scrolling down a newsfeed by swiping.


Slow rates just appropriate for basic jobs

Just 4GB of RAM is available

Just 128GB of storage space space

Chromebooks aren’t known for high efficiency, and while the simpleness of ChromeOS does make them more efficient compared with Home windows portables, it does not guarantee you are getting a smooth efficiency.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 features an Intel Celeron N4500 cpu, which is among the weakest options for a laptop computer. Consequently, I noticed a reasonable bit of downturn when browsing the internet, particularly when trying to load several pictures on a website.

With simply 4GB of RAM, you need to be conservative with your work, as having actually several applications and internet browsers open up at the same time will significantly decrease efficiency, but it is still perfectly workable. I never ever obtained frustrated with the load times, also when using this laptop computer for work.

The criteria outcomes supported my ideas. You can have more effective Chromebooks at a comparable price with the similarity the Acer Chromebook Rotate 513, while the Microsoft Surface Laptop computer Go 2 offers both much faster efficiency and the flexibility of Home windows if you are happy to invest a couple of hundred quid more.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 sporting activities a 128GB eMMC. That is not a lot of storage space, but you are expected to use shadow solutions when buying a Chromebook at this price. And while you’ll obtain much faster rates with an SSD compared with an eMMC own, you typically do not obtain such high-ends with a laptop computer at this price.

I was also impressed with the mobile efficiency when sticking my SIM card inside. Rates will certainly be based on your mobile coverage and chosen plan, but despite a weak indication, I had the ability to browse the internet with good efficiency. Wi-Fi will constantly be better, but it is still great to have mobile as a choice when out and about.

Battery life

Just lasted up to 6 hrs in our criteria test

Can find a better battery at a comparable price everywhere

The Intel Celeron N4500 chip does not simply limit efficiency, as it also has a big effect on battery life.

Throughout my first test, I used the Android variation of PCMark 10 to mimic daily jobs until the battery hit 20%, with the screen illumination dialed to 150 nits. It lasted for 4 hrs and 36 mins. And evaluating the rate of battery depletion, it is safe to presume the laptop computer would certainly have lasted at the very least another hr before striking 0%, taking the battery life to about 5 and a fifty percent hrs.

This outcome appeared reduced to me, considering most modern laptop computers can endure about 10 hrs on a solitary charge. Therefore I also set another battery test, with a YouTube video clip readied to loophole until the battery was totally drained pipes. This time around, the Chromebook lasted 6 hrs – a bit better, but still an extremely bad outcome.

If you were using this laptop computer for work and forgot to bring the battery charger right into the workplace, you had been pretty knackered. For context, the Acer Chromebook Rotate 513 lasted about 13 hrs in our battery criteria tests, despite being available at a comparable price.

So there are better options if you appreciate battery life, however, you will struggle to find an alternative Chromebook at this price with an exceptional screen.


The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360 is among the best-worth Chromebook laptop computers you can purchase for much less compared to £500, with a high-resolution display that makes it ideal for watching video clips. But its Intel cpu underwhelms for both efficiency and battery life.