SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 ULTRA: An Effective Android Phone that Comes with a Stylus Pen

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Extremely is on the marketplace for some time, boasting an ultra-premium experience for users.

But how does the S22 Extremely stand in daily use? Do its efficiency and abilities last?

We invested several months with the device, using it as an everyday chauffeur, and here is what we can inform you…


If you are a follower of the Keep in mind collection, you will enjoy the design of the Galaxy S22 Extremely. In a manner, it really feels separate from the remainder of the S22 range and appearances such as a Keep in mind device in everything but name.

Directly, I prefer the appearance of the S22+ but Extremely does offer a professional appearance with a large display. For those that miss out on the retired Keep in mind range, it will be an invite visual.

The curved sides of the screen also include a premium look, without being so curved that you unintentionally trigger unintentional touch input when simply holding the device. Since the various other S22 devices feature level displays, it is an invited enhancement to the design, and production it appears more elegant.

However, this large design also comes with its own problems. The wider display, which helps accommodate the embedded S Pen, can be challenging to use one-handed. Sometimes, when inputting with one hand, I’ve had a hard time getting to the various other sides of the display to select the emoji or character switch. Using the device with the one-handed setting changed on does not refix this a lot, so you need to be ready to use the device with 2 hands sometimes.

Typically, I prefer the design of the S22 and S22+ more for their pleasing comparison between the video cam real estate and back cover design.

However, if you prefer a gadget with a more understated design, you’ll most likely prefer the S22 Ultra’s minimalism.


Throughout daily jobs, video clip modifying, and video pc gaming, the S22 Extremely performs extremely well. The software is receptive, just lagging when switching between extensive applications and video games that are operating at the same time.

Shutting history applications that are consuming up to a lot of RAM usually refixes this quickly.

Operating the device through the PCMark for Android criteria led to a rating of 13 411 for the Work 3.0 test.

The top score for the test is 16 411, placing the S22 Extremely among some of the best-performing devices. Its score places it among the similarity between the Xiaomi 12 Professional and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3.

But you can feel the efficiency of the device previous to a criteria score. When having fun video games that require fast responses and a screen with minimal reaction lag, Extremely provides this efficiency.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Extremely video cam: Does it suit the buzz?

While the S22 Extremely has a lot going for it, its video cam truly is a significant standout feature.

It stands over the remainder of the collection and rivals because of its stylish software and ability to take great pictures in a variety of settings.

As an employee in media, the zoom abilities of the device have been a significant possession for me.

While most individuals will not truly use the 100x zoom, the 10x and also 30x zoom produce great photos.

Whether you are attempting to catch a picture where the topic is simply a bit too far, or you want to focus to catch a bird in a tree, the zoom abilities help you take pictures you would certainly be not able to on another device. Also at 30x zoom, where there’s some electronic boosting, the pixelation is minimal. And since the 10x zoom is optical, you are looking at clear pictures with no pixelation.

But what about various other video cam features?


The phone has a 108MP lens for when you want to take high res photos. But also in auto setting, pictures come out clear and crisp with great color balance.

The 108MP high res setting has improved since its intro in the S20 Extremely too. The lens has the ability to keep more color and comparison so that the picture does not appear rinsed. You can also zoom a little bit in this setting, including a little bit more versatility for your shots.

This provides photos that you will be more than happy to publish out for bigger styles, taking complete benefit of the greater resolution.

However everyday snaps, you will find the standard lenses deliver a smooth experience that performs well in various illumination and with moving topics. The just disadvantage is that when concentrating on a close-up topic, the video cam software sometimes switches backward and forward in between 2 lenses. While this does not impact picture quality, it does imply it can take a little bit longer to concentrate on the topic.

The camera’s nighttime digital photography is also remarkable, providing bright vibrant photos also in darkness.

The video cam also performs admirably in the evening when it comes to taking video clips – as long as you do not move too a lot. If you move, sound and distortion become more obvious. But if you stay still, the picture quality is considerably better, and also if the topic is moving.

The S22 Extremely masters various other video clip tape-taping setups too. Tape-taping 60FPS UHD video clips are easy and the device handles the load well. You will also marvel at how well it documents when zooming.

For video clips in ideal illumination setups, you can anticipate a great balance of color, comparison, and information, as well as fast concentration. Sound is usually great too, but you need to make sure not to obstruct the microphone when filming.

The slow motion setting also makes for enjoyable video clips, with Samsung improving its efficiency in various illumination setups. However, the Very Slow Mo setting still requires miraculous ideal illumination, so most users will not find themselves using it every day.

Battery life

With all this equipment, you might anticipate the S22 Extremely demolishing battery power unforgivingly. However, it lasts well also under hefty work and you will not struggle to make it through the day.

Also when I’ve used the device from the morning to late at night on business journeys that require Uber rides, transmitting sound, connecting to a mobile modem, messaging, and also inputting up a couple of documents, the battery lasted.

In our criteria test with PCMark for Android, the phone lasted over 13 hrs. The test takes the phone from 100% charge to 20%. So this means that with battery conserving or when consuming the last 20%, you still have a little bit more time until the battery drains pipes totally.

The phone also supports 45W billing, but you need to buy a different billing adaptor for this since it does not come in a package. This much faster billing is invited, but just accessible if you are ready to dispense some additional money or have a suitable battery charger currently.

Since many brand names secure their billing to their own devices, do not anticipate another manufacturer’s 45W battery charger to always deliver the same billing speed.

S Pen integration

So what about the S Pen? Does it bring the Note-like experience it promises?

Having actually the stylus embedded is definitely easier compared to the S21’s separate suitable stylus. By doing this, you do not need to monitor where you put it or purchase a bulky cover.

Since it is a wise stylus too, if you do lose it, your phone will help you find it again.

The S Pen works well with a sufficient display, and the screen tracks your pen movements accurately and exactly.

The enhancement of the S Pen opens features such as note-taking, from another location managing your device (such as resuming songs playback), AR Doodles, and my individual favorite: the PENUP application that allows you to use the device as a small drawing tablet computer.

Unless you enjoy producing electronic illustrations, you will mainly find on your own using the pen for note-taking. But I also enjoyed using it for picture modifying clean settings when modifying video clips. Switching to a stylus pen instead compared of using your fingers when browsing a video clip modify a timeline is incredibly handy. And using the stylus for picture edits is also a great deal more accurate compared to using the suggestion of your finger.

Exist disadvantages to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Extremely?

While there are so many positives to this device, there are also a couple of key disadvantages.

Firstly, there is the price. While Samsung has hovered about a comparable price point for its S20, S21, and S22 collection, Extremely is still among one of the most expensive phones on the marketplace.

If you simply want a phone with a great video cam and do not make a lot of use of the S Pen, forking out a lot of money on the device may be something you are not ready to do. The space in between the video cam abilities of the S22+ and the S22 Extremely also makes it harder to simply downgrade to a somewhat less expensive variation, since there is considerable space in their efficiency.

Samsung had the ability to make its Galaxy Turn 3 a more affordable collapsible phone, so it would certainly be great to see Samsung do this with its Extremely device too.

Additionally, while some individuals enjoy the design of the Keep in mind collection, the device is large — to the point that it can sometimes become unwieldy when handled with one hand. Mobile gimbals battle with the weight of the device.

Samsung has also removed its battery chargers and covers from its front runner items for the last 2 generations. But this goes further with the S22 range — the Extremely does not also come with the usual pre-applied screen guard.

While it has Gorilla Glass on the display, the lack of a display guard means it will draw in scrapes. Although I maintained the device far from keys and used a different area in my bag, a variety of visible scrapes show up on the display in time.

Considering how a lot the device costs, a simple screen guard is a fundamental lifestyle item that truly should be consisted of.

Decision: Is the Galaxy S22 Extremely well worth it?

The S22 Extremely is definitely the front runner to beat for 2022. Its video cam abilities and efficiency make it among the best (otherwise the best) mobile phones to find out in Southern Africa this year.

However, the price maintains it unattainable to faithful Samsung followers that would certainly love to experience the video cam abilities. And with basic benefits such as a display guard removed from the package, it is frustrating to face an ultra-premium price with the need to purchase additional basic items individually.

But if you are looking for a giant of a gadget, this is it.