Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: Release with an Elegant Design

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra’s giant dimension will be divisive but past that this is a super-powerful, if super-expensive, a tablet computer that is great for work or play. Its S Pen, effective chipset, and attractive screen all make it extremely useful. You will need to buy a situation for it, however, because it really feels a bit delicate.

In the continuous video game of one-up-manship between Samsung and Apple, the 12.9-inch iPad Professional has owned the title of ‘biggest tablet’ for quite some years currently, but the Tab S8 Extremely shows Samsung turning its own slate dimension up to 11 (metaphorically, not literally), with its giant 14.6-inch display.

This is a huge tablet computer, there is no chance about that, and depending upon your device choices that is either a significant selling point or an insurmountable issue that’ll put you off. We have not seen a tablet computer that big before; also laptop computers do not constantly hit that dimension. This is a leviathan.

There are certain reasons you might have such a slate as enormous as this. The huge quantity of screen realty is great for note-taking and sketching with the consisted of S Pen stylus, as well as viewing several documents at the same time or one large sheet or timeline. Plus, it is great as a mobile screen for having fun video games or watching movies.

However, the Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely is large and unwieldy to carry about, and it really feels pretty delicate many thanks to its dimension. The magnetic S Pen remove remains in a ridiculous place – Android simply isn’t iPadOS when it comes to functionality – so you will probably need to buy a situation to protect it. And of course, a beefy display means a beefy price.

We would not marvel if individuals choose the Galaxy Tab S8 or S8 Plus rather, as their main distinctions are simply their 11-inch and 12.4-inch displays ( there are various other small changes too).

On the plus side, great deals of the key selling factors of the Galaxy phones are common in between them: they’re very effective many thanks to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset; they come with a useful S Pen stylus, which makes sketching and note-taking convenient; they use attractive AMOLED screens, and there is 5G connection available.

So there are lots of needs to choose a tablet computer, particularly if you want one among the best Android tablet computers and money is no item. (If money is a problem we’d appear to another Tab S8 or a slate from Lenovo or

We enjoyed our time with the Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely, despite the remarks of “what is that?” and “why is that tablet computer so big?” originating from individuals that saw us use the point – viewpoints were split on whether it was the coolest point ever or a bit outrageous. We can securely say that, if you are in the first camp, this is a great tablet computer for you – if you are in the second, you will dislike it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra Availability

The Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely is the most expensive tablet computer we’ve ever seen from Samsung, which makes good sense because of its dimension and power.

Not all variations of the tablet computer are taking place sale in all areas, so if you see a space over the chart, that is why.

It is hard to contextualize this compared with previous Galaxy tablet computers because this is the first Extremely one, but perhaps the iPad Professional (2021) 12.9-inch is the best contrast – for a Wi-Fi-only 128GB storage space model, it starts at $1,099 / £999 / AU$1,799 (so the same cost, other than in Australia). However, the iPad Professional price goes a lot greater because you can obtain storage space up to 2TB, which Samsung does not offer.

This is one huge tablet computer. Seriously, do not also consider it unless your backpack has space or there is room on your work desk for this beast.


With measurements of 326 x 208 x 5.5mm, this slate is lengthy and wide, and remarkably slim, which contributes to its frailty. It seems like it’d be easy to snap the tablet computer in fifty percent with your bare hands. We didn’t try.

It is a relatively hefty tablet computer, evaluating it at 726g for the Wi-Fi model or 728g for the 5G model, but that is just fitting for a beast this big.

The Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely just is available in one color: Graphite or boring grey.

When the tablet computer is landscape, the USB-C port gets on the right side, while the power switch, quantity rocker, and SIM tray get on the top side at the left. There is also a three-pin connector near the bottom which is used for devices.

The rear of the slate is covered in glass. 2 fascinating points to keep in mind here are the small video cam bump, which houses 2 lenses and a magnetic touch that you connect the S Pen stylus to – more on that particular in the Devices area listed below.


The front runner feature of the Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely is its giant 14.6-inch screen – that is larger compared to the biggest iPad Professional, at 12.9 inches, and also defeats or suits great deals of laptop computers. It is huge.

This dimension is great for watching movies, sketching, functioning – everything, truly. We found the device uses both as a home entertainment buddy and as a 2nd screen for our work laptop computer.

With a resolution of 1848 x 2960, pictures are sharp, however, we should explain that the pixel-per-inch matter is less than on the various other Tab S8 participants, at ‘just’ 240ppi. The revitalization rate is 120Hz, which makes motion appear smooth, and this will be especially useful for players as great deals of popular titles offer 120Hz settings.

The screen uses AMOLED technology so the shades are strong and the comparison is plain, which will show especially useful for creatives that need great color precision or deal with visuals for their job.

There is one screen aspect that’s almost unidentified in the tablet computer globe, and that is a scratch, which houses both front-facing video cams. It damages the screen in a tiny quantity, on top, but the display is so big overall that we hardly noticed this invasion.

Performance, Specs, and Cameras

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely has the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset – that is the top-end chip used by Android devices at the moment of the tablet’s launch, and it is also used in the standard and Plus slates.

When we put the tablet computer through a Geekbench 5 multi-core test, it returned a rating of 3,279, which is pretty commendable, however, we’ve seen greater ratings from Android phones. Still, anything over 3,000 is a great outcome that’ll make it well fit for video games or extensive work applications.

We evaluated the tablet computer with a couple of video games and found it performed well, although it was undoubtedly hard to use touch manages on a huge screen. Titles looked great, particularly because we could go for the top video option when one was available.

The power will also be useful for extensive innovative applications and functions. At the Tab S8 introduction occasion, Samsung announced that previously-iOS-exclusive video-editing application Lumafusion will, eventually, be brought to Android slates, and that’ll certainly require all the Ultra’s processing power.

The chipset is coupled with 8GB, 12GB, or 16GB RAM, and 16GB will certainly be useful if your process involves tons of applications. Storage space peaks at 512GB but a microSD card port allows you to obtain an extra 1TB space if you want it.

Something we enjoyed about the tablet computer was its audio speakers – there are 4, with great bass and treble. They made watching content on the slate or using it as a mobile audio speaker truly pleasurable.

The software here’s Android 12, with Samsung’s OneUI laid over the top. In real Android style, this offers tons of widgets you can personalize your home screen with, which works if you are looking for a job tablet computer.

OneUI’s look varies from stock Android design – some individuals will such it, but others will not. Inspect the preview pictures of the food selection to see if it is something you such as.

We’ve formerly found iPadOS to be a better tablet computer os compared to Android, and there is no distinction here – it does not have a control facility that is separate from the notices list, split screen is more fiddly to enable, and navigating really feels a bit slower. Still, those problems might not be visible to individuals that have not used Apple’s tablet computers.

Both front video cams are both 12MP: one has a wide-angle lens while the various other is ultra-wide. The previous is the one you will use for selfies while the last works for video clip phone telephone calls as you can obtain several individuals in your field of vision and the video cam can follow you about a chosen location if you are providing.

On the back, there is a 13MP main and 6MP ultra-wide snapper, which you definitely will not be using for digital photography (also a budget plan telephone defeats them for attractive pictures), but they’re great for scanning documents, AR functions, and recommendation images.

A couple of video cam settings are available in the application such as Solitary Take (which allows you to record a brief video clip of a topic where the device picks out the best picture), Professional digital photography, and Picture and Evening setting.


There is a key device that comes with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely: the S Pen. This is a stylus pen that works a great deal such as the Apple Pencil (and you do not need to buy it individually). Despite sharing a name, it is not the like the pen that comes with Samsung phones – it is a lot larger and stronger.

The S Pen clips to the rear of the tablet computer magnetically, and charges by doing this too. This positioning was a bit annoying, as we needed to thoughtlessly grasp behind the screen to get or take down the stick, and it made it difficult to put the slate down a level when we just weren’t using the stylus.

Functionally, however, we found the S Pen very practical to use. It is useful for keeping in mind, browsing the food selections (using the stylus such as an elegant alternative to a finger), and sketching. For sketching the stylus is especially useful, as its stress level of sensitivity means you can push harder for thicker lines or softer for thinner ones, truly recreating the sketching experience.

You can buy a situation, stand, and keyboard folio to use with the Tab Extremely, so you can protect the tablet computer as well as kind or prop the device up. As our review photos show, we didn’t receive these with our testing example.

If you are buying the Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely, we’d highly suggest obtaining a situation. It is so big that it really felt hazardous to transport, or also put in a bag, without an extra layer of protection – we maintained it in a bubble-wrap sleeve when in our backpack to ensure it didn’t obtain bashed about.

We should also explain that, while the Galaxy Tab S8 Extremely comes with a USB-C to USB-C billing cable television in the bag, it does not have a wall surface connection, so you will need to buy one or depend on USB electrical outlets for powering.

Battery Life

With an 11,200mAh power load, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Ultra’s battery is meaty enough to provide that enormous screen with tons of juice, and we were typically happy with the tablet’s battery life. In truth, we had difficulty operating the point down in purchase to conduct our billing tests.

A 90-minute movie drained pipes simply 16% power – we should keep in mind that the movie didn’t have the same aspect proportion as the tablet computer screen, so not all the display got on, but that is a useful average to go off. That recommends you will obtain a great couple of hrs of streaming TV, writing documents, or modifying video clips without the battery passing away.

Billing is allegedly done at 45W, and Samsung estimates that’ll fill the battery in 82 mins. In our billing test, the device took that lengthy simply to power up by about 33%. That is not fast at all. You will probably need to connect this point overnight to obtain a complete battery.

Should I buy The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra ?

Buy it If…

You want a huge mobile screen

If you are excited at the thought of this huge 14.6-inch display, you will love the experience of using it.

You such as using a stylus pen

For stylus followers, this could be the best tablet computer on the marketplace, because its huge display makes sketching and note-taking a reward.

You have great deals on video clip phone telephone calls

The double front-facing video cams on the Tab S8 Extremely come in handy for video clip phone telephone calls, as you can present and move without leaving the frame.

Don’t Buy it If

You do not want a huge mobile screen

For some individuals, this screen will simply be too big. I then thought of an enormous 14.6-inch display that makes you roll your eyes or recoil at the dimension, you should not also consider it.

You are on a budget plan

There is no question about it, this is a costly tablet computer, and you should just consider buying it if you have actually major cash to invest.

You are not most likely to buy a situation

A tablet computer such as this definitely needs a safety covering, and if you are not the kind to clad their technology in situations or folios, we’re uncertain the Tab S8 Extremely will last very wish for you.