Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar: That Needs Several Boxes When You’ve Obtained this Sensational Border System

Sennheiser is best known for its range of earphones and professional microphones, but it recently extended its ambitions to home sound as well, with the intro of its new Ambeo Soundbar.

This move may be intriguing for anybody who’s a follower of Sennheiser earphones, but you will need pretty deep pockets as the Ambeo Soundbar is very a lot a premium item of the set at $2500 (£2200 / AU$3,999), and the large dimension and weight of the soundbar means that it may simply not appropriate for many homes.

It works hard to make its maintenance, however, trying a place among the best soundbars. The bulky soundbar is packed with the newest sound technologies, consisting of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for surround sound, as well as Sennheiser’s own Ambeo ‘virtual 3D’ stereo. Sennheiser plainly has its views set on the home movie theater market with the Ambeo, although the bar’s Wi-Fi connection means that it can double up as a pretty outstanding songs system as well.


‘Beast’ may be the best way to describe the Ambeo Soundbar – it evaluates a complete 18.5kg (about 40 extra pounds) and measures 126.5cm wide, 13.5cm high and 17cm deep (49 x 5.3 x 6.6 inches, W x H xD), so you will need a pretty sturdy cupboard or stand to support that weight. It is also quite choosy about the layout of the room about it.

Sennheiser suggests that the Ambeo rests at approximately chest height when you are taking a seat before your TV, and you need to leave lots of room on either side of it as well.

That is because the enforcing soundbar houses no much less compared to 13 separate drivers – 6 woofers and 3 tweeters on the front, which provide the left and right networks and center network for voices and discussion. There is an extra tweeter facing bent on the left and precisely each finish of the audio speaker, plus 2 upward-firing drivers located on the top of the soundbar in purchase to provide the elevation forecast required for Dolby Atmos.

The tweeters on completions of the soundbar require you to leave a space of 1-5m on each side of the soundbar in purchase to improve left/right splitting up, while both top drivers imply that you also need to leave at the very least 10cm in between the soundbar and the TV screen over it.

To obtain its configuration properly we needed to rearrange the furnishings in our lounge in purchase to accommodate the Ambeo Soundbar, and also after that, it hardly had the required quantity of empty space that it needs in purchase to bend its sound muscle mass. That said, Sennheiser does sell an optional wall-mount set for the Ambeo Soundbar, valued at £50/$60, which would certainly have been handy in my home, but many individuals may simply find that they do not have enough room for the Ambeo.


Put about the rear of the Ambeo Soundbar you will find an outstanding set of input and output options: There are 3 HDMI 2.0 inputs for connecting devices such as a media gamer or video games console, and one HDMI eARC output for connecting your TV. The Ambeo also consists of one optical input, a set of RCA ports for analog input, and one additional RCA connector for a different sub-woofer.

Rather misleadingly, Sennheiser describes the Ambeo Soundbar as a ‘5.1.4′ audio speaker system, which improperly suggests that it includes a sub-woofer of its own (it doesn’t) but that does not imply it is doing not have in the bass division.

Lastly, you will also find an Ethernet port for connecting to your home network, together with wi-fi and Bluetooth as well, so there are lots of options for streaming songs as well as watching movies and TV.

Once the soundbar is configured, starting is very simple, as Sennheiser’s Wise Control application for iOS and Android devices overviews you through the setup process, consisting of the initial calibration system that involves connecting a microphone right into the soundbar so that it can pay attention out for a collection of tones as the application analyses the acoustic layout of your room.

The portable push-button control provided by Sennheiser allows you to quickly change the quantity, select input resources, and choose from a variety of sound presets, such as Movies, Songs, Sporting activities, and Information. The Wise Control application matches these manages on the screen of your mobile devices – which comes in handy, as the LCD screen on the front of the soundbar itself is so small that it is practically useless – but also provides more detailed equalizer manages so that you could fine-tune the sound for each preset.


Fortunately, after rearranging the furnishings, it just took a pair of mins to go through the installation process and kick back with a choice of Hollywood smash hits. Our first port of call was the 30th wedding anniversary reissue of Tim Burton’s Batman – and we were sold on the sound quality as quickly as we listened to the menacing opening up keeps in mind Danny Elfman’s score: The strings had a deep abundant structure, with an endangering atmosphere of bass, yet there was also a striking comparison with the lighter chimes that hung carefully airborne.

The Dolby Atmos effect measured up to its name, producing an extremely immersive atmosphere in the opening up scenes, as a young family goes through the busy roads of Gotham City, with groups and traffic moving all about. Michael Keaton’s first look at Batman is remarkable as heck, with the flapping sound of his cloak filling the room as he swoops from the darkness and declares – “I’m Batman…”. But it is the look of the Bat-copter later on in the movie that shows the Ambeo Soundbar at its best, with the sound convincingly zooming and skyrocketing about the room as the Bat-copter swoops through the clouds.

Batman shows the accuracy of the Ambeo’s sound, but the more current Avengers: Infinity Battle shows its power and sense of range. The waves of sound as Black Panther leads his military throughout the plains of Wakanda truly obtain the pulse racing. The Ambeo’s 500W amp ensures that Thor’s lightning strikes rattle the floorboards, yet the discussion remains crisp and clear also during a fight – “this is my friend – he’s a tree…”.

Undoubtedly, the Ambeo Soundbar never ever quite handles to place sound right behind us – that is a great deal to anticipate from any single-piece audio speaker system, but it does a magnificent job of filling the room with abundant, detailed sound. The Ambeo proves that it works well with sporting activities on TV too. The BBC’s Wimbledon coverage does not use Dolby Atmos, but the Ambeo’s ‘mixing’ feature does a great job of projecting the applauding groups to fill the room as Dan Evans finally clinches his 12th break-point.

The just location where the Ambeo Soundbar falters is when you switch from video clips to paying attention to some streaming songs. Any computer system or mobile phone can use Bluetooth to set with the soundbar, although it is disappointing to see that such a costly audio speaker system does not support the AptX codec.

Wi-Fi streaming depends on Google’s Chromecast technology – which requires you to install the Google Home application – and there is no support for Apple’s AirPlay, which looks like another short-sighted omission as Chromecast can be a little bit uncomfortable on iOS devices, and there may also be individuals that simply prefer to avoid Google Home because of Google’s invasive data-harvesting practices.

You can work about this if you are acquainted with UPnP web servers, but Sennheiser’s reliance on Google Home for Wi-Fi streaming could discourage some individuals.

Last decision

It is hard to mistake the sound quality of the Ambeo Soundbar, which makes it perhaps one of the most outstanding single-piece soundbars we’ve ever had the enjoyment of paying attention to. The Dolby Atmos 3D impacts work remarkably well, and the Ambeo mixing option can improve non-Atmos movies and TV shows too.

It is not perfect – Sennheiser’s reliance on Google The home of providing wi-fi streaming looks like a strange choice – but the large sound quality of the Ambeo Soundbar ensures that it justifies its wallet-breaking price.