Sennheiser IE 900: Premium Earbuds with Audiophile-Quality Sound

Sennheiser’s new IE 900 in-ear earphones are a purist design, crafted with the singular purpose of offering the best sound quality feasible at this degree. Their technological highlights consist of a solitary 7mm own unit for each earbud, an elaborately machined aluminum housing, and the use of some smart vibration chambers inside that housing to improve the driver’s regularity reaction.

New premium wired in-ears are much much less common compared to they used to be, and naturally so. In-ears have constantly been about mobility and ease of use, so the rise of cordless connection makes perfect sense for such an item. Include corresponding technologies such as noise-canceling and application control right into the formula and the ideal features template for such earphones appearances set.

Yet, this template does not put sound quality front and center. And if that is critical to you, after that fully wired remains the way to go, and, keeping that, all the versatility and benefit features go gone.

Develop and Convenience

Premium in-ears inevitably experience reduced perceived worth. It is hard for a producer to earn something such as the IE 900 feel and look as expensive as they are. But Sennheiser has provided it a great go.

The IE 900 are packaged in a cool box and come with 6 sets of ear tips that are split uniformly in between silicone rubber and memory foam. There are 3 1.2m-long cables; one has a standard 3.5mm connection and 2 are balanced with 2.5mm and 4.4mm finishes specifically. Disappointingly, there is no sign of an in-line remote on any one of them.

It is on the inside where Sennheiser’s work is most obvious. The designers have decided to go with a solitary chauffeur instead compared to the more stylish several-unit approach that many competitors take. The benefits of this simpler approach are improved cohesion and better stage efficiency. A solitary unit has no need for a crossover of any sort, so prevents the inherent distortion of such a circuit.

Having actually simply one own unit to cover the whole regularity band (5Hz-48kHz) promises a smooth sound, but it is also hard to design one that has a suitably also reaction.

Sennheiser’s service is two-fold. Firstly, the 7mm diaphragm is made of a mix of polymers in a quote for rigidness and reduced vibration. But not all the resonances can be controlled by doing this, so 3 Helmholtz resonator chambers have been machined right into the aluminum situation framework. These run in the 6.5-10kHz range and take in the driver’s extra power at these regularities, leaving a lot more also balance. Also, the tiny port that feeds the driver’s sound right into the ears is specially shaped to control the regularity reaction.

Sets of own units are matched throughout the manufacturing process, so the sound from the left and right networks is as consistent as feasible. The outcome should be a more strong and more concentrated stereo sound field.

These earphones fit being used many thanks to careful forming, a great range of ear tips, and the security provided by the cable television folding about the ears. At simply 4g each, these buds are hardly burdensome. Our just complaint is that the indicated cable television is susceptible to transmitting any sound triggered by movement – a problem if you want to wear these earphones on the move.


It is well worth obtaining previous this inflammation because the IE 900 sound is so great. They’re impressively clear and open up seeming, able to dig deep right into the manufacturing of a tape-taping. All the deal with the triad of Helmholtz resonators settles, with clean and crisp highs that still have lots in the way of improvement.

Tchaikovsky’s Marché Slave Op.31 is a remarkable classic item with forceful vibrant swings and a fantastic sense of energy. These Sennheisers catch the music’s power superbly. They sound positive and informative, exposing layers of low-level information and arranging it right into an organized and cohesive entire.

Tonally, they’re well-balanced. The similarly valued Technics EAH-TZ700 manages more in the way of low-end authority and strike, but the IE 900 respond with a more meaningful midrange and a greater sense of verve. It is an amusing discussion that is spherical enough that the songs have our attention instead compared to anything the earbuds are doing.

These are highly exposing entertainers, too, so if there are problems in your resource or boosting, you will know about it. While it is feasible to connect these Sennheisers straight right into anything with a 3.5mm earphone output, they deserve a lot greater than to be used with a telephone or laptop computer.

We highly recommend using a top-quality outboard DAC, at the very least the standard of the Chord Mojo. Also use high-quality song files of CD quality or greater, no matter whether they are downloaded and installed or streamed. Mobile song gamers can also work well, but do not anticipate great outcomes if you are not using something premium. If you truly want to listen to simply how great the Sennheisers can sound, we’d suggest spending at the very least as lot on the gamer as the earphones.

While the IE 900 are critical of resources and boosting quality, they’re happy to play all genres of songs. Provided it is tape-taped well, these buds will shine no matter what. We pay attention to Michael Kiwanuka’s eponymous cd and the Sennheisers sound right in your home, providing the album’s vintage ambiance with ability.

Rhythms charge together with interest while Kiwanuka’s distinctive vocals come through structure and passion. The album’s manufacturing isn’t the cleanest, but the Sennheisers still resolve lots of information and present it in an organized and pleasurable way.

Over our paying attention sessions, we switch in between the similarity H.E.R, Leonard Cohen, and Beethoven, and the IE 900 has no difficulty accommodating any music demands. They constantly provide lots of understanding and permit us to evaluate the tape-taping if we want to, but equally are also happy to simply have enjoyment.


There is no rejecting that the IE 900 is a pricey proposal, but if you have actually a sufficient resources and boost, their development, design, and sound quality are greater they validate that significant investment.