Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2: The Best Earbuds for Voice Termination

The Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 2 is a set of cordless buds that both is successful at thrilling and cannot surprise. Besides, this is the follower to the initial Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless, among the best sets of cordless earbuds ever. And with the great-sounding Sennheiser CX 400BT showing what the company can do also on a reduced budget, it should not be from another location stunning that the premium, noise-canceling Energy Real Cordless 2 has ended up so well.

Still, that is with a focus on “premium.” This is one magnificent pricey set of buds, also beside Apple’s AirPods Professional. But, as our Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 2 review will discuss, there is enough in the way of abundant sound quality and advanced features that it is a beneficial financial investment. In truth, the Real Cordless 2 makes an area on our best cordless earbuds list.

Price and Accessibility

The Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 2 is available in either black or white. The black buds come with a dark grey billing situation, while the white option’s situation is a lighter grey.

Such as its relative, the Sennheiser Energy 3 Cordless, this set of buds isn’t inexpensive. The MSRP is $299, but a lot of sellers sell it for $249, consisting of Amazon and Walmart. That is still big money for a set of real cordless earbuds but it at the very least brings the Energy Real Cordless 2 according to the $249 AirPods Professional.

If you are in the U.K. the Energy Real Cordless 2 can, at the moment if writing, be had for a £100 discount. This is a Black Friday deal and may more than when you read this, but we anticipate the earbuds to be warm at listed below their initial price of £279.


The Energy Real Cordless 2 really felt a bit chunky initially, but after that, I had simply invested 2 weeks with the startlingly tiny Earin A-3. In the grander scheme, Sennheiser’s buds are proportioned quite reasonably, with a round touch sensing unit production every one appearance more modern and stylish compared to the settle CX 400BT.

Each earbud is also smaller sized compared to those of the initial Energy Real Cordless, also if the overall form is comparable. The billing situation also appears almost similar, with the same fabric finish. This still fills up over USB-C and has the same handy battery degree indicator that illuminates when you push the switch on the back.

Preferably, Sennheiser would certainly have gone further and updated the more recent model’s sprinkle resistance, which remains ranked at IPX4. That is just enough to deal with sweat and light sprinkles, instead compared to solid jets or complete submersion, but after that, it is all you truly need for periodic exercise. It is also better compared to what you obtain with the CX 400BT, which has no IP-rated waterproofing at all.

Convenience and in shape

Each of the Energy Real Cordless 2 earbuds is a teensy bit lighter compared to their precursors, at 0.21 ounces each bud versus 0.23 ounces. That bodes well for what was currently a comfy earbud design, and certainly, this new set fits very well certainly.

The in shape is tight, which is what you want from a set of energetic noise-canceling (ANC) earphones as it produces security to shut out ambient sound. Nevertheless, the Energy Real Cordless 2 buds spread out their weight uniformly about the ear, so tiredness does not begin as quickly.

And, with an option of 4 changeable suggestion dimensions in the package, it is not hard to find a set that is perfect. I suggest using the greatest tips you can handle, however: I attempted the small tips, which were one of the comfiest but didn’t provide as a lot of easy sound seclusion as the medium tips. These were still easy to wear for extended periods, so I stuck to them.

Because there are no over-ear hooks or wing tips, such as if you had the jump on many of the best operating earphones, the Energy Real Cordless 2 isn’t purpose-built for exercises. Still, the in shape is secure enough that you could perform much less exhausting exercises without fear that the buds will fall out.

Configuration and Manages

Pairing the Energy Real Cordless 2 for the very first time is easy: you simply stand out the buds in your ears, hold back both touch sensing units for 3 secs and after that connect through your device’s Bluetooth food selection. After that, the buds reconnect immediately as quickly as you remove them from the billing situation.

The touch managers are dependable and helpfully flexible. Solitary, double, and three-way faucets can perform a variety of activities: besides the usual play, pause and skip manages, you can switch between ANC and openness settings or mobilize your phone’s electronic aide. Holding back left wing and right earbuds also reduces or increase the quantity, specifically. Why can’t the AirPods Professional do that?

By installing the Sennheiser Wise Control application (iOS and Android) you can also fully personalize which inputs perform which activity. You could do the same with the CX 400BT, but the Energy Real Cordless 2’s wider feature range makes this personalization particularly useful. For instance, I changed the ANC toggle to a solitary tap on the right bud, to switch in and from it much faster.

It is a great application generally, with great deals on devices and an accessible UI. There is a dedicated area for the clear listening setting available right from the home screen, and the equalizer manages to provide 2 options for personalizing the sound trademark. One is a simple set of 3 EQ sliders, while the various other allows you to change the bass, mids, and treble in one finger movement by dragging a pen about a grid. The last requires more experimentation, however.

Sound Quality

If you are most likely to invest $249 on a set of cordless earbuds (and it isn’t the AirPods Pro), sound quality is probably what you are here for. Fortunately is that the Energy Real Cordless 2 sounds beautiful, and is leaking information in every music category it attempts.

Unlike the more current Samsung Galaxy Buds Professional, there is no dual-speaker trickery taking place here. The Energy Real Cordless 2 simply has one 7mm vibrant chauffeur each earbud, of the same design as the CX 400BT. It is not the loudest audio speaker but the sound it pumps out is abundant and distinctive, with excellent clearness throughout the regularity range.

One emphasis is the remarkable degree of information. I was listening to hitherto-unnoticed instrumental tracks in Workshop Killer’s “All Guys Are Pigs,” a tune I’ve been paying attention to for many years, and little touches such as the guitar fretting sounds in Muse’s “Dropping Away With You” became easier to select.

As with the CX 400BT, the regularity balance is neutral by default. But that does not imply upbeat tunes fall level: the pumping chorus in Jack Wins’ dancing track “Pets” was filled with life, and “Simply Because” by Jane’s Dependency seemed as enormous as it would certainly on any good over-ears.

That said, I directly preferred a dash of included reduced finish — which I included through the application.

Also without EQ modification, the Energy Real Cordless 2 is greater than a suit for the AirPods Professional on sound quality, and if your device supports it you can take benefit of the top-quality aptX Bluetooth codec as well.

 Energetic Sound Termination

ANC on the Energy Real Cordless 2 is better than “good” compared to “amazing,” but eventually it does work well in most circumstances. It can totally silence low-level droning, such as air conditioning, and makes a sensible initiative with louder seems like passing traffic. I could still listen to cars and buses pass me by, but not to a distracting level. There is also no pronounced ringing sound from the unfavorable sound, such as you can listen to on the AirPods Professional in peaceful rooms.

Similarly, the clear paying attention setting suffices also if it is not the best in its course. I found it mainly useful for close-range communications, such as talking to someone face-to-face; it is much less useful for getting speech when you are in the room. It also shares the AirPods Professional openness mode’s restriction of just having actually one set: you can’t change how a lot of sounds are allowed.

Still, I loved how triggering this ambient setting does not negatively impact playback quality, as it does on lower ANC earphones. If you had preferred, you can choose to pause songs when you switch it to another personalization option offered in the application.

If you want the outright best cordless earbuds for noise-canceling particularly, Sennheiser’s initiative isn’t to the same degree as the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds. But it is a great try.


The Energy Real Cordless 2 sporting activities are among the best applications of in-ear discovery I’ve used. This is where the songs immediately pause when you remove a bud from your ear and resumes when you put it back. On most earphones, there is a hold-up in between the sensing unit taking keep in mind and the songs pausing or having fun, but here it is shut enough to instant.

Articulate aide application works well, too. The Real Cordless 2 supports both Google Aide and Siri, and there is no considerable delay between summoning the aide and it appearing to take commands. Articulate input is also registered as accurately as if you were talking right into your telephone straight.

Factoring in ANC, openness setting, adjustable manages, adjustable EQ, and sprinkle resistance, the Energy Real Cordless 2 is as fully-featured as you had hoped from a set of premium buds.

 Battery Life

This is one location where the Energy Real Cordless 2 drops brief. After a pair of full-to-empty runs, these earbuds lasted approximately 4 hrs and 13 mins of ANC-enabled playback.

While that is an enhancement on the initial Energy Real Cordless 2, it is much less compared to the AirPods Professional (4.5 hours), and that is not an especially outstanding battery entertainer, to begin with. Sennheiser estimates a battery life of 7 hrs, but this must be with ANC turned off. I ran my tests at just 50% quantity so I can’t see any way of extending it that much.

Sennheiser also says the billing situation can prolong that 7 hrs up to 28, which suggests that it is great for 3 complete charges. That would certainly still just obtain you about 16 to 17 hrs of ANC playback, evaluated by my testing. Again, that is not great.

 Call Quality

I was also a bit surprised that the Energy Real Cordless 2 didn’t perform better as a calls headset — an imperfection showed the CX 400BT.

When using the earbud’s microphones, I obviously seemed a great deal fuzzier and more distorted compared to when I used my handset mic. History sound, when outside, was also a great deal more pronounced, production me harder to listen to.

It had not been so bad that I was intelligible but if you use this set of buds for routine telephone calls, do not marvel if your recipient needs to focus harder on your articulation. Provided how great the Energy Real Cordless 2 remains in most various other respects, that is a pity.


If sound quality is essential to you, the Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 2 will not disappoint. While battery life particularly should truly be better, a pair of disadvantages can’t ruin what is, or else an extremely fine set of cordless ANC earbuds.

It is a costly set, real, but you are spending for a sound that is both excellent from the package and fully adjustable. Including the secure yet comfy shape, dependable connection, user-friendly mobile application, and included sprinkle resistance, the Sennheiser Energy Real Cordless 2 proves that it is deserving of the cash.