Sony Bravia XR A80J: An Excellent OLED with Next-Gen Tech

I consider OLED TVs all the time; and not even if I am a TV customer by profession and have the tendency to invest too a lot off-time considering my job. Honestly, it is because, much like you, I watch a reasonable quantity of TV in your home, and, because I do not yet own an OLED TV myself (a conversation for another time), I invest a great deal of that TV-watching time wanting I did own an OLED TV.

Yes, I’m an unabashed follower of OLED TVs, and I make no apologies for that. It is OLED’s perfect black degrees and, more to the point, its superior comparison that captures most folks’ eyes, but what truly secures the deal for me is the TV tech’s lack of LED backlights — backlights which, in a dark room, make themselves known constantly many thanks to very annoying impacts plaguing LCD TVs called “blooming” and “halo.”

With Sony, LG, and Vizio all producing OLED TVs currently, there is a passionate buffet of options to choose from, but if I were buying an OLED TV this year, the Sony A80J evaluated here would certainly be among just 2 I’d consider.

Which is the various other? I’ll reach that. Let me begin by discussing why I think the Sony A80J OLED is among the best TVs you can buy this year.

Out of the Box

OLED TV panels are so slim and striking that a five-year-old youngster could frame one in PlayDough and it would certainly still appear like artwork. Thankfully, Sony’s approach to OLED TV design is decidedly a lot higher-class.

With razor-thin metal black bezels and sturdy steel feet, the A80J OLED TV exhibits a business-class visual — neither excessively fancy nor the very least bit drab or boring. The remote consisted of with the TV is standard Sony fare — no backlight, sorry — but it obtains the job done.

There are 2 settings where the steel feet can be driven. One position slings the TV reduced towards its sustaining media stand or credenza, and the various other increases the lower boundary of the TV up a little bit to accommodate a soundbar without the screen obtaining obstructed. It is a wise appearance, but bear in mind the feet do prolong towards the side of the TV in either setup or production for a broad position that requires a similarly wide media stand.


One of the most amazing aspects of the Sony A80J is its out-of-box picture precision. Choose the Movie theater or Custom preset picture setup options and viewers need to do little else to ensure they are obtaining the best picture quality feasible.

Of course, precision isn’t always what everybody is looking for. While precision states a TV must have a fairly warm color temperature level to best stand for developer intent, many viewers have the tendency to be partial to a colder color temperature level setting. Because of that, many will find the TV’s slightly more vibrant and more vibrant Standard picture setting to be more suitable.

When it comes to picture processing, Sony’s has traditionally been the best.

For TV enthusiasts, however, it should be kept in mind that the out-of-box white point and color dimensions that I obtained by using a SpectraCal C6 colorimeter (profiled to an x-rite i1display Professional) together with Calman software were amongst one of the most accurate I have seen originating from a TV manufacturing facility. In truth, many various other TVs struggle to accomplish the same ultra-low mistake numbers after a professional calibration that the A80J handles to ace from package, no modifications needed.


What makes a Sony OLED TV appear like a Sony OLED TV isn’t its OLED panel — which is actually made by LG Display — it is the TV’s cpu. When it comes to picture processing, Sony’s has traditionally been the best.

The A80J brings on that particular tradition. However there is no lack of the Sony marketing department’s influence involved, the supposed Bravia XR Cognitive Knowledge Cpu driving the A80J’s picture strongly provides pictures optimized to appear their best without ever perceivably going down the sphere. That’s to say: If Sony’s most recent, most effective cpu makes any concessions as it performs its magic, you will never ever capture it.

Apart from class-leading processing, the A80J is an extremely qualified wise TV, operating the newest variation of Android TV, currently called Google TV. As wise TV user interfaces go, it has quickly become among my faves. Not just is the Google Aide perfectly incorporated right into the TV for wise home device control, but the TV itself can be controlled by various other wise home devices, consisting of the Google Home application on a mobile phone.

Perhaps the best component of the Google TV system is that once it is set up on one device, it brings all one of the most essential setups over to various other devices operating the system. For instance: Since I’d set up a Chromecast with Google TV in your home when I logged right into my Google account on the A80J, I found that was currently logged right into all my favorite streaming applications. I didn’t need to connect in usernames or remember complicated passwords. All I needed to obtain streaming was a fast verification with my telephone, and I was watching my faves in secs.

If the A80J drops briefly throughout regards to features, it would certainly need to be its lack of complete support for sure video pc gaming features commonly associated with the newest HDMI 2.1 specification. While the A80J does a sporting activity with 2 HDMI 2.1 ports and can support up to 4K resolution at 120Hz with HDR, both variable revitalize rate (VRR) and auto reduced latency setting (ALLM) is not yet sustained. While future support for these features could come via upgrade one day in the future, historic hold-ups have me hesitant that they will come anytime quickly, if at all. I discuss the impact this shortfall carries on video pc gaming a bit further listed below.

Sound Quality

The days of my poking enjoyable at TVs for seeming godawful are much from over — many of the TVs I test should sell with a cautioning tag begging buyers to get a soundbar before they inspect out. But certain Sony TV models — and particularly Sony OLED TVs — are setting a brand-new bar for simply how great a TV can sound, also if they are thinner compared to an iPhone.

I think most folks will be astonished by how great this TV sounds.

To earn a sound, the Sony A80J has 2 transducers staying with the rear of its OLED screen. By doing this, the screen itself makes most of the sound you listen to. Aided by a small “subwoofer” put right into the rear of the TV, the integrated screen-speaker system creates an incredibly complete, vibrant, and clearly stereophonic sound trademark. While I had the ability to force the A80J’s stereo to distort at greater quantities, I think most folks will be astonished by how great this TV sounds. With a focus on dialog clearness, and voices relatively originating from the spot on-screen at which actors’ mouths lie, not just will viewers enjoy understanding what’s being said, but they will be captivated incidentally it appears as if the articulation is originating from the actor’s place on-screen as well.

Picture Quality

Having actually gushed over OLED TV picture quality for almost 7 years currently, I sometimes find it progressively challenging to say something fresh or unique about the newest models. Improvements to OLED picture quality have been step-by-step over the previous couple of years — and that is real this year as well — but the step-by-step changes brought by the A80J OLED, while an issue of skill, very invites just the same.

The A80J simply appears to take everything to the next degree.

With a Sony OLED, you begin with a structure of perfect blacks, paint in vivid yet firmly accurate color, and after that gild the lily with sparkling HDR highlights and exacting fine information. I should also explain that the A80J’s handling of motion — be that the cadence of a 24 fps movie, or the fast-panned activity of a sporting activities broadcast — is amongst the best I’ve ever seen, which consists of Sony TVs from the previous. The A80J simply appears to take everything to the next degree.

But, it isn’t Sony’s best OLED TV. What could be better?

Not the Brightest TV on the Floor

Sony’s A90J OLED TV has made itself many a heading this year for being among the brightest OLED TVs you can buy. LG also has a more vibrant OLED model, the Gallery Collection G1, which makes comparable illumination claims.

The component of the factor more vibrant OLED TVs are big information is that among minority grievances that can be made about OLED TVs is that they can’t obtain nearly as bright as LED and also more recent mini-LED backlit LCD TVs. For those that watch TV throughout the day with lots of daytime putting in (or lots of bright lights ablaze), an OLED TV will not have the stand-out or comparison an LED backlight TV will have. More vibrant OLEDs are meant to challenge this concept.

Whether they do so effectively is a debate for another article. My point is that the A90J is a more vibrant OLED TV and therefore could be considered partially better. But as I said before, if I were buying an OLED TV today, it would certainly be the Sony A80J or, perhaps, the LG C1 OLED. Neither of these is the more vibrant, better OLEDs, but they’ll make most folks (myself consisted of) quite happy.

Not the Absolute Best for Gaming

The one and just factor I might purchase an LG C1 OLED TV over a Sony A80J OLED TV is for next-gen video pc gaming purposes. The LG C1 OLED offers 4 full-fledged HDMI 2.1 ports that can support every next-gen video pc gaming feature available, all at the same time, and all addressable through an enjoyable and rather handy video pc gaming control panel.

The Sony A80J OLED simply does not go hard for video pc gaming, which may appear strange since Sony makes the new PlayStation 5 console. But what most folks do not recognize is that the A80J is still an outstanding TV for having fun video games. Certainly, it may not offer a variable revitalize rate (VRR) and a couple of various other features that some contending TVs do, but it is still most likely to be lots proficient for most laid-back players. Just one of the most hardcore players needs to think about looking somewhere else. In various other words, unless you know exactly what HDMI 2.1 gives video pc gaming without needing to appearance it up, after that you can rely on the A80J to provide an outstanding video pc gaming experience with reduced input lag, gorgeous video, and smooth motion.


Sony’s A80J offers some of the best picture quality you’ll find in a TV and is bested just by TVs that cost often times as a lot. It is also among the most user-friendly TVs you can buy many thanks to its Google TV system and its remarkable out-of-box picture preset options. It also happens to sound excellent, too. All informed, the A80J is a fantastic package, and I highly suggest it.