Sony HT-A7000: Effective and Muscle Room-filling Dolby Atmos from a Solitary Soundbar

Despite being Sony’s front-runner soundbar, the Sony HT-A7000 has its work cut out for it. With budget soundbar offerings such as the Sonos Ray grabbing the headings recently, the Sony HT-A7000 (beginning at $1,399) places itself in a challenging position by being more expensive compared to the competitors that offer comparable features.

However, despite the honestly eye-watering price that does not also consist of an outside subwoofer or set of border audio speakers (although these can of course be packaged individually as an expense option), the Sony HT-A7000 is an extremely elegant and well-considered soundbar certainly.

As the present front-runner model that signed up with Sony’s soundbar lineup in late 2021, the HT-A7000 changes the long-running but much more expensive HT-ST5000. Such as its precursor, the HT-A7000 is a full-featured home-theater audio speaker system designed to be the pillar of any home TV, songs, and video pc gaming configuration for many years to find. Its feature-laden specification highlights consist of complete support for Dolby Atmos soundtracks and hi-res sound, song streaming, as well as 2 HDMI 2.1 ports that enable users to connect both a PS5 and Xbox Collection X to the soundbar at the same time.

It is certainly an appealing package that comes with Sony’s respected sound credibility, but there are lots of soundbar options out there to think about in our best Dolby Atmos soundbars, as well as budget soundbars and the best soundbars we’ve listened to. So, as among one of the most expensive soundbars we’ve seen up until now, is it enough to validate the price? Read on to find out more.

Price and Accessibility

The Sony HT-A7000 is available finished in black and valued at $1,399 / £1,299 / AU$1,699, although it can presently be found discounted to $1,299 on Sony’s website or via online sellers consisting of Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Despite Sony’s significant qualifications on the planet of home theater and Dolby Atmos aboard, the HT-A7000 appearances overpriced compared with competitors with the similarity the Sonos Arc and also the Bowers & Wilkins Scenic view 3 undercutting Sony’s front runner by significant margins. Plus, if you want to include a cordless subwoofer and cordless border audio speakers, this bumps up the overall price also further.

Design and develop

Low-profile design and wall surface mountable

Ideal for 55-inch TVs or bigger

Top quality develop

The feel and look of the Sony HT-A7000 have moved a great deal in the newest front-runner design. Instead compared to getting on display as with several of the drivers in the HT-ST5000, the 11 audio speakers drivers here are all hidden behind a fit-together grille on the front, with cloth grilles on the sides as well as on the top surface at either finish of the soundbar. It is equally as sleek in appearance at, however, at 3.25 x 5.7 inches (H x Decoration). Its low-profile design should make it slender enough to ensure it does not nasty all-time low TV screen when put on the same surface as the TV.

You might want to spend on a wider TV stand, however, as the HT-A7000 goes to 51 inches lengthy, which makes it great in shape for 55-inch or bigger TV displays, but absolutely nothing smaller sized. However, partnering the soundbar with my 55-inch Samsung screen in your home led to some overhang on either side of the stand. Ordinarily, a small overhang would not be too a lot of a problem, but the support feet underneath the soundbar are inconveniently spaced to rest uniformly on the glass surface of my TV stand and the audio speaker would not rest securely. This was easily fixed, however, with some discreetly put installing putty (Plasti-Tac or Blu Tack) on the bottom so that the soundbar rested degree and securely in position.

Sony does not cut edges when it comes to developing quality, and the HT-A7000 really feels accurately made with a great blend of quality products that reflect its front-runner condition and premium pricing. It can be wall surface mounted.


Recessed connection panel

2x HDMI ports suitable with 4K60

HDMI out with eARC/ARC

On the recessed bottom for hardwired connection, the Sony HT-A7000 soundbar consists of one eARC/HDMI output and 2 HDMI 2.1 input ports (handy if your TV has no spare ports), qualified for handling 8K @60Hz, 4K @120Hz, and Dolby Vision HDR indicates. There is also an electronic optical port, USB Sound, and analog input via a 3.5mm jack outlet, as well as an analog output for turning a suitable Sony Bravia TV right into a center network via provided cable television.


11 audio speaker drivers

2x elevation audio speakers for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X styles

You are not being scammed when it comes to setup either, and the soundbar’s dimension allows sufficient room for the 11 drivers, consisting of 2 ‘beam’ tweeters, 5 midrange drivers, and 2 speakers all shooting forwards towards the seating location, as well as a set of upward-firing units on top to bring elevation aspects to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X soundtracks.

 Extra features

The Sony is packed with setup smarts and the calibration process is simple, plus there is a set of onscreen food selections for more positive proprietors to tinker with. DSEE Severe upscaling technology is consisted of in the soundbar to help restore sound information shed when using reduced information steams, and is something more usually found on the company’s front runner WH-1000M5 earphones, for instance.


Control quantity via the TV remote

Alexa and Google Aide articulate control

You will find touch-capacitive control switches on the panel to the right finish of the soundbar. There is an LED screen listed below on the front, but it is a little bit limited. Unlike some soundbars we’ve seen, the style information is insufficient and there is no chance to distinguish looking at the display when a Dolby Atmos sound indication has been received by the soundbar, for instance.

A useful portable push-button control consists of, but you can also use your TV’s remote for basic quantity control. The Sony Songs Facility application for Android and iOS offers another handy way to control the HT-A7000. It is a little bit limited, and I can’t help feeling that more versatility over the sound setups would certainly be very useful for users such as me that prefer to tinker with sound options to obtain the best sound for the room instead compared of depending on the automated adjusting and manufacturing facility presets.

Sound quality

Impressively wide soundstage

Excellent dialog clearness

Immersive border efficiency

The Sony HT-A7000 soundbar goes almost 51-inches wide, so you can anticipate listening to a broad soundstage being beamed towards you with all kinds of movie and song content. The Sony’s forward-firing chauffeur setup uses widely-spaced beam tweeters that project sound through a collection of chambers. These certainly show up to bring a great sense of range to the soundbar’s soundstage while watching the psychological movie dramatization Whiplash (via Netflix). Sony had no problem switching from the shut and dry acoustic of the imaginary songs school’s claustrophobic class to the large open-up acoustic space of the efficiency theater with the S-Force PRO Front Border technology allowed throughout Movie theater and Standard settings.

Enabling S-Force makes soundtracks sound more immediate so that you feel as if you are proactively associated with the minute unraveling on screen. Despite more muted dialog such as Nomadland streamed via Amazon, the Sony soundbar enables you to listen to all dialog and articulate inflection with a completely all-natural feel and great presence. There is a dialog boost setting should you wish further clearness.

As well to the upward-firing audio speakers at the top of the soundbar — primarily intended for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X content — Sony also utilizes its own Upright Border Engine (VSE) to give standard content an immersive elevation aspect too, bringing a more all-natural feel that sonically transportations you to whatever acoustic environment or landscape is unraveling on screen. The outcomes are outstanding and the extra measurements resemble what we skilled from the Sonos Arc soundbar. It is not the like having the actual direct sound from the audio speakers located over or sideways, but it is certainly more effective compared to what I pictured and helps viewers feel more involved with what’s happening on the screen.

The HT-A7000’s incorporated subwoofer drivers are pretty small by dedicated subwoofer requirements, but the Sony does an efficient job at giving voices, activity impacts, and soundtracks the weight they need to carry points off convincingly.

Although it does not quite dig to the bass midsts of the Sennheiser Ambeo soundbar mentioned in the best TV upgrades I’ve attempted, the deepness and power that is available are outstanding provided the smaller-sized cupboard space it needs to operate in. I’d suggest including a cordless standalone model, however, such as Sony’s optional SASW5 model valued at $699 to bring extra impact to high-octane movie soundtracks.

When it comes to streaming songs, the Sony HT-A7000 functions as an efficient songs system, and Spotify Connect is embedded to permit you to connect straight, or users can connect to their favorite alternative song streaming solutions from their device using Chromecast or AirPlay 2.

Whatever streaming songs solution you use, I found that maintaining the A7000 in the Songs setting was more suitable because it gave the best balance to vocals and a sense of tool splitting up. It seemed a great deal more vibrant and better than the sound I’m used to experiencing from a set of stereo audio speakers. With Standard and Movie theater settings, song tracks seemed much less vibrant, and rhythmic aspects were a lot much less engaging.

Attempting out some songs tracks with Sony’s 360 Reality Sound (available through streaming solutions consisting of Tidal, Amazon Songs Limitless, Deezer, and, there was a genuine sense of the sound filling the room, and it was certainly an enjoyable way to experience tracks I know well. Although not all tracks take advantage of the 360 design, with some seeming excessively boomy and unbalanced, it brought understanding and point of view right into my songs paying attention in your home.


The Sony HT-A7000 soundbar is a stylish TV audio speaker service with an outstanding sound that improves the efficiency of also the best TVs and accomplishes a wrap-around motion picture effect with the right content. The dialog was clear and has enough weight to give growing voices gravitas to carry them with conviction, however, for real motion picture efficiency and satisfaction, you are truly most likely to need to consider a cordless below.

This brings me to the HT-A7000’s price. There are qualified rivals out there such as the Sonos Arc, that can accomplish a comparable immersive experience and incorporate perfectly a wide variety of multi-room items for significantly much less compared to what Sony is asking. Eventually, I’ve been impressed by my time with the HT-A7000 but as with the HT-ST5000, the price would certainly make me hesitate. In quest of effective motion picture satisfaction in your home and the price of consisting of a cordless below pressing the overall cost of the Sony to close to $2,000, Sennheiser’s Ambeo soundbar with its punchy efficiency right out of package appearances deserving of a better appearance.