Sony HT-A9: A Persuading Dolby Atmos Home Movie Theater Stereo

When it comes to home theater, there are laid-back users that are satisfied with soundbars and enthusiasts that want a cinema-like experience with several audio speakers all about them.

Over a previous couple of years, soundbars are obtaining better at offering a motion picture experience – particularly those that consist of upward shooting drivers, a set of back audio speakers, and a subwoofer, all of which deliver an immersive sound that works for most people.

However, that will not suffice for dedicated home theater enthusiasts – and that is where the Sony HT-A9 is available in.

The HT-A9 is a set of 4 cordless audio speakers that communicate with each various other wirelessly via a tiny box that is slightly bigger compared to an Apple TV. This box connects to an eARC port on your TV as well as supports cordless requirements such as Bluetooth, AirPlay, and Google Actors to enjoy sound not simply from your TV but also from your telephone, tablet computer, and various other devices.

The magic of the HT-A9 audio speaker system is that these audio speakers do not need to be perfectly positioned in your room. Each audio speaker uses interior microphones to dynamically locate various other audio speakers and change the sound degree so that you feel you are at the facility of the sound dome, regardless of where you are being in the room.

Each of the 4 audio speakers has an up-firing audio speaker, a soft dome kind tweeter, and a broad directivity woofer together with 2 microphones. Collaborating to jump sound off your ceilings and wall surfaces, the audio speakers of the HT-A9 can produce an extra twelve additional “phantom” audio speakers for a complete 360-degree sound configuration.

That produces restrictions in the kinds of rooms the HT-A9 can be efficiently used in, but if your TV room does not have very high or domed ceilings, the unit performs impressively.

We evaluated the HT-A9 with all kinds of movies and devices. Dolby Atmos works impressively and in between the applications built right into our TV, an Apple TV 4K, and an Xbox Collection X, we found the Xbox produced the best Atmos experience. The HT-A9 also impressed us with Apple Songs and Spatial Sound on the Apple TV Plus application.

Sony doesn’t consist of a subwoofer with the HT-A9 configuration and anybody truly major about their sound will need to spend some additional cash for both cordless speakers that work with the HT-A9.

You also do not have a dedicated facility network, but if you have actually a relatively new Sony TV, there’s a 3.5mm cable television that can be connected to your TV – this after that allows your TV to serve as a facility network. It is a somewhat inelegant service but it is there for someone that desires to use it.

Price and Launch day

Sony announced the HT-A9 together with its premium soundbar HT-A7000 previously this year in July, however, it has just recently taken place sale. The HT-A9 Home Theater System costs $1,799.99 / £1,599 / AU$2,499 / AED 7,999.

It just is available in simply one color which is light grey. However the HT-A9 doesn’t come with a subwoofer, Sony offers 2 various cordless models for it which are the SASW3 for $399 / £449 / AU$599 and SASW5 for $699 / £699 / AU4899.


A little bit bulky when mounted on the wall surfaces

The base unit is truly small and can be easily hidden

Although the audio speakers are cordless, they need a power link

The Sony HT-A9 is composed of 4 cordless audio speakers and a base unit that is related to your TV while wirelessly interacting with the 4 audio speakers. This base unit measures 150mm x 150mm and has 2 HDMI ports on the back, together with power, Ethernet, and 3.5mm ports for connecting to more recent Sony TVs. A USB port is also present but is just used for maintaining the unit.

Each of the 4 audio speakers measures 313mm x 160mm (HxW), with a spherical front and a level back for installation easily on wall surfaces. While the 4 audio speakers communicate wirelessly to the base, they do need to be powered up and connected to an electrical outlet on your wall surface.

Because of this, the audio speaker’s appearance is better resting on a table or stand compared to being wall-mounted, as you will have electric cables operating from them for your electrical outlet. They’re also on the larger and bulkier side which is another factor you had to want to put them on a stand rather than the wall surface. Sony just makes the HT-A9 available in a light grey color although black appears to be the color preferred by most sound enthusiasts.


The best way to connect them is using the eARC port on your TV

The configuration process is incredibly easy

Consisted of push-button control isn’t global

Establishing the HT-A9 is as easy as connecting the base unit for your TV using an HDMI cable television through the eARC port and powering up the 4 audio speakers. A configuration process involves each audio speaker having fun test tones that the mics on the various other audio speakers get, enabling them to estimate their settings about each various other.

Remarkably, these audio speakers do not need to be equidistant from each various other and can be put at various elevation degrees to every various other, too. By learning the position of each of the bordering audio speakers, the sound degrees are immediately adapted to give you the best sound experience.

Each of the 4 audio speakers has an up-firing audio speaker, a soft dome kind tweeter, and a broad directivity woofer together with 2 microphones. This allows the HT-A9 to produce twelve of what Sony phone telephone calls “phantom” audio speakers for a complete 360-degree sound configuration.

Though the HT-A9 has microphones and supports Google Aide and Amazon Alexa, it can just work as an outcome device. You can’t talk right into it using Hello Google or Alexa commands, so you will need another Google Aide or Alexa audio speaker to earn articulate commands.

If you have actually a brand-new Sony TV, you can make it serve as a facility audio speaker concentrated on the discussion using the consisted of 3.5mm cable television. Preferably, Sony should have made this work using the HDMI cable television as doing this means you have 2 cables going for your TV.

Since HDMI CEC is sustained, you can easily use your TV or various other device’s remote to control the sound degrees on the HT-A9 – but if you want to access specific options such as articulate improvement or choosing a particular setting such as movie or tune, you would certainly need the HT-A9 remote for it.

The problem with the remote is that it is not always a global remote. Despite the HT-A9 being connected to a Sony TV, there was no chance to raise the TV’s home application or introduce applications such as Netflix using the HT-A9’s remote. We needed to use the TV’s push-button control, rather.

For that purpose, we suggest connecting all devices straight to your TV and not using the second HDMI port on the HT-A9 unless you want to deal with several remotes and by hand switching inputs.

Sound efficiency

Supports all kinds of cordless technologies

Loud and abundant sound with a great 360-degree sound experience

Definitely, an action up from a soundbar but can’t change an appropriate home-theater configuration

The Sony HT-A9 supports nearly all kinds of sound and cordless technology consisting of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, hi-res sound, AirPlay, Bluetooth, GoogleCast, and Alexa. Both ports on the base terminal are HDMI 2.1 certified and support 4K/120 video clips. Among them are related to your TV through eARC while the various others can take input from different resources.

We connected the HT-A9 to the Sony A9G OLED TV using the eARC port, which brought all sound from the TV back to the HT-A9. This consisted of sound from the Apple TV 4K and the Xbox Collection X that were straight connected to the TV using HDMI cable televisions.

The overall sound on the HT-A9 is loud and abundant and easily protected our living room. It offers good bass from the package, but if you are looking for anything more, you will need to spend on a subwoofer.

We evaluated a variety of applications throughout all 3 resources and the one shown the HT-A9 the best was the Dolby application on the Xbox collection X which, not just has specific Atmos demonstrations, but also clips from movies such as 1917 that emphasize the amazing border stereo.

Dolby Atmos-powered movies on Netflix also improve your movie-watching experience, and A Twelve o’clock at night Skies is a great instance of that with refined impacts that delight. If you prefer loud sounds after that Michael Bay’s 6 Below groundworks.

It was also wonderful to pay attention to a Spatial Sound playlist on Apple TV, with tracks such as Bohemian Rhapsody including a brand-new measurement for your paying attention experience. It is great for celebrations and will definitely obtain the discussion choosing your visitors.

We found the HT-A9 to offer a better sound experience compared to any soundbar we’ve evaluated – not considering the lack of a subwoofer. The 4 audio speakers on the HT-A9 produce a better sound array with phantom audio speakers that work remarkably well for an immersive sound experience.

Entering this review, we had a sensation that the HT-A9 would certainly be an update from using a soundbar, but the larger question is whether the HT-A9 can change a dedicated sound configuration with a completely sized receiver and real Dolby Atmos audio speaker configuration?

The solution to that’s no. Physical audio speakers present on your ceilings or wall surfaces definitely produce a more reasonable and immersive experience and no quantity of sounds jumping off wall surfaces can duplicate that.

That being said, premium sound systems can obtain truly expensive and challenging to set up with wiring and placements entering into your wall surfaces and ceiling. They’re catered towards a hardcore home theater lover with a dedicated room particularly for enjoying movies.

For the rest people, the Sony HT-A9 offers an outstanding paying attention experience without untidy cables or huge receivers. It is definitely an action up from a sound bar for anybody looking to obtain a more immersive experience from their TV. If you have actually an average-sized room with routine ceilings and you want a great 360-degree sound experience, the HT-A9 will help you.

Should I buy the Sony HT-A9?

Buy it if…

You are looking for hassle-free immersive sound

The set of 4 audio speakers on the HT-A9 produces a great 360-degree immersive sound that sounds great with anything from Apple Songs spatial sound to Netflix Dolby Atmos.

You want support for all the newest sound technologies The Sony AT-H9 works with Dolby Atmos, DTS-X, hi-res sound, and Spatial Sound, as well as Apple AirPlay 2.

You do not want a complete border sound configuration

If you are not ready or do not want to spend on a full-on dedicated sound configuration with a large receiver and in-ceiling audio speakers, the Sony HT-A9 is a great compromise.

Do not buy it if…

You have an older TV that doesn’t support eARC abilities

Without eARC, you will not have the ability to connect your TV to the base box.

Your room is a bit uneven

If you have actually high or domed ceilings, the sound can’t jump properly to give you an immersive experience.

You are on a budget plan

Just comparable to the Sony HT-A9 sounds, it gets on the expensive side and doesn’t consist of a subwoofer. You can obtain a beginning HTIB configuration for a lot much less.