SURFACE GO 2 : The Best Cheap Laptop For Surface Fans

To summarize this Microsoft Surface Go 2 review: you should buy this if you want something that you could use as a tablet computer or as a laptop computer because you can connect a keyboard to it to change it right into a desktop computer.

While it may be comparable in dimension and weight to a 10.5-inch iPad Professional, the Microsoft Surface Go 2 has something a great deal of various other tablet computers do not, it appearances and acts as a PC because it runs on Home windows.

The basic model costs £399 and purely talking, you could simply buy the Surface Go 2, and use it by itself… but after that, you would not be maximizing everything it needs to offer. So you will definitely need to buy the Kind Cover as well, which costs an extra £100. This keyboard and touchpad device will also protect the screen from scrapes.

We’ve currently flagged the Surface Go 2 up as among the best trainee laptop computers, but its appeal spreads out wider compared to that. Microsoft is eager to market this as among the best tablet computers for all the family, which actually makes a great deal of sense.

Children can play video games on the tablet computer. Older kids can use it for schoolwork. Moms and dads can connect the key-board for organizational jobs. And the entire family can enjoy browsing the internet, paying attention to songs, and watching streaming video clips.

Sounds smart, right? But how useful is it in practice, and how well does it actually perform? Right here we attempt to answer those questions, so if you are thinking of going Go, in a manner of speaking, after that read on, as this system does have lots to offer in 2022.


Despite its moderate price, the Surface Go 2 appearances such as a premium item, with its sleek lines, reflective magnesium alloy housing, and curved sides. The bezels about the screen, cut below the first Surface Go, are well proportioned, including the premium appearance. So although Microsoft is pressing this as a family device, it is a professional-looking item you could gladly take right into a company meeting.

The crowning achievement, design-wise, comes with the integrated kickstand on the back, which can turn from 0 to 135 levels. It is easy to open up and shut, and very sturdy in practice. It can be a little bit fiddly to use on your lap when you are resting on a couch, for example; but on a work desk or comparable hard surface, it can’t be faulted.

Overall, the Surface Go is small but perfectly formed at 245 x 175 x 8.3mm (9.65 x 6.9 x 0.33 inches). It evaluates 544g, which is a little greater than the 10.5 iPad’s 469g, but not tremendously so.


Sold individually, the Kind Cover clicks into the tablet computer magnetically. This activity is a large delight, and could not be smoother or more user-friendly. Press both halves with each other and you have a cover for your tablet computer. Attract them apart, and you have a crossbreed laptop computer.

The keyboard takes up the top part, and its design is pretty basic: there is no number pad, for instance. And because the material it hinges on is so slim and insubstantial, and the keys so responsive and large, it really feels a bit such as a ‘toy’ keyboard. The way it flexes when your fingers drum right into the keys can feel unnerving initially, although it functioned fine in practice.

Another add-on that is sold individually is the Surface Pen, a stylus pen particularly designed by Microsoft to deal with its devices. Keep in mind that if you currently have a Surface Pen or Kind cover from the initial Surface Go, they will deal with this variation too.


The Surface Go 2’s 10.5in LCD touchscreen is crisp, bright, and clear, with vivid colors and pin-sharp 220ppi (pixels each inch) resolution. Whether we were watching a movie, browsing the internet, or using an application, we found everything a pleasure for the eyes.

Do keep in mind, however, that the screen has a proportion of 3:2, production it slightly taller compared to standard 16:9. A cinemascope movie such as Wolf of Wall surface Road (2.39:1) after that, just takes up 75 percent of the available screen space. This didn’t especially trouble us, however, and the excellent picture greater than offsets such niggles.

The sound quality, too, was pretty outstanding. The double stereo audio speakers pumped out a complete, abundant sound with a great degree of bass, improving our pleasure of movies, songs, and laid-back video games. The sound is not as polished as, say, an iPro Professional or a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7, but it is not away.


The Surface Go flaunts 2 video cams: a 5MP one on the front for use as a webcam, and an 8MP one on the back to take photos and video clips with. Both offer 1080p video clips.

The webcam impressed us tremendously, providing a clear, crisp, and bright picture on our Skype phone telephone calls. It also functioned perfectly with the point Microsoft was most excited to inform us about: the ‘Windows Hello’ feature that allows you to open your computer system based upon face acknowledgment.

The back video cam can shoot 5MP pictures and 1080p video clip, and gave an appropriate efficiency for such an inexpensive device. You probably will not be using it a great deal, however, as most modern mobile phone video cams are better, in addition to easier to fire with.


A tablet computer is of no use without good battery life, and fortunately, the Surface Go 2’s is very good certainly, particularly when compared with the initial Surface Go. Microsoft claims up to 10 hrs of battery life based upon typical use, which certainly meshes with our experience.

We ran an HD movie on duplicate via the Netflix application, using the setting that maximizes battery without impacting screen illumination, and the Surface Go maintained going for an outstanding 9 hrs and 46 mins. That is most likely to be sufficient to maintain you happy on a trip, trainer or educate trip,

In regards to connection, the Surface Go 2 is limited. There are simply 3 ports down the right-hand side: a USB-C port, an earphone jack, and a Surface connector to connect to the provided battery charger. Underneath the kickstand, there is a MicroSDXC card port. And that is your lot.

We’re big followers of the battery charger, incidentally. The cable television is thick and a charitable 1.8m lengthy, and the magnetic connect is particularly designed to slide out easily, production it much less likely you will damage your tablet computer if you journey over the cable television.


For many, the awesome feature of the Surface Go 2 will be that it runs Home windows, instead compared to Android or iOS. That means that when you group it with the keyboard you can truly do ‘proper computing’.

Certainly, you might respond, you could group an iPad with a keyboard and produce something comparable? Ostensibly, yes: but iPadOS is still basically a mobile os, so it will not truly seem like you are using a laptop computer. Simply simple points such as placing files in folders, for instance, can be an extremely frustrating experience on an iPad.

On the other hand, Home windows on the Surface Go 2 functions exactly as Home windows on a laptop; to obtain the well-known motto of Apple, it “simply works”. Well, almost. There are 2 important caveats.

The first is that by default, the Surface Go runs Home windows 10 S. This is a variation of Home windows particularly designed to run much faster compared to normal, which immediately uploads everything to the shadow via OneDrive (to conserve storage space) and which limits you to downloading and install just one of the most light-weight applications in the Microsoft Store.

If you are happy to use just Microsoft-approved applications, that last one will not be a problem. But it does imply, for instance, you can’t use Apple Songs, Adobe software, Zoom… quite a great deal of points actually.

If that is a problem, after that, not a problem: you can simply update to Home windows 10 Home free of charge. But after that points begin to decrease a bit. Because, and we will not sugar-coat this, the Surface Go 2 isn’t an especially effective device.


if you have actual experience with a premium Home windows laptop computer, you are most likely to find the Surface Go 2 runs more gradually compared to what you are used to. Downloads take much longer to download and install, zoomed files take much longer to unzip, and opening up too many tabs can cause websites to crash. That said, you can improve points by shelling out more cash.

The basic variation of the Surface Go 2 presently starts at £399 and comes with 4GB RAM, 64GB storage space, and an Intel Pentium Gold 4425Y dual-core cpu. That is pretty limited, but pay £529 and you can double the RAM to 8GB and storage space to 128GB. Additionally, for £549 you can obtain a quicker cpu, the Intel Core M3, as well as 8GB RAM and 128GB storage space. This is the variation we were sent out for review.

We will not mince words, however: also one of the most expensive variations isn’t especially highly powered. So for instance, if you want to run innovative software such as Photoshop or video clip modifying devices, or play AAA video games at high resolution, you are most likely to run right into difficulty.

But again, that is not the type of individual Microsoft is truly going for here. For the type of mixed family use it has in mind – streaming entertainment, operating Microsoft Workplace, browsing the internet – it is perfectly qualified. Additionally, you might want this on your own as a 2nd computer system, say for doing a little bit of work on the education if you do not want to take your more expensive laptop computer, or if it is a little bit too bulky for convenience.

In either situation, the 8GB variations should be fine; and also one of the most basic variations will be alright for most jobs. Simply do not anticipate it to be especially fast.


The Surface Go 2 is something very specific, which various other crossbreeds can’t compare to a tablet computer that can double up as a Home windows laptop computer. Past that, it has a first-rate internet web camera, great picture quality, good sound, and excellent battery life. And it appears incredibly sleek and elegant too. To obtain all that for £499 readies worth certainly.

That said, if you are most likely to do greater than one of the most basic laptop computer jobs, we’d suggest spending on extra storage space and processing power. Which means the cost begins to increase.

In brief, if you want an effective computer system and aren’t troubled about dividing right into a tablet computer, you had been better off buying a traditional Home windows laptop computer. But if you are set on a tablet-laptop crossbreed, and want to do ‘grown-up’ computing instead compared to playing around in Android or iOS, the Surface Go 2 is our top suggestion.